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55 years old, sub, Gay
Finland Finland, Turku
Joined Sep 21 '18

🏷 slave fag faggot slut pig cunt whore cumdump submissive scum inferior cashwhore pisspig sau fotze

Type of meets
Real-Time, On-Line
Here for
Findom, Cam Use, Physical Use, Humiliation, Ownership, Chat
Findom, Humiliation, Piss, Muscles, Leather, Boots, Skinhead, Bondage, Uniforms, Bikers, CBT, Dungeon Play, Edging, Electro, Mummification, Rubber
About Me
A proud Finnish faggot, slave and property of MASTER FetishBoss. Permanently locked. In training to become a mindless fagobject, that will be used, abused, tortured and whored out.

Fag has walked a long way to become what it is today. It tried for years to be "normal". It fucked women and was married. It has been homo for over 12 years now. First big turn over was when it accepted and said out loud in public that it is a faggot in 2012. Second big turn over was when faggot was accepted by two Masters as their property and cashfag here on OF.

Now it is proud property of MASTER FetishBoss. Without a Master and Owner faggot is worthless. As property of MASTER FetishBoss it has now a purpose in life and that is to serve and worship the MASTER. MASTER is the destiny of faggot.
What I want
It's not about what faggot wants or needs. It is about what MASTER wants and needs.

Still, fag needs to be used and abused by the Superior MASTER and other Superiors when MASTER approves it. It needs to be exposed, humiliated and degraded privately and in public.

MASTER owns faggot totally, fag's body, mind and soul. That means that its training and serving includes anything from brainwash to t*****e, from cash draining to whoring. It is always MASTER that make the choices. MASTER's desires and needs are faggot's guideline.

Respect MASTER and his property.
What experience do you have?
1986 (age 18) - faggot wanked first time to stories and pics in Mr. SM magazine
1995 (age 27) - faggot was fucked for the first time by a Man
1997 (age 29) - faggot was used for the first time in a BDSM session
1999 (age 31) - faggot was owned and used regulary by a Master for the first time
2000 (age 32) - faggot was used for the first time by multiple Masters in a session
2002 (age 34) - faggot was shaved totally for the first time. Shaved head since that moment, cunt and clit shaved since 2008
2002 (age 34) - faggot served for the first time as a urinal
2007 (age 39) - faggot was humiliated publicly in the streets for the first time
2008 (age 40) - faggot was registered as a slave on SLR.
2012 (age 44) - faggot admitted and said out loud in a club that it is a faggot. Was used as a slut and cumdump for the first time in the club.
2015 (age 47) - faggot lived together with a Man for the first time. The biker faggot fell in love with became fag's Master that fag worshiped. Master owned fag for 18 months.
2015 (age 47) - faggot earned money as Master's whore for the first time
2018 (age 50) - faggot joined and paid first tributes
2018 (age 50) - faggot was lucky to be drained by and a cashwhore of two European Masters for 18 months.
2020 (age 52) - faggot was fortuned to be property of an American Master for half a year.
2020 (age 52) - a new era begun in November as MASTER FetishBoss claimed faggot as His property.
2021 (age 53) - faggot signed a slave contract for the first time. Faggot is Proud and Honoured to be MASTER' FetishBOSS' slave object.

6' 0.4" / 184cm
190lb / 86.4kg
Foot size
10 UK / 45 EU /  11 US
Eye colour

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Piss pig
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