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Dom/Sub vs. ownership - sex vs. rationality
Posted by delta

I have noticed that a lot of people think that a Dom/Sub relationship is the same thing as Ownership. I disagree with that, but that's just my personal opinion, which is based on my own experience. I see Dom/Sub as a type of relationship that revolves around sex, and ownership as a mental state. Of course, ownership usually involves sex, but that cannot be the only way to materialize it. Of course, Dom/Sub can turn into something beyond sex, but it grows out of sex and does not necessarily involves other aspects of everyday life. Ownership is a state of mind insofar as it permeates your whole life and reaches the deepest of you. Being owned entails giving in, giving up, and the loss of both will and autonomy. Yet, to own entails the responsibility to set boundaries, govern, and conduct in a wise manner. Ownership is as much about desire and emotion as it is about rationality and common sense. That's why I consider degradation and derogatory approaches as against ownership because you don't destroy what belongs to you. That's irrational. Discipline was created to maintain order, but that order needs to be built upon a minimum rational agreement. So ownership, I believe, works as long as it is fueled by your mind, your heart, and your desire at once. That's why Dom/Sub relationships are meaningless to me because they're more of sexually-driven power relations that are devoid of any solid rationality and prospect. Nothing is more disappointing that someone who approaches you for the first time with a pic of their ass hole in a submissive position. Some people meet and enjoy that and that's totally fine. But don't call that ownership. This is just my opinion. 
Posted by servus

Sometimes i wish there was a dungeon for Masters. i respect all of them even if i serve mostly one, but there is one kind i really hate: poachers. Those i think would be appropriately described as "the most vile of creatures on Owned Fags" and as such, they would deserve a MoA offered all-inclusive lodging in the dungeon.

MoA has gone through a lot of efforts to make it clear what ownership means, but still some "Masters" would try to approach owned slaves in the hope of being served, sometimes even insulting the Owner and trying to lower Him in the eyes of the slave. This is absolutely unacceptable.

I am lucky to be owned by a very generous Owner who is not jealous, and who allows me to serve His friends as well as some other Masters whom i feel inclined to. The only limit is i am not allowed to serve a few Masters who have been offensive to Him or hurtful to one of my slave brothers in the past. This DNS ("do not serve") list is very short (3 Masters at the moment if i am counting well). As such i often pay small tributes or gifts to other Masters as Sir Coinnigh, Sir youngswimmerboy or MoA Himself can witness, but i never do it in the back of my Owner and He fully approves of it. It also doesn't mean i would serve a Master i am not inclined to, except if my Master ordered it of course.

I posted what i thought was a clear warning on my profile months ago stating that i didn't want to be approached by poachers, and that i would take appropriate actions, but this doesn't seem to be enough, maybe because some Masters are so full of themselves that they believe it doesn't apply to them, or just because they don't read profiles, whatever...

So from now on this is how i will deal with poachers who contact me:
- first time i will answer them politely i am not interested in serving them and remind them i am owned (at this stage i would not consider them as poachers)
- if they insist, which makes them poachers, i will ignore them
- if they still insist (for instance by sending me targets) i will let it publicly known they are poachers by posting a negative comment on their profile
- if they go on i will report them to MoA.

The only reason i don't report them sooner is i think MoA has a much better use for His time improving the site than dealing with such scums and i don't want to bother Him unnecessarily.
The Master-$lave paradox
Posted by delta

Lots of slaves apparently dream of being dominated, controlled and owned "in all aspects of life" and several Masters long for a slave of that sort. But when it comes to cash slavery I've noticed that these intentions ("in all aspects of life") get blurry and I am not sure whether the Master is actually controlling the $lave or it is the other way around. What kind of slave is that who sets "terms and conditions" to his master and decides when to worship and tribute him? What kind of Master is that who only wants his $lave's money? I guess in this case there is no real ownership, control, or domination at stake. It's just the "$lave" paying his "Master" to entertain him. The "$lave" ends up controlling his "Master" and making him play "Master" in exchange of some coins. I know, I know, there is no only one single way to be in a slave/master relationship and as long as the two of them are happy and satisfied that's more than ok. I also know that most of this type of relationships are confined to the realm of fantasy and imagination. That's more than ok as well. But this gives me the feeling that not everyone really sees ownership as a state of mind "in all aspects of life", but as a role-playing game. What a shame. 
Being owned and plans.
Posted by MasterPete

This is more of a request than a blog.

