• Slave
    Slave started a new poll
    Hierarchies. Are some Masters Superior to other Masters? Are some Subs Superior to other Subs?
    Yes. Some Masters are submissive to other Masters.
    (16 votes 33%)
    Yes. Some subs are submissive to other subs.
    (10 votes 20%)
    No. We are ALL equal in the hierarchies.
    (6 votes 12%)
    Slave. Shut up. You are an idiot. Go and open a bottle of wine.
    (17 votes 35%)
    This poll has ended, total votes - 49
    Nov 1 '22
    But you love wine 🍷
    Nov 1 '22
    I say that for some there is a Hierarchies but for others things are more fluied/flexable
    Nov 2 '22
    looks like we all share the same thought except then for 15nasty people you better avoid. Not because of the wine but because of daring to chose you're an idiot. Sir Switch, MasterPete & Sir Supes do have a point though
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