• theseniormaster001
    I have been a member here for a year, as of yesterday. I am not going to bore you with my reflections of the last 366 days, but a recent newsfeed post has prompted me to write a few words.
    Over the year, I have noted a few posts in relation to “time wasters”.
    I must agree 100%, there are some time wasters on the site, but I don’t see any correlation with tips or the lack of. The time-wasting cunts that really are apparent are the ones who take no personal responsibility. Stop being a victim and stop whining. Most of the 💩 that happens to you is of your own making.
    The good thing about one’s woes being of their own creation is that one has the control to be able to alter the situation.
    Sep 6 '23
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    Sep 6 '23
    Wow, well said Sir!
    Sep 7 '23
    SeniorMaster always makes sense and it agrees with your wise comments Sir🙇‍♂️
    Oct 12 '23
    Has it been over a month since this already. Still a true voice of reasoning however
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