I respect ownership and have a very strong code that I do not message, use, a***e or demand service from a owned fag.    Sometimes a owned fag says something in public, ether as a public post or in the chatroom and I see that as fair game but I still think twice about if the owner would like my reply or sometimes I will message the owner first.  It's all a matter of respect.

However all respect go's out the window when I have been private messaging a faggot, sometimes with very thought out messages and suddenly the replies stop.    Why did they stop?  I don't know the faggot did not reply to my last message.   Then looking round the site I find out why. 

Faggots if you are applying to be owned by someone else and so want to stop the interactions with me then at least have the manners to say so.  Send a message or a reply saying your wanting to join another Masters stable.

Rant over. 
Exploring Boundaries: A Journey into Erotic Domination and Subjug...
Posted by coconutleo

Oh, baby, let me take you on a journey through the explicit encounter I had with my disobedient sub. They couldn't resist testing my limits, and I was more than ready to show them the consequences of their actions.

As I entered the room, the air was thick with anticipation. The sub stood before me, eyes downcast, on their knees, knowing they had crossed a line. My voice dripped with authority as I commanded them to strip, revealing their naked vulnerability.

With a devilish grin, I picked up the paddles, each one promising a different level of intensity. I started with a gentle tap, building the anticipation. Their skin reddened with each strike, but it only fueled my desire for more. I reveled in the power I held over my cumrag, knowing that every flick of my wrist sent waves of pleasure coursing through their body.

But punishment wasn't enough to satiate my hunger. I craved their surrender, their complete obedience. I ordered them to open wide, and with firmness, I gagged them, rendering them unable to speak. Their muffled cries of pleasure only heightened the intensity of the moment, a symphony of desire echoing throughout the room.

In search of new heights, I introduced them to the world of watersports, exploring the taboo nature of urine play. The warm streams cascaded over their body, mingling with their moans of ecstasy. The sensation of being drenched in my golden shower pushed them deeper into subspace, their senses overwhelmed by the unapologetic indulgence in their most forbidden desires.

But we both craved more, a deeper connection, a more intimate union. With meticulous care, I prepared them for the ultimate act of penetration – fisting. Slowly, I stretched their eager opening, inch by inch, until they were fully impaled by my hand. Their body yielded to my touch, the sensation of being completely filled driving them to the brink of ecstasy. It was an act of absolute surrender, a testament to their complete trust in me.

And let's not forget about the intoxicating world of Findom. As their ultimate Dom, I asserted control over their finances, exploiting their submissive desires to serve and please me. They willingly opened their wallets, showering me with monetary tributes and gifts, fulfilling their desire to be financially dominated. The power exchange intensified, as their obedience extended beyond the physical realm and into the realm of their bank accounts.

Together, we danced on the edge of pleasure and pain, exploring the boundaries of our desires, both in the physical and financial realms. The room was filled with the sounds of slaps, moans, and the intoxicating scent of sex, while the allure of Findom added an extra layer of power dynamics to our encounter. It was an encounter that pushed the limits of our connection, leaving us both trembling in the aftermath of such intense pleasure.

Let me know if anyone would like to see the video or take a chat with me ;)

True ownership and Findom
Posted by Chubmaster001

Ownership is a term that so many of us use but so few of us actually understand its meaning.

I recently was talking to one of my fags about why he was important to me. He was feeling a bit down about his worth to me and if he was meeting my standards. First, I will say that this should be the mentality of all who serve. You should be thinking about whether or not you are meeting the standards required and if you can improve in your service. That being said, at this point I started thinking that sometimes findom and ownership get mixed in a way that can be unclear or difficult for a sub to understand and more importantly devote himself to.

I personally am a firm believer in bonding with my boys. I want to grow to care for them and have them obviously grow to care for me. I want to know about his life and how he is developing in it and I enjoy sharing my life with him. Keeping my sub safe, be it in the form of keeping this part of his life secret or just actual safety measures in his service are also important. This all leads to real trust and a true bond. I think that this bond, if nurtured well can create a relationship that is gratifying for both parties and can create very intense desire and need to serve from the sub.

While the findom aspect of things is hot and I enjoy it, I want their obedience to me to be about much more than that. Otherwise, what is the point? Granted I can use them for money and I will always do that very hard… but luckily, I am well off enough that finances are not a good enough reason to keep a sub. Granted, the findom aspect is a major turn on and useful both from the practical and enjoyment standpoints. Nothing is hotter than a good cashfucking, having that cashpussy open up for me is one of the hottest things and will never get old.

