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Cash Slavery, Humiliation
About Me
I'm a 35 year old, successful, intelligent man, with an average to slim build, and a quiet confidence. I have a good job, a stable relationship, and a decent home in London.

I am probably not very typical of the masters you're seeing on here. I'm not into leather, I don't smoke cigars, and I don't wear big boots. I do enjoy verbal abuse but I'm not into just shouting and being rude - I like to engage in a conversation. In fact, there are a *lot* of "cash masters" out there, who are either just chancers looking for easy money, or genuinely abusive, unpleasant people. I am neither of those things. Though these days, even saying that sounds cliche. But judge for yourself.
What I want
Ultimately, I'm looking for slaves who are interested in true financial control. I'm looking for boys who genuinely want to sacrifice, and who genuinely want to hand over some of their autonomy. I'm less interested in just demanding that you send an arbitrary amount, and more interested in discussing what you're going to give up so you can send to me instead. Let's talk about what you're *not* going to spend money on so that you can serve me.

The logical conclusion to this is full control over your budgets and spending. All of it. But I'm interested in taking small steps too - from individual sacrifices, to high-level spending rules, regular budget check-ins, etc.

The mentality is more important to me than anything - I want your submission, not just your money. I am more interested to work with a student who has very little spare cash, giving up his one night out to send me the money instead; than with a rich banker who sends a few hundred because it's spare and means nothing to him.

If you're not ready for full control, that's fine. Taking small steps can be fun. I'm happy to start simple and grow from there. And (once lockdown is over!) I'm up for getting some quick kicks from a cash point meet. Even I admit there's something fun about ordering you to withdraw and taking it right there and then.

If you want to jerk off while a master shows you pictures of his feet and his leather peaked cap while you send a few quid, then I'm not the guy for you. I don't judge you at all for that - that's a great fetish. I'm not "better" than that, it's just not me. But if you want to take submission seriously, to surrender control and truly make your life better by serving a superior, then get in touch.

Ideally, you'll be in the UK or continental Europe so you're on a timezone close to me. Even better if you're in London so that we can meet when the time is right. But I'm open to slaves from anywhere if they impress me. As it happens, I tend to go for younger, skinny guys when it comes to physical appearance. But this is a mental game, so I'm open to any age and looks. Show me your submission, not your dick. Let's talk.
What experience do you have?
I have been into various types of fetish play since I was in my early teens. I have been involved in findom on and off for a decade or so, and more seriously over about the last 2 to 3 years.

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