• Chubmaster001
    Chubmaster001 started a new poll
    Are FinDoms Sadists? Is the pleasure we get from using a slave about control or about inflicting some sort of suffering?
    Most FinDoms are sadists and therefore enjoy fags suffering
    (2 votes 4%)
    Most FinDoms enjoy control over their fags and the feeling of power
    (34 votes 61%)
    Most FinDoms enjoy a mixture of the two. Power is more fun when the fag suffers.
    (20 votes 36%)
    This poll has ended, total votes - 56
    Jul 11
    Jul 11
    i only saw three options in this poll, @enslaved... So struggling to understand your comment!
    Jul 12
    Everyone is welcome to give their opinion. Subs are a big portion of the population in our community and their perspective is also important
    Jul 12
    Subs and Doms should always communicate with each other, even if it is to say "sorry, your not what am looking for in a sub/dom" a little communication can go a hell of a long way.
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