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26 years old, sub, Gay
United Kingdom United Kingdom
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Findom, Physical Use, Humiliation, Ownership, Chat, Friendship, Whatever
About Me
I'm 26 years old, looking for a master to serve. I'm looking for someone who believes in the hierarchy like I do, that some men were born to serve and others were born to be served.

I'm not looking for a nice or respectful master. I am a slave, an inferior piece of 💩, put on this earth to serve his superiors and I expect a master to treat me as such. Some common sense is needed, I am still human, but an inferior one and if you're going to be a nice friendly dom who is more of a friend or lover than a master I'm not interested. I don't want a friend, a lover, a roommate, I want a master, an owner, a god, someone to take possession of me and my life and rule me with a rod of iron for their gain. Someone who will discipline me when I show disrespect/disobedience and step out of line.

I have been in findom for nearly 10 years and served in real time once, but I am looking for more than just an online relationship. I will serve some masters exclusively online if they can make it worth it by treating me as I deserve. I want to serve a master in all aspects. Financially, sexually, domestically etc. I accept that trust may need to be built up online or such before we get to another stage. Real time service and sexual service are not necessary, but preffered. I can and have served masters in a purely findom capacity.

Beat me, take your aggression out on me, piss on me as I'm scrubbing your toilet clean but whatever you do just make sure I know my place in life as I'm sure you know yours.

Your reward for owning me? A piece of 💩 you get to put to work and push around/control for your gain; financial and/or otherwise. My reward for serving you? There isn't one, I simply live the life nature intended for me.

If you want to dominate/take ownership of me then please send me a message. I will refer to all doms as "Sir" or "master" unless they specify they wish to be known otherwise. What you wish to call me is up to you.

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