Reimbursment opport from Maskedmasterbe's blog

Reimbursement opportunities. I got some replies from subs stating I need money to pay my event tickets (which were listed as . Clearly these fags are a bit confused as one can only be reimbursed if the money has already been spent.

Now. I do understand why some subs are confused. Often I see on Twitter a picture of a shopping cart and a Dom asking for reimbursement. If the cart has not been paid for, than there is absolutely no reason to ask for reimbursement. In fact the Dom probably hadn’t the money to pay for the item in his shopping cart in the first place. Or the Dom never was going to buy the item but just wanted (begged) cash to pay other bills.

Where is the Dominance when you ask subs to pay for things that you actually can’t afford ?  Honestly, this sounds dumb and desperate

Now back to the replies on my reimbursement opportunity. Every reimbursement opportunity or receipt I post here or on my Twitter have always been paid in full. I don’t need anything. I can pay my own bills and take care of all my expenses.

Now what I do like to see, is that subs spend their hard earned money on me instead of spending my own. It’s a hot game, they thank me for it. And as sub, who do you like to serve ? a Dom that is needy or a Dom that manages his own money properly …

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