🕑 Last online: Sep 28


🕝 Last online Sep 28

33 years old, sub, Gay
Czech Republic Czech Republic
Joined Sep 6

🏷 teamviewer poppers rush any desk

Type of meets
Real-Time, On-Line
Here for
Findom, Cam Use, Teamviewer, Whatever
About Me
Real cashslave
What I want
Real Master? no role play
- real debt contract to be paid, legally binding (EU)
- control over budgeting
- Teamviewer

Are you tired of fags wasting your time? Are ** tributes boring for you?
I am offering international credit card, that you will receive for your usage. This card would be on my name and details, i take care of paying it. You will be the only one having the credentials for online account, no changing limits or blocking it from my side possible. I am legally binded to pay money you spend. Isnt it great?

Just serious Masters.
What experience do you have?
A lot

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