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25 years old, sub, Gay
United States United States, nunya, business
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Findom, Physical Use, Humiliation, Chat, Friendship, Whatever
Findom, Humiliation, Feet, Muscles
About Me
newish to this scene. extremely privacy focused, ask for more. If I don't respond, it's probably because I missed your message! message me on skype if that's the case.

I will not be using telegram. I am not using a service associated with my real phone number.
What I want
A muscular bully. Ideally gay, but not critical. Someone who gets off on teasing, humiliating, and bullying. someone who looks good without a shirt. Must be sufficiently experienced to take control and tell me what to do. And must be either strong or fit. Someone willing to help me explore stuff at first.I've definitely got a weird weakness for being called nerd, wimp, geek, loser, twerp by a muscular jock lol.

the only 100% critical thing is that the dom enjoys it. Smart doms seem great, but I'd prefer a dumb dom who is himself than a dumb dom that pretends to be smart. just be yourself and enjoy what you do.

I would love a real time, but only if we connect. feel free to ask me more.
What experience do you have?
relatively new to this scene! browsed for a bit but finally joining now. I've always loved bullies though.

6' 0.4" / 184cm
170lb / 77.3kg

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