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40 years old, Dom, Gay
United Kingdom United Kingdom
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Findom, Humiliation, Ownership, Chat, Friendship
Findom, Humiliation, Piss
About Me
I have never had a slave before, but that is exactly what I am looking to achieve here. I am an extremely strong and dominant Irish master. I will set you tasks to complete. They will be difficult. They will be humiliating. You will carry them out to please me. You will love doing so. You will pay me for the privilege. Here are some examples: you buy lingerie and make it clear in the shop that you will be the one to wear them. I send you my dirty, sweaty, cum-stained briefs, and you send me a photo of you with them in your mouth. Note: hard limits will be made clear before we begin. The goal is for you to serve me and please me. Part of your servitude will involve humiliation, but you will never be maked to do a task that is completely off limits.
What I want
I am looking for a slave who will obey my every command and love to do so. It is an advantage if you are in a position of authority in public, as you will then have an opportunity to embrace this other side of your life, where you are fully owned and controlled by your master. I will set you humiliating tasks. You will carry out the tasks. You will show me proof that you have completed them. I also have one position of extreme devotion available: one lucky sub will take on a second job. This could be part-time, evenings or weekends. He will send me every penny he earns. He will do all the hard work and his master will take all the reward. This will only be made available to one sub, one with whom I have established a relationship and who has already proved his devotion
What experience do you have?
I have little experience. This is a new aspect of my life. I hope to gain a lot of experience here.

5' 10" / 178cm
150lb / 68.2kg
Foot size
9 UK / 44 EU / 10  US
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