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30 years old, Master, Gay
Australia Australia, NSW, Macksville
Joined Jul 3

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Type of meets
Here for
Cash Slavery, Physical Use, Humiliation, Ownership, Chat
Cash Slavery, Bondage
About Me
Dominant pup alpha here, looking for good slaves to serve me.
I enjoy taking control and being in charge, as is my natural state as a master.
Very sexual so someone that is quite sexual too will go a long way.

I can be tough and strict but also respectful of my slave and won't demand the impossible. Good to build a good master/slave relation while also making sure they know their place below me.
What I want
A slave that is subby and willing to serve a good, strong alpha.
Someone into pup play is an added bonus but not required.
Cash slavery is main thing as well as an interest in chastity. Keeps the slaves needy and begging.
What experience do you have?
Been a master for about 4 years or so. Cash side of things for about a year.

5' 10.8" / 180cm
Foot size
9.5 UK /  44 EU /  10.5 US
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  • Galener
    Looking for a good Pay Pig to come and serve this alpha. Drain your account into someone who deserves it more than you~
    Jul 7
  • Galener
    Galener liked The_Princess's photo
    Jul 4
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  • Galener
    Galener commented on MasterOfAll's status
    🤑💰💷 It's pay-out day, and this morning we have paid out £16,864 to Masters! 💷💰🤑
    Jul 4
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    Jul 5
    Congratulations to all the Gods who received their well deserved Tips and to the faggots who enjoy on just giving.
    Jul 5
    I hope there's a big part for you Sir; it would only be fair. This site would not exist without you & your enormous work on it. Thank you Sir
    Jul 5
    Pretty much all fees go into running costs as I want to keep the fees as low as possible for people, and then obviously I get whatever I get tributed.
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  • Galener
    Galener voted on cynic's poll
    Should Masters be able to sell their owned slaves to another Master, creating a real "slave market"?
    Yes, always.
    (82 votes 53%)
    Yes, but only with the slave's consent
    (64 votes 41%)
    No, never.
    (10 votes 6%)
    This poll has ended, total votes - 156
    Jul 4
    Jul 5
    Such a close vote 🥴
    Jul 5
    Maybe then there's an appetite for a 'slave market'?
    Jul 6
    I'd be curious how this vote looked if you polled slaves and masters seperately.
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  • Galener
    Galener is now verified
    Please say hello and give them a big welcome!
    Jul 3
    servus likes this
    Jul 3
    Welcome Sir.
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