• Slave
    Slave started a new poll
    This is just a giggle, don't take this Poll too seriously, but what is the BEST kind of Dom?
    Bad Boy Doms - Tough, edgy, a bit scary and powerfully impatient...
    (24 votes 43%)
    Athletic Doms - Always exercising, always pushing those they own...
    (12 votes 21%)
    The Sofa Doms - Relaxed, unfussy, waiting for a sub to take care of them...
    (14 votes 25%)
    The Model Doms - Good looking, smiling butterflies, with beguiling smiles...
    (6 votes 11%)
    This poll has ended, total votes - 56
    May 5 '23
    Nothing here about intelligence, wit, cleverness. slave is sayin’ somethin’ !
    May 5 '23
    GMB Sir, 'intelligence, wit, cleverness'? That goes without saying... 😊
    May 5 '23
    In that case, it has now been said!
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