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57 years old, sub, Gay
United Kingdom United Kingdom
Joined Aug 4

🏷 leather boot worship skinheads skype

Type of meets
Real-Time, On-Line
Here for
Physical Use, Humiliation, Ownership

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  • YourBootlicker
    YourBootlicker added towards PoliceLeatherDominatorsFagg's Pillory tax total

    My little faggot failed to cover his first pillory tax in its entirety on time and was punished for it. Afterwards, my slut paid his dues, but it was already too late. That's why he needs to get punished and punished hard! Let's make this horny little faggot kneel and bow before Masters. and show his true faggoty nature. Let's show this fagg how a Master handles with his property Top 3 best comments again receive a small token!

    Tax paid to: PoliceLeatherDominator
    Tax per like: 15 Tips (£1.50) 💸
    Tax per comment: 18 Tips (£1.80) 💸
    Tax limit: 1990 Tips (£199.00) 💸

    Total tax to pay: 1287 Tips (£128.70)
    ⛔ This pillory has ended, further comments and likes will not affect the total ⛔
    Sep 5
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    Sep 6
    The fagg will tribute accordingly: Cashmastertuxedo - 15, Punkfindom - 10 and Moreplease - 5.
    Sep 6
    Yes thank you Sir. fagg is honoured
    Sep 6
    Pillory tax paid. Fuck yeah that was hot drain Sir
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  • YourBootlicker
    YourBootlicker is now verified
    Please say hello and give them a big welcome!
    Aug 4
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