• TheGoodestBrat
    TheGoodestBrat started a new poll
    Aside from necessity like groceries/gas, should a sub be allowed to go anywhere but work and back home?
    Yes of course
    (48 votes 60%)
    Hell no!
    (32 votes 40%)
    This poll has ended, total votes - 80
    Jun 1
    Jun 3
    Here's a Poll dilemma. Friday and Saturday night, bit of street action and hooking, great fun but hard on the knees, is this work or pleasure? Tricky... 🤔
    Jun 3
    Simple, like any athlete, you do what you love and you won't work a day in your life, but you're probably trash your knees over the years. Pro tip: knee pads are a tax write off due to being a work related expense.
    Jun 3
    TheGoodestBrat 'a tax write off'! Ha ha! I love that. 🙂💯
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