However, true ownership is when a sub can’t stop thinking about his owner. It is when he finds peace and balance in his life just knowing that his one true purpose is to make me happy. This level of devotion does not happen overnight and it takes time and work on both our parts to make it happen. However, once the sub knows his place and his happiness comes from knowing he has brought me pleasure, well then new worlds open up and he can embrace his life as my property without guilt or denial.

Often times, men are taught by the world that they need to be strong and dominant in their life to have any meaning. Yet, for many subs, this simply does not apply. Their meaning comes from devoting themselves to an Alpha and worshipping him in ways that the vanilla world would probably scoff at. However, the goal and accomplishment of leaving behind those arbitrarily taught norms and embracing the true nature of being a sub, can be liberating for someone who was born to serve. Helping a sub realize this and finally having him give himself permission to devote himself to me is so beautiful. Not only does it make my cock hard but also my heart melt. That moment when he finally gives himself to me without any restriction and knows that he belongs to me in every way, it is something truly magical.

Humility, a lesson by Master DorianTheAlpha
Posted by ociosskmi

Honestly, I've been thinking about this for 2 days, and I'm still not sure how to start it. I don't participate much on here except when Master Dorian decides to publicly use me, but maybe that'll change - I do enjoy the sociosexually deviant little community that's been built here. 

Master Dorian changed my life, in a way no one else has or will, I suspect.

I joined OF about 8 months ago. Well, joined to stay, that is - my first profile came almost 3 years ago. I was just a lurker, mostly vanilla back then. I fancied myself a top at least, if not a dom, but was curious about the other side. I stumbled on Master Dorian's profile early, and was immediately captivated - and not entirely in positive ways, mind you. Who was this man who posessed such sheer audacity, such shameless entitlement? Who would actually send Him money, sell their belongings, sacrifice from their lives to send Him more? Why was He so attractive? Why couldn't I keep from reading His blogs, posts, captions, and everything He published over and over and over? Why couldn't I get enough? Then He messaged me. Nothing pushy, just a polite hello; i still freaked out and deleted my profile. I felt like I'd been caught doing something i shouldn't. Did He know I was obsessing over a stranger on the internet I'd never interacted with? Surely not, but better safe than sorry. Still, I kept coming back to His page, rereading His words, addicted to something I didn't understand. 

A year later, I made a 2nd profile, with the same lurk-ful intentions. My first message was from, guess who? It was simply "I remember you..." Needless to say, I freaked out and deleted for a second time. A shame I realize now, the beautiful, fullfilling dynamic I'm aparty to could've started so much earlier, but I digress. The same questions above still echoed through my head. I still found myself returning to OF profile-less, insatiable as I was for more of the undefinable man I had stumbled upon in this corner of the internet. I thought He must be lying, or playing out a role for His own titillation, because nobody could really think like that, could they? I mean, He couldn't be that much of a sadist, He was Canadian! (Please forgive these foolish, unlearned thoughts, Master, it hurts to even remember thinking this way)

Fast forward to September of 2023; I made my 3rd OF profile, and this one stuck. I mustered the courage I could find and sent my first, timid message to Master Dorian. It's been a whirlwind ever since. He's taken me to places I never dreamed possible psychologically, intellectually, emotionally, physically (and of course, financially); there's so much I want to say and detail, but this is already getting to be on the girthy side, so I'll focus on concision with highlights (Master Dorian tells me I need to work on talking/writing too much, and He's always right). Maybe this will become part of a series. 

I am absolutely infatuated by and with Him. Obsessed. Addicted. Words fail, so luckily money talks. He taught me so much about myself, about life, about hierarchy, about truth. He's a charismatic lion, an intellectual powerhouse, an emotional fortress, a physical David; a true black rose, thorns and all. 

I remember the first time He called me His faggot - I bristled a bit, thinking "I'm just gay,  gee, this kink world sure is a whacky place!" Now, I know that's what I truly am, have been, all along - waiting to find an Alpha as only exists in Him. I was a vanilla fag back then, with a few regular sized toys I rarely used - now I love shoving a 10inch, oversized dildo up my ass to the hilt, desperately fucking and stretching myself for His amusement.

