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50 years old, sub, Gay
United Kingdom United Kingdom
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🏷 slave faggot tpe 24/7/365 male maid

Type of meets
Here for
Physical Use, Ownership
Humiliation, Feet, Piss, Muscles, Leather, PVC, Boots, Skinhead, Bondage, Bikers, Smoking, Fisting, Dungeon Play, Mummification, Rubber
About Me
Sir it does not provide cash to Findoms - it provides itself and its servitude IN PERSON only.
This slave exists and serves in REAL WORLD only , not cyberspace.

Sir , it can SUBMIT as a pure DOMESTIC houseboy/maid/slave/gimp.
If required, also sexual servitude.

You will live alone , or in an all male household and have the means to keep an object in slavery. You will work it , use it , OWN it , train it and have full control over it.
YOU need a REAL slave.
It is DIFFERENT from others.
When It is a human male , You will not squirm to be seen with it in public, If You ever let it in public . It can accompany you to the store, pub, fetish events etc...
It can do constructive things with you , gardening , painting and decorating , help in your business, shop , farm etc…
You can introduce it as a mate or lodger to Your friends and family – no one will know what is really happening.

What IS really happening is this….
You will own it as your dehumanised slave object.
Amongst public , It can appear to be a human male “equal” , if needed, however, the Owner may WANT it always appearing as an Owned object, displaying the Owners slave collar, tattoo or branding.
In private you will ALWAYS make sure It discards its’ male clothing and changes into emasculated lingerie.

For household tasks it performs all of your domestic needs in its’ maids uniform. All your house cleaning , cooking , ironing, gardening etc...

You might keep it locked in a chastity cage. Its own cock , its orgasms are insignificant to Your needs.
All it is is a slave/object with 2 holes.
It can be mouth fucked , ass fucked , fisted, and also be trained to accept Your bodily functions , Your cum. Gob, snot, piss and your 💩 solids, trained to become a human toilet.

Items will be provided or purchased , at its own expense , to keep it as a real time slave.
It will pay towards the household upkeep , food , utility bills etc…
You may or may get pleasure out of seeing other men using it. You might even see an opportunity in selling its’ holes to men and make an income off it. You may just want to keep it all to yourself though – that is fine.

It knows that a high proportion of Dominants are Sadists and like to inflict pain. Sir , it has low tolerance for impact pain , like spanking , slapping , hitting, belt , whip etc.. It regrets it is not a masochist. So , You would probably have to use other methods to make it tow the line.

It will not perform distant or cyber "tasks" to prove itself. It went down that road before for "Masters" who never followed through with a real time meeting.

PERMANENT 24/7/365 Real slavery is also possible , a "no way back" situation , so , permanent chains might be considered.

It realises that committing straightaway to imprisoning it as a permanent object is a big decision., Shorter periods of "try before you enslave" are acceptable, a weekend, a week , a month etc.. for you to decide if it is right for you.
If Sir did not like its face , it can always be kept in a permanent face mask/hood - existing as a gimp object and dehumanised.
It also owns an "on all fours" leather dog suit and dog mask , for those Doms who would prefer to dehumanise it and have it live life as a dog. (Speech restricted to barking)

Sir may not find it appealing to use for sexual service , therefore , the position of purely Domestic slavery is also acceptable.

The slaves profile and words appeal but not sure about this lingerie thing ?
Its interview at helps explain that fetish.

For Doms not wishing to own a slave , it is also a "bondage bunny" and can report for your rope , chain , caged, boxed, mummified bondage etc... ,no escape, time limit set by you.

It could also HOST Doms in its own home/dungeon for Doms who need to practice their rope s🩸🗡️s, toilet training (feeding) s🩸🗡️s etc

Find it in person too, every month, at WEARINGHERS an event for masculine men in lingerie & admirers, 6pm-10pm second Thursday of every month @ The Bunker Bar London.
What I want
REAL slavery/imprisonment for domestic and sexual servitude
What experience do you have?

5' 11.6" / 182cm
165lb / 75kg
Foot size
8 UK / 43 EU /  9 US
Eye colour

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