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51 years old, Dom, Homoflexible
United Kingdom United Kingdom
Joined May 25

🏷 humiliation tribute exposure ownership skinhead muscle punishment sadist tax drains

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Type of meets
Real-Time, On-Line
Here for
Findom, Cam Use, Physical Use, Humiliation, Ownership, Teamviewer, Chat, Friendship, Whatever
Findom, Humiliation, Piss, Muscles, Skinhead, Bondage, Suits, Uniforms
About Me
Educated, strict, sadistic Master. Especially interested in fag ownership & other longterm relationships, but also enjoys more casual domination & humiliation.

You may want to serve Me for My educated, cultured mind. You may want to serve Me for My gym-trained, muscled body. You may want to serve Me for the exceptional standards & loyalty I’ll demand of you. You may want to serve Me because you know you need to drop to your knees and worship Me as I deserve. But most of all you’ll want to serve Me because I’m Me.

*Just opened* Get joining fags & slaves so you can admire all of My naked Alpha muscle body. Consider that an order. Content to be added daily.
What I want
Loyal cash slaves who know their place is to serve a genuine sadistic Master. Slaves who want to be taken further into humiliation and slavery than they’ve ever dared go before. Slaves who understand slavery is a lifestyle they need to commit to have meaning in their life.

Regular tax payments tributes from slaves tributes who know they need to serve Me. And occasional tributes from slaves who recognise a true Master when they see one.

Impress me with your willingness to serve and worship me. I will guide you to becoming the best slave you can ever be.
What experience do you have?
I have been very active in the Master-slave world for all my adult life. This is my own true lifestyle & I’m open & proud of it

6' 0.4" / 184cm
210lb / 95.5kg
Foot size
10 UK / 45 EU /  11 US
Eye colour

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    Aug 24
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  • UKFindomAlpha
    UKFindomAlpha commented on Slave's poll
    👑 Masters ONLY please! How should a sub, slave, pup or fag address you? 👑
    (21 votes 29%)
    (39 votes 53%)
    (10 votes 14%)
    (3 votes 4%)
    This poll has ended, total votes - 73
    Jul 25
    Jul 25
    I agree with Trigger. Sir as a default. Master for my property.
    Jul 26
    All long as it is preceded by Tribute sent... any is good with me
    Aug 16
    Nothing like a bit of repeat business! 😊
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  • UKFindomAlpha
    Shout out to the obedient fag who has reimbursed my protein powder. The rest of you, follow his example & tribute
    Jun 12
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  • UKFindomAlpha
    UKFindomAlpha voted on enslaved's poll
    should dominants help slaves into debts for more serving?
    no this is & must stay a slave'decision
    (34 votes 33%)
    yes Masters should always expand slaves limits & help him into the joy of debts for Alphas
    (20 votes 19%)
    as a slave I fantasize about a strong Master ruining me for his fun & beneffits
    (10 votes 10%)
    as a Master I look for balanced relantioships making us both Master & sub happy
    (39 votes 38%)
    This poll has ended, total votes - 103
    Jun 10
    Jun 17
    As someone who has been heavily in actual debt that you owe to a bank or a credit card company, i would say that i didn't find the experience hot. i get that ruination is a fantasy for some, but i strongly advise against it.
    Jun 18
    Sir will is an
    Jun 20
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  • UKFindomAlpha
    UKFindomAlpha voted on TriggersWallet's poll
    A question of “how far” we should go to send to better men. Is it a few £ within a controlled budget or does findom and service mean giving it all up and more?
    Findom should not impact on finances
    (39 votes 40%)
    Findom should take you to the edge of your ability to pay
    (45 votes 46%)
    If you want to do it right, get into debt
    (14 votes 14%)
    This poll has ended, total votes - 98
    Jun 7
    Jun 8
    Antoher remark: what would debt mean in this instance? I took a loan many many years ago (this site did not exist then) in order to make a massive tribute to one of my first CashMasters ever. Low interest rate (2%) plus I could easily reimburse with my normal salary. Technically speaking we consider this a debt ... but this one was not putting my finances in jeopardy, so I have no regret.Antoher remark: what would debt mean in this instance? I took a loan many many years ago (this site did not exist then) in order to make a massive tribute to one of my first CashMasters ever. Low inte...See more
    Jun 8
    Had to laugh frenchbottomslut at the poppers comment: my results would swing wildly between 1, 3 normally. Right now, Master has me at 6 😂 and I’m not even sure what that option is
    Jul 1
    we should never totally fuck up a fags financial position he should pay us but he must be a viable cashcow
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  • UKFindomAlpha
    UKFindomAlpha added towards Slutboi4MASTERTONY's Pillory tax total

    This is the first pillory for my new fag. He's craving it, he's been a good boy so far, so his reward is a small pillory to reward him with. On your knees sub and submit to your one, true Master!

    Tax paid to: MasterTonydeSergio
    Tax per like: 9 Tips (£0.90) 💸
    Tax per comment: 11 Tips (£1.10) 💸
    Tax limit: 499 Tips (£49.90) 💸

    Total tax to pay: 499 Tips (£49.90)
    ⛔ This pillory has ended, further comments and likes will not affect the total ⛔
    May 29
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    May 29
    very hard
    May 29
    I love to see a slave in its rightful place
    May 29
    Proper public humiliation for the fag
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  • UKFindomAlpha
    New & now verified!
    May 25
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  • UKFindomAlpha
    UKFindomAlpha is now verified
    Please say hello and give them a big welcome!
    May 25
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