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Findom, Humiliation, Feet, Piss, Boots
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Real Man looking forward to get served by another faggot. Would you like to serve a real Man? I might consider you as my second slave. Yes, I have one already.


☓ COMPLETE s********n


This space is for me to explain who I am. But I can't say who I am without saying who you are.


First, it is necessary to say my greatest quality: Uniqueness. You won't find another man like me out there. My manufacturing and quality are exclusive. And that quality reaches to the last drop of my cream, piss, sweat and the unique smell of my armpits. I am a real MAN who knows how to put you, a useless faggot, in its right place. After all, what other location do you deserve but under my feet? Or licking my sweaty pits after a workout at the gym? Or better yet, washing my clothes, making my food, begging for an opportunity to lick the soles of my feet and the floor I walk on? This is your place, slave. Surrendering every thought to me, humiliating yourself and being humiliated by me, and thanking me everytime you feel your throat filled with my thick, long dick, or when you taste my cream.
I have explained to the faggot who's the ALPHA here. it's time to say a little more about the obligations of my newest fag who'll have the privilege to serve me:

1- Clean my feet with its tongue until they are clean and the way I like. It is important to hydrate the sole well with your tongue, faggot. I don't know if you heard, but a faggot's saliva is the best moisturizer out there and I can prove it. It is even better after you get slapped on the face and your mouth understands that it is time to produce more saliva.

2- Smell and memorize the smell of your MAN. You were born to sniff and adore your master's most intense scents. So put your fucking nose in the armpit and sniff, fag. And thank me for each sniff. I don't want to brag, but I remember leaving a faggot crying because it missed my armpits very much. It was very into them and knew it would never again find pits like mine. I saw tears flowing like a river after experiencing my unique smell and taste entering the filthy tongue of that useless fag.

3- d***k my piss. This one is special for me because every slave ​​recognizes the smell of their owner's piss. To be more precise, a faggot is born already recognizing the smell of a man's piss and wanting to d***k it. Even if it takes him a long time to accept this situation, this is his goal in life: to be a deposit of cum, piss, spit and sweat. I always like to hide bottles of piss and make the slut sniff the house looking for piss. (I don't like s**t, I respect those who like it, but with me it won't happen.)

4- Humiliation. Pay attention, faggot, and understand this: Being called names, for you, is the same as praise. Slapping in the face is the same as affection. Piss on your face and worthless clit is a unique gift. You may sometimess have the privilege of listening to my voice, but it may not happen all the time.

5- Offers are required. You want to be a well-used slave, don't you? It wants to humiliate itself in order to have the privilege of being spit on, name called, to be beaten, to have its owner's piss totally swallowed, to be a domestic cunt.
And for you to thank me for all this, you must proceed with the offerings, so you can show me how thankful you are for the privilege of serving me. Depending on the faggot and how I feel, I will require it pay for tickets, or pay for my lunch, pay my bills, bring me money; whatever I decide.
This is simply how slaves serve me. Get your priorities in line if you want this.

I will finish here for now. However, the message is given: Fags can apply for this position.

This was edited by the faggot mentioned at the beginning. He will attest to everything here being true. Master will make you weak and devoted. There's none like him.
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    Well, tonight, for the first time, I'm writing something here in this platform in order to light up some points that fags and Doms are having ...
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    Welcome sniffer
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    Welcome, slave
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    This is my first post here. Just telling you faggots that I'm in Broward county area (Florida). I moved here from another country to use and a***e my faggot. Had to stop in mexico for 18 days and I was using my Canadian bitch there. Everything was paid by this stupid Canadian faggot. Now, I'm taking over everything this slave possesses here in florida. Two cars, two houses (one is outta state), bank accounts and everything. He makes good money and needed a real man here. So just letting you know that my power will make faggots around come here to serve me as usual, to clean my new house, my cars, to d***k my piss, cook, do my laundry, serve me sexually and of course, opening the wallet. I'm open to meeting new and devoted slaves.
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    Please say hello and give them a big welcome!
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