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33 years old, Dom, Straight
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Findom, Cam Use, Physical Use, Humiliation, Ownership, Teamviewer, Chat, Friendship
About Me
Supreme Master Seeking Devoted Slaves for Ultimate Domination

I am a supreme master who thrives on the power of manipulation, conditioning, and training slaves to fulfill their true purpose. My pleasure comes from your expense, and I am here to push you beyond your limits.

I have a massive foot fetish. I take great pleasure in making my feet sweat, stink, and build up a potent odor just for your torment. Whether it’s trampling, CBT, fisting with my foot, or footing, I revel in feeding slaves from my feet and so much more. Curious? Ask me anything – my personality is far more complex than just my feet.

I have several in-person toilet slaves who relish the completion of their day by consuming my waste. Nothing arouses me more than watching someone eat my 💩. I meticulously control my diet to adjust its texture – firm, soft, oily, runny, watery, or massive – and I will command you to consume it while draining your wallet. This also includes water sports, diaper play, and much more.

I love locking subs in chastity, taking control of their pleasure and frustration. Watching you squirm in denial while I hold the key is incredibly satisfying. Your arousal belongs to me, and I’ll decide when and if you get any release. Long-term chastity, ruined orgasms, and enmaked celibacy are just a few of the delights I offer.

Financial Domination:
I revel in the power of findom. Draining your wallet, taking your hard-earned money, and making you financially dependent on me fuels my dominance. I don’t need your money – I enjoy the control. Tribute is a privilege you must earn, and I’ll ensure you feel the sting of obedience with every dollar you send.

Sensory Deprivation:
I enjoy pushing the limits of your senses. Blindfolds, gags, and sensory deprivation gear are tools I use to heighten your vulnerability and obedience. Depriving you of sight, sound, and touch allows me to control your experience entirely, making every sensation I choose to give you intensely powerful.

I LOVE HUMILIATING PIGS! Licking my feet, eating my spit, cleaning my pits – that’s not humiliation, that’s just faggot etiquette. Real humiliation makes you question your very existence. Want to feel disgusted with yourself? Want to hear “what am I doing?” echo in your mind? Slide into my DMs and begin. I have countless tasks for you pathetic losers, and I delight in building relationships to push my subs/slaves even further.

I specialize in inflicting extreme pain. Trampling, permanent marks like branding or tattoos, wearing spiked track shoes or cleats to step on you, heavy CBT – 🩸 doesn’t scare me. Electro and more await. While I prefer long-term relationships with subs/slaves, I’m available for quick drains too.

I don’t work in the conventional sense. As a privileged individual, I derive immense pleasure from making slaves like you send your hard-earned money. For me, financial domination is not a get-rich scheme; it’s an art form and a lifestyle. I DO NOT NEED YOU – you just crave me. My good looks and soft side? They’re just part of the allure, a trap to ensnare you deeper. If my profile has even slightly aroused you, prove it by sending me a cup of tea. Tea is my favorite indulgence.

Sending to me is a privilege, and I’m not afraid to tell you no.
About Me:

Submissives Eager to Explore: Whether you're curious about BDSM or looking to deepen your existing experiences, I'm here to guide you. Open-mindedness and a willingness to communicate your desires and limits are essential.
Long-Term Dynamics: While I appreciate the excitement of a single encounter, I'm particularly interested in building long-term D/s relationships where we can explore and grow together over time.
Mutual Respect: A successful D/s relationship is built on mutual respect and trust. I'm looking for subs who value these principles and are ready to invest in a meaningful connection.
Let's Connect:
Hello there. I'm a seasoned Dom with a passion for guiding submissives through their deepest desires and boundaries. Whether you're new to the lifestyle or have years of experience, I offer a safe, consensual, and thrilling space to explore your submissive side.
What I want
I've spent years in the BDSM community, perfecting my craft and understanding the unique needs of my submissives. My intuitive approach allows me to read you deeply and respond to your desires in ways that will leave you craving more.I see BDSM as an art form and bring a creative touch to our sessions. From sensual domination to intense power dynamics, I adapt to a wide range of kinks and fetishes, ensuring each encounter is uniquely fulfilling.Your safety and well-being are my top priorities. I practice RACK (Risk-Aware Consensual Kink) and ensure that every session is grounded in clear communication, safe words, and aftercare. Trust and consent are the foundations of our connection. Whether you're curious about BDSM or looking to deepen your existing experiences, I'm here to guide you. Open-mindedness and a willingness to communicate your desires and limits are essential.One more important thing, do NOT waste my time.
What experience do you have?
I've guided countless submissives through unforgettable journeys, always prioritizing trust, safety, and exhilarating exploration. Every encounter with me is a step into a world where boundaries are pushed, fantasies are realized, and your obedience finds its true expression. In total 13 years of experience.

5' 7.7" / 172cm
185lb / 84.1kg
Foot size
7 UK / 42 EU /  8 US
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