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Type of meets
Real-Time, On-Line
Here for
Findom, Cam Use, Physical Use, Humiliation, Ownership, Teamviewer, Chat, Friendship, Whatever
Findom, Humiliation, Feet, Piss, Muscles, Leather, PVC, Boots, Skinhead, Bondage, Suits, Uniforms, Bikers, Fisting, CBT, Dungeon Play, Edging, Electro, Rubber
About Me
I'm an open-minded and adventurous sub looking for something long term. Satisfying my dom drives my submissiveness, rather than my own pleasure/preferences (although I have a long list of kinks below). If there's something you love that I happen to not be bothered about, I'm more than willing to do it for you (nothing will shock me, I promise). In an ideal world, my sexuality would be moulded to fit my doms, so my primary sexual outlet is whatever best pleases him (although I'm not sure how much time and training that would take).

Mainly a sub, but I do find the idea of slavery and relinquishing control hot. Although, I don't think a full 24/7 TPE dynamic is sustainable long term (but that doesn't mean some control can't be 24/7), as things like career ambitions and some independence are important to me. A good rule of thumb is a dom can take as much control as they want, but respect any limits. If you have anything particular in mind, just send me a message 😊.

Will send more photos when we chat.

== Results from ==
100% Degradee
100% Rope bunny
98% Submissive
90% Boy/Girl
90% Experimentalist
89% Masochist
82% Primal (Prey)
81% Slave
78% Rigger
77% Brat (Sex, kink, and teasing should be fun, but I'm not disobedient. Context dependent)
76% Pet
76% Ageplayer
74% Exhibitionist
73% Voyeur
68% Dominant
64% Degrader
63% Daddy/Mommy
57% Brat tamer
50% Non-monogamist (open to either monogamy or an open relationship, probably not polyamory though)
40% Sadist
35% Owner
30% Switch
26% Primal (Hunter)
20% Master/Mistress
16% Vanilla

The following lists are non-exhaustive, and interest in all keywords is not in any way mandatory, likewise not everything on the list carries the same importance. Just gives a general idea.

Keywords/SEO time: chastity, hyp_nosis/brain_wash/mind_control, rimming, verbal, degradation, sph (I've got a pretty small dick, so just to catch people searching for that: nub/clit/tiny/dicklet/micro) or general humil_iation, power exchange and control, ws/piss, (safe/clean) bb, feet, spitting, collar/collaring, oral, master/slave, domination, s&m, spanking, rough/ra_pe play, bondage, public/outside, role play/rp, feminisation/feminization/sissification/sissy (although I'm a bit of an otter, emasculation maybe?), physical transformations (growth/shrinking), mental transformations, cuck/cuckolding, diapers/nappies/abdl. Generally breaking taboos.
What I want
I'd ideally like to find a kinky/sub/dom relationship. Over time, the dynamic can grow and evolve towards the dom's ideal.
What experience do you have?
Around 2 years in findom, but an awful lot more in everything else.

5' 7.7" / 172cm
155lb / 70.5kg
Foot size
8 UK / 43 EU /  9 US
Eye colour

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