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Type of meets
Here for
Physical Use, Humiliation, Ownership, Chat, Friendship, Whatever
Humiliation, Feet, Piss, Leather, PVC, Boots, Skinhead, Bondage, Suits, Uniforms, Bikers, Smoking, Fisting, Sounding, CBT, Dungeon Play, Edging, Electro, Mummification, Rubber
About Me
for this object it’s all about ensuring that it does everything it can to make master happy and contented, it knows that means sometimes doing something the object is not 100% comfortable with or do not enjoy but that is not its concern. it is property and will do what its owner chooses. It will make sure his or her needs are met above anything else. it knows that some owners are more demanding and experienced than others in owning property like this but desires to serive in whatever way it can and ultimately please its owner. it fully understands that an owner will want to modify its look and behaviour; it looks forward to whatever this entails to enable it to be everything its owner wants. it will wear what he tells me, eat what and where he tells it and sleep where and when he says it can. it does not complain or express opinions unless ordered to and is trained to follow all of its Owner’s commands. Although it trusts its owner to keep it safe, as they would do any property, the object has been programmed with basic self preservation techniques. The object also appreciates from experience that it is likely to find some things it is asked to do monotonous, dull, boring depending on what it’s owners particular needs of it are at the time. It knows that there are times it may be required to simply do the housework or it’s owner may just store it away for long periods of time. That is fine, it knows that it is still serving.
What I want
The faggot is looking to set up a slave household, where one Master lives in relative luxury, supported by his live in faggot slaves. The fag kunt already has the house sorted so Master would be able to move there as soon as he desired and make the place his own. The house is just outside Belfast, so would suit someone who lives in the UK or Ireland or who is willing and able to relocate here.

To do this it is looking initially for a House Alpha Master – The owner of Pups, Animals, Alpha Slaves, Slave Faggots & Slave Objects. The house Master is the sole focus of all his human property, everything they do is to make his life better. He is the most powerful man in their life and the one they will always respect and defer to. The House Alpha Master will give orders to his property and may use them as he chooses, including sexually for chores, as cash pigs etc. The House Alpha Master is the best example of a Man known to his property by a mile.

With the cost-of-living increases, Master will benefit from a rent and bill-free environment. The more income, the more cash to Master, which is why there is a plan to house more faggot slaves once a Master has been found. More fags = more cash and a better life for the House Alpha Master.


A slave should be able to serve its owner completely, it should be there to look after his domestic, administration and sexual needs as well as financially. While one slave is perfectly able to do that adequately, multiple slaves can better meet all of his needs. Spreading the household members across multiple levels of hierarchy will help to meet all of Master’s desires from his slaves, help him manage them with the least effort and allow him to live the life he deserves. Several slaves can be kept in a small area, allowing Master the use of pretty much the entire property with minimal disruption. The slaves are cheap to run, they can be fed on scraps or cheap food or shower together for example and they will be expected to bring income into the household for Master to use and contribute to the bills etc. With multiple members of the household Master can also earn additional income by renting them out or getting them to perform on camera. Once trained, the slaves should be able to operate autonomously and not cause any hassle for Master.

Proposed Roles of the Household Alpha Master - open to negotiation

• To avoid conflict, there is to be only one Master. He may have a live-in boyfriend or girlfriend who he may delegate use of the slaves to but the slaves will always defer to their designated owner.
• Master will be given a legally binding tenancy agreement stating £0 rent and £0 deposit.
• Relocation travel will be organised by faggit and paid for by faggit to allow Master to move in.
• Master will not be expected to work, but if he chooses to do so any income will be his alone.
• Master will be able to come and go as he pleases.
• He will be able to make use of the slaves as he pleases within the limits he agrees with each one.
• Master will have sole discretion on any future slaves added to the household.

