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Sometimes i wish there was a dungeon for Masters. i respect all of them even if i serve mostly one, but there is one kind i really hate: poachers. Those i think would be appropriately described as "the most vile of creatures on Owned Fags" and as such, they would deserve a MoA offered all-inclusive lodging in the dungeon.

MoA has gone through a lot of efforts to make it clear what ownership means, but still some "Masters" would try to approach owned slaves in the hope of being served, sometimes even insulting the Owner and trying to lower Him in the eyes of the slave. This is absolutely unacceptable.

I am lucky to be owned by a very generous Owner who is not jealous, and who allows me to serve His friends as well as some other Masters whom i feel inclined to. The only limit is i am not allowed to serve a few Masters who have been offensive to Him or hurtful to one of my slave brothers in the past. This DNS ("do not serve") list is very short (3 Masters at the moment if i am counting well). As such i often pay small tributes or gifts to other Masters as Sir Coinnigh, Sir youngswimmerboy or MoA Himself can witness, but i never do it in the back of my Owner and He fully approves of it. It also doesn't mean i would serve a Master i am not inclined to, except if my Master ordered it of course.

I posted what i thought was a clear warning on my profile months ago stating that i didn't want to be approached by poachers, and that i would take appropriate actions, but this doesn't seem to be enough, maybe because some Masters are so full of themselves that they believe it doesn't apply to them, or just because they don't read profiles, whatever...

So from now on this is how i will deal with poachers who contact me:
- first time i will answer them politely i am not interested in serving them and remind them i am owned (at this stage i would not consider them as poachers)
- if they insist, which makes them poachers, i will ignore them
- if they still insist (for instance by sending me targets) i will let it publicly known they are poachers by posting a negative comment on their profile
- if they go on i will report them to MoA.

The only reason i don't report them sooner is i think MoA has a much better use for His time improving the site than dealing with such scums and i don't want to bother Him unnecessarily.

Aug 17 '19
Sir, i would be happy to answer any questions You might have from a slave standpoint. If You need a Master's opinion, i am sure plenty would oblige, starting wirgh my Owner.
Aug 17 '19
Great post. I despise people like that. Respect is important. You are a quality sub.
Aug 17 '19
Thank You very much Sir
Aug 17 '19
Thank You Sir
Aug 18 '19
One "master" got his negative feedback today. sighs...
Oct 19 '19
It was deserved servus
Nov 15 '19
It has calmed down lately, Sir AlphaWalletDrainer, but when i wrote this post, it was becoming really annoying. i agree brother Shortleathersub, i know who my Master is, but still seeing messages insulting Him is never pleasant.
May 17
Insults on my brother Gar?... Now that sounds absurd
May 17
Known Garboss for a long time and respected him and now I have come to his stable and seen the sincere respect and loyalty he earns from his subs. Slagging people off is never cool but anyone insulting Garboss82 could instead learn a lot from him. Each master and each sub has their own vibe. This is a really cool place and please don't diminish what has been achieved hereKnown Garboss for a long time and respected him and now I have come to his stable and seen the sincere respect and loyalty he earns from his subs. Slagging people off is never cool but anyone insultin...See more
May 17
Well said Worm.. Well said indeed
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By servus
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