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37 years old, sub, Gay
United Kingdom United Kingdom
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Submissive fag who strongly believes in the hierarchy of men and knows his place at the bottom.
I have a strong need to serve and please real men who sit at the top of the food chain. Use me for your pleasure and to reinmake your position in life as my superior in every way. My master is Deanox1979 who has bestowed me with the privilege to serve him and is guiding me on a journey to discover the limits of my submissiveness in order to best meet his needs. He is a naturally dominant handsome man and superior in every way. I have experienced first hand the power that he holds as can be seen in my profile picture. He did not hesitate to discipline me as he saw fit as he’s deemed me to be his property. I would be very grateful for any advice from subs or doms on what they think I can do be better serve Deanox1979.

5' 11.6" / 182cm
160lb / 72.7kg
Eye colour
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    Apr 23
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    Apr 23
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    Apr 23
    Welcome my fag to this wonderful site
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