If you are interested, plase send this faggot a message.
What experience do you have?
This faggot drives and holds a full UK drivers licence with no points or restrictions. it is skilled in web design, IT and business for which it possess university qualifications. Around the house it is also used to completing chores and attending to the housework. The object has experience in DIY and gardening & is used to being made to work under ‘hard labour’ conditions in these areas or being bound/restricted whilst completing jobs. it is used to being set challenges and tasks, both sexual and non-sexual by Master and expects to be punished should it not complete them on time or to a high standard. The object is more of a grower than a show-er. The object also currently self locked in chastity, not really ideal but until it gets someone to hold the key it is the only option.

The faggot property doesn’t smoke or drink, unless it is made to by its owner.


Pronoun: it
SLRN: 363-189-333
Age: 38
Orientation: Gay
Health: Drug and Disease free
Waist: 36″ (aiming for 32″)
Inside leg: 32″
Chest: 41″
Collar: 15.5″
Boot size: 11 (UK)
Cock: 3″ flacid, 4″ hard, cut
Body hair: Average – normally shaved
Head hair: Brown, short
Butt plug size: Medium
Longest time in chastity: 666 days
Education: BA (Hons) Business
Other: I have very good IT and Computing skills


slave kunt has been modified in the following ways

5mm Prince Albert piercing with a lock through it and short chain attached
Guiche piercing
both nipples pierced with 2mm bars*

it has no tattoos as its previous owner decided against getting any added to it as his ownership was only temporary

its new owner will of course be free to modify it further in any way or change those it already has.

the slave object is adaptable to serving either a harsher or more lenient Master as all Master’s have their own style.

* the slave object’s was made to carry these out on itself

Availability & Other Information:

It considers itself the property of whoever its owner is, even if that ownership is only for a few hours. The object ‘gets off’ on satisfying the needs of its owner and superiors, whatever they may be & not just related to sex. The slave object shouldn’t need sexual gratification, just to make sure its owner is satisfied so .

Time it feels it most pleased its Owner: Two times spring to mind, the first when it helped him study for his accountancy exam & he passed because it helped him. The 2nd time was when he started to be away a lot. He would set the object little tasks to do. One such task involved building up to pissing its jeans in public. This is not something that was in its comfort zone at all and Master knew it. He also knew that as well as making me a more obedient, at the time, slave that the object had done it solely for him and for no other reason. This made him really pleased with the object and he allowed it to cum and eat his cum when he returned home.

Time it feels it let its owner down the most: This has to be whenever it got the protocol for arriving at its Owner’s wrong, couldn’t do it or was late. Even when it lived with Master there were certain protocols that it needed to follow whenever it arrived or he arrived back. If he was out the object was to listen for him returning and be kneeling by the door waiting for him. Occasionally it didn’t hear him and so wasn’t there. If the object had been out it had to wait locked in an old aviary for him to come and fetch it. There was more to it than this, such as how it should wait, but there were times it couldn’t do what was required, especially at the beginning. This might only seem like a little thing but the object always felt really bad if it got it wrong or couldn’t do as required – even when it wasn’t the object’s fault. The object always wanted to please Master and especially so because it was the first time it was seeing Master again and it always made the object feel that it had let him down from the start. The object was of course punished.

Most humiliating moment: The object was trying to decide between 2 different events, but I can’t because they were both humiliating in different ways. The first was humiliating for a short period of time and was because of the activity it was doing and it was the first time Master had the object do something in front of his friends. He had a policy of making the object douche with a special shower attachment twice a day. This particular time he got it to put on a dance show whilst douching for his friend who was staying for the weekend. The object wasn’t expecting it and at the time didn’t know his friend knew all about my Owner’s lifestyle and the object’s position. The 2nd thing was humiliating in a different way. One sunny day Master spread his object out face down on the garden and secured it there. On its back he wrote “cum inside” and drew a cock pointing at my arse in sun block. He did this over a few days. The object didn’t realise its owner had done this at the time and it was only a week or so later, when someone started laughing at the object did I realise what had happened. To this day it doesn’t know who would have seen it & the object still find that humiliating to think about.

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