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58 years old, sub, Gay
United Kingdom United Kingdom, Scotland, Portree
Joined Jan 20

🏷 slave chastity rubber leather bondage ownership 24/7 tpe submissive

Type of meets
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Cam Use, Physical Use, Ownership, Teamviewer, Chat, Friendship, Whatever
Feet, Piss, Muscles, Leather, Boots, Bondage, Bikers, Fisting, CBT, Edging, Rubber
About Me
A retired professional, now living on the beautiful Isle of Skye. I have a beautiful house at the northern most tip of the island looking out across The Sea of The Hebrides to Harris and Lewis.

I drive (and yes, I'm prepared to travel far and wide for the right Master... anywhere in the UK and possibly further afield (as I have visited Doms in both The Netherlands and France in the last few months.).

I'm also very happy to show any visiting Masters or Subs around our beautiful island. I have two kayaks, and a dinghy with an outboard motor, