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Real-Time, On-Line
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Findom, Physical Use, Humiliation, Ownership, Chat
Findom, Humiliation, Feet
About Me
a powerful playful master that will make you submit to his will and under his feet, i will make you a good feetslave and a good paypig who thrives to please me.

your cash will be in my hands and your dignity and body under my feet, i will own you and your soul and make you my object and my possession which's only purpose to please my demands and bend and submit to my superiority, Slave, whatever i want you must provide, whatever i ask is an order for you, to the rest of people you are a man but in front of me, you are just a slave who wants nothing but my satisfaction, or else the punishment will be hard, you will submit to my will and execute my orders, i will drain you like a cow while you're begging for me to take your money and put my feet on your face, rub my scent on your body.

in my presence you will be humiliated, bowing your head down and kissing the ground on which i stand, while my feet are on you, your face is in the mud, where it should be, i will dominate and own your soul, you will only work for me because you know deep down that your worth is in the hands of your master, you will obey, you will give up everything to see a smile on my face, yet you won't, that's how exigent i am, you will make it your life's mission to pay me what i am due, and that's all your worth and all your money because you know you are nothing but a scumbag cow and a cash pig who's only value is to serve at the feet of a real master, a master who sees you, protects you but in his presence you feel so scared and anxious, a master who will make the king of the world while you're serving his feet and his needs.

You are now my own propriety that i do whatever i want with.

the domination you will receive is also mental, you will feel possessed by my brain, you will feel that i always see you and you will be so hungry to put all your worth in front of me, for me to exploit you and to drain you and to make a homeless that depends on my existence.

You my slave are now under my control and my orders, i will play with your mind and shape it like rubik's cube to make you a totale slave, to make you let go of all your desires and embody your masters desires, i will make you an object without a soul, a machine that works for me, a slave that bows at my feet.

Your soul will be at my hands and by my will your hands will execute, your feet will freeze and your head will bow and whenever i say the magic words you will kneel, obey and worship me, with one look you will open your wallet and put your work's life, b***d sweat and tears at my feet, for me to profit from life at your expense and you will be happy to do it, you will love it, worshipping me is a privilege and putting your money at my feet, you little moneyslave, is what you are meant to do, it is your calling, your instinct and your destiny, and you by these words shall let it guide you under my feet and my domination, come crawling at my feet with your money in your mouth and i might give you the privilege of adoring them, worshipping them and kissing them, come crawling at my feet and submit your worth to their majesty, and never forget to start asking for mercy and forgivness for if i was merciful to you, at my feet you will be king for the world.

Obey your master, Obey Your Nature, Obey your destiny.
What I want
A cashslave, a pay pig who s also a feet fetishist that will do anything for his master, i want a slave that i will make dpendant of my existence and that i will drain so that he comes back to the first grade of humanity, i want someone who understands what is to be between the hands of a real master and knows he exists only to serve him and his only worth is to make his master profit from his existence in all material ways. The slave should be ready to be at my feet and be able to give me a big flow of ressources.

so when you're coming to talk to me, be sure to pick out you.r wallet and send me a sum so that i give you the time of day.
What experience do you have?
psychological knowledge of the human mind and how to control it, had some slaves

6' 2" / 188cm
140lb / 63.6kg
Foot size
9 UK / 44 EU / 10  US
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