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This is the first of a few installments meant to give fags a glimpse of how I think, what “makes me tick”. Perhaps I care too much about semantics but I will posit the following:

A fagtax is a tax the fag pays for being a fag. It reminds the fag it is beneath, automatically, because it is a fag. It can be appropriate, and hot. But it is, at its core, about the fag.
A tribute is about the Master. A fag (or anyone) giving freely because of who the Master is; it’s about the Master.
One is about humiliation, the other about worship. I like both, and I like humiliating a fag as much as the next Master does. But ultimately, if you want to please me, make sure it’s about me, not about you. Call me an egoist, but you’ll get farther, and more from me, by genuinely worshipping me. Look at it another way: constantly talking about how inferior you are to everyone, while it could be true, puts me in a large group of people who then, by default, are above you. It’s all relative to you.
Whereas tributing and talking about me being above you because of WHO I AM is elevating me, which of course is right and proper. That is my favorite route.
Of course, a combination of these can be great. Haha.
Last thought on the matter: for me, it’s analogous to an aspect of sexual hookups. There are guys, bottoms, fags, who want to be used constantly, by anyone and everyone. That can be a bit hot, but it’s about the bottom, in a way, and just about sex. Whereas when a bottom, fag, wants to be used BY ME, that is about power. My power.
I may humiliate you. I may love doing it, with certain fags. I do like it. But in the end, make it about me, in a genuine way, and you’ll be glad you did. I know I will be.

There is not one “right way”

My view is that there is variety in the way masters and subs feel about findom. Aside from the “givens” such as no scamming, no faking, no stealing, no harming, no time wasting....there is room, for instance for various “styles” of Masters (for lack of a better term. Hopefully the style is genuine). The main thing is that subs and masters find someone they match up with. <br /><br />
I bring this up because I tire of bitchy people complaining about masters/subs because they don’t like that person’s way. Why do that? Find the person you match up with. Let the others find each other. You are not the arbiter of what is right. Why disparage? It’s like if you like dark hair guys and don’t like blonds, and then went around dissing all the blonds For being blonds lol. Just find your dark hair and STFU. Don’t be rude. <br /><br />
Now, again, I’m not talking about bad behavior. That can be called out. I’m talking about criticizing something that’s not up your alley. <br /><br />
Variety is the spice of life. <br /><br />
I will say that this doesn’t happen much here, which is great. But we see it other places. Why all the bitchiness? It’s not attractive, at least not to me. There’s an insight into my likes for subs reading this. Serve, $erve, don’t be a complainer, concentrate on yourself (and your Master). Be fun, be respectful, let people be themselves as long as they are acting in good faith. <br /><br />
And yes it goes both ways.<br /><br />
In a nutshell: It’s all about finding a good match or connection. When it’s not there, it doesn’t mean someone is wrong. They are just wrong for you.