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    Subs! do you prefer a dom to set a target for you without your prior knowledge or prefer to have discussion beforehand?
    Enjoy being surprised with an order from a dom I’ve not spoke to.
    (0 votes 0%)
    Enjoy being surprised with a target request but only with a dom I’ve chatted to for a bit.
    (10 votes 26%)
    Targets should be discussed beforehand and agreed to prior to being requested.
    (25 votes 64%)
    Random requests are fine, will ignore the ones not willing to do.
    (4 votes 10%)
    This poll has ended, total votes - 39
    Jul 5
    Jul 5
    @Slave Yh I was surprised when subs told me that happens to them, but I suppose I shouldn’t have been. I just assumed some connection would be established first.
    Jul 5
    Oh Sir, don't get me wrong, I'm not complaining about unrequested targets. It's a useful sign. A man who sets a target without a word is NOT a Dom, not in my books anyway.
    Jul 5
    I get that. Deffo. 👍
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