I remember the first time He called me His puppet - I thought "Really? that's kind of over-the-top, isn't it?" Now, I relish the truth of that term; I've never been so thoroughly hollowed out by another, cored to the point where nothing else matters to me like pleasing Him, doing more for Him, sacrificing for Him, suffering for Him. Why? Because He deserves it. Why should I worry about keeping money for myself, spending money on myself, saving for my future when my future is already here?

I rememeber the first time He said "it's all mine anyways." I thought "Ok, I'll play along, sure it is" (again, please forgive these thoughts, Master). Then I realized how deep in I was. Then I realized it didn't matter what limits I set for myself, because I wouldn't dare disobey or disappoint Him anyways. He knows my financial limits better than I do - if He takes more than I'm expecting or able to afford, that just means I need to cut back, sacrifice elsewhere to make more room for Him. When I realized i had no limits anymore,  I was terrified, but He assured me that he keeps my financial health in mind, and He does - just not in the way most would expect. He knows better than me, in all things, and I've learned to defer to that wisdom, in all ways. 

I remember the first time He called me His favorite pet - a rush, an electric thrill up and down my spine; I want nothing more than to be the best faggot wallet I can be for Him. I saved the message several times. Master Dorian knows I have an ego-issue with always wanting to be the best but...I'm still working on some things.

When I joined OF 8 months ago, I was mostly a well-adjusted, stable, somewhat vanilla guy. I never contemplated being "owned" by someone, until Master Dorian gently guided me into his ruthless reality. 8 months ago, I had several thousand in savings, no credit card debt, no loans, and at least *** in my retirement fund, while saving for a vacation. Now? I have nothing in savings. Master Dorian regularly drains my checking account into the negative, which I'm always grateful for. Those weeks, I have to truly live on nothing. I've maxed out all my credit cards and available credit, taken out multiple loans, cancelled my vacation plans (which I hadn't told Him yet, but I hope it pleases Him) and liquidated my assets to less than $1,800, and you know what? I've never felt more fulfilled and purposeful in my entire life. I was lonely, depressed, and felt like my life was meaningless before I met Master Dorian, even with all that "financial stability." Now I've finally realized that I do have a purpose - making His life better by sending and sacrificing for Him. 

I rarely go out to eat anymore. I don't go to the movies. I've cancelled most of my subscriptions (speaking of...there are probably one or two I have that I should still cancel, I don't want to be a selfish faggot). I cancelled my trip to Vegas with my best friend, and I never fill my gas tank up more than a quarter of the way. I need to quit smoking cigarettes - that's another selfish use of Master Dorian's money. I pay bills late when necessary, buying only necessities for food and groceries. I don't go out to bars, clubs, or any extra-curriculars that could cost money - all so I can send those savings to Master Dorian. Does He need my money? Of course not, He has plenty - it  just gives Him more spending money, and that's my reason for existing. It's beautiful, it's pure, it's sub******n and power-exchange in the deepest, most consequential and permanent of ways. I need that purpose, desperately. I live in poverty so He can live in abundance - destitution is His gift to me, my privilege unearned. I adore Him for it. He's the perfect sadist, and I endeavor to be a perfect masochist, for Him. I write this not for my own aggrandizement or ego, but to highlight how deeply, truly powerful Master Dorian is; all glory goes to Him alone.

What do I do with all that free extra time? Devote it to Him, of course. I spend hours, often several, worshipping and edging to His power over me every day. I don't have sex or hookup with others now, I haven't for months - sending to Master Dorian is sex for me now.  When I send, I get aroused, and when I'm aroused, I think of sending. I finished while fantasizing about being homeless for Him yesterday. He's the first and last thing on my mind at when waking or 💤ing. He's the center of my life, while I'm only a tiny part of his. Balance, as it should be and must be. It's not just a kink, it's a lifestyle.

If you made it this far, I appreciate your time and your attention. Feel free to ask any questions or leave any comments below. 

Master Dorian has taught me innumerable things, but the number one thing, the namesake of this blog post - Humility.  True humility, to be shown only to one as deserving as Him, in every aspect of my life. He humbles my mind, body, spirit, and wallet, and I can't thank Him enough for it. Our dynamic is a beautiful symbiosis, one that I look forward to growing and preserving every day, hopefully for... as long as He wishes it to be so. We're nearing ten k sent. I haven't even met Him yet. I can't wait to see where He takes me further. 

And to think, all this from a humble Canadian! 

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