The Community and The Meet from Nikesub's blog

How does the saying go again? Never meet your heroes? It’s said to be unwise to seek personal acquaintance with people whom one has held with high esteem, as they often fail to fulfil one’s expectations , resulting in disappointment …. NONSENSE. SHM is certainly an exception to that rule. 

As many of you know , SHM and I met down the pub this week for a 🍺, having been building our findom relationship for a few months now. So many people from this community took the time to write to us, to wish us well and remark on what they see when we interact here and our connection. The comments on the photo we posted and in chat have been almost overwhelming and thoroughly appreciated by us both. 

Several people have asked if  I would write a blog about the meet. Well here it is, but you might be disappointed to know that I won’t be sharing any further details of the day. We shared a pic on the feed, and uploaded a couple of pieces of content on X for you all to enjoy. For me though, the rest of our time together is personal . Those feelings before, during and after are nicely stored safely in my head :-)

Thanks again for being such an engaging and supportive community . I’m very humbled,  and really appreciate the many connections I’ve made here, the most important to me being the Boss himself of course - SHM.

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