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53 years old, sub, Gay
United Kingdom United Kingdom
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About Me
🌼 Welcome to my profile. If you’re seeking an unthinking ATM, a slave with no brain, a vessel who simply obeys without a word, or a slave who wants to be treated poorly all the time then I’m not the one for you.

I appreciate that reading has become a difficult experience for some people. In our world of headlines and soundbites words are exhausting, a quick tick list is so much easier to handle, but I love words, I love communication because it’s the most fulfilling way to develop a meaningful relationship with a Master. Words matters, personality matters, and yes, it is possible for a slave to have a personality, in fact personality often makes a slave far more useful, engaging and enduring.

So, about me? I’m average, very average in every possible way. I’m an optimist by nature. I’m a lover of friendships and I have a passion for laughter. I’m driven by my desire to be submissive. Not everywhere, that would be intolerable, but since an early age I’ve sought the comfort, the pleasure and security of having a Master. Tributes and gifts are only one part of what I have to offer, more than that I like to think of myself as a submissive friend. I’m there to entertain, to talk, to discuss life, to help fight battles and do all I can to protect and enrich the world of my Master.

So, a man who only wants to pay his rent or a man who only wants to slap me around after taking my wallet, well they are not the Masters for me. I like a Master who has something to say, who can laugh, who is confident, who is authentically Alpha. I also love serving men who are able to show their weaknesses, who are able to be flawed and human, who are willing to share their world as I will share mine.

πŸ‘‘ Findom is lovely, it’s insane, it’s a wonderful abandonment of social norms, and consensual slavery is nuanced, complicated, layered and lovely. The combination of both is truly amazing when you find the right Master and Man. πŸ‘‘
What I want
Like everyone I want happiness, contentment and care. Here, on this site, I want to meet people, learn from them, develop brilliant and enduring friendships, both with Masters and subs, and I want to smile as much as possible.

What do I want? A good man. With a splattering of intelligence, compassion, understanding, honesty, humour, creativity and he definitely needs to be confident. Too much to hope for?
What experience do you have?
I have served, in long term relationships, five Masters over many, many years. There have been explosive short-term experiences, many of them hideous, hilarious and often unforgettable. I started serving at 14 years of age. I started to experience and enjoy Findom in 2006. I have been a member of Owned Fags since January 2022.

6' 0.4" / 184cm
165lb / 75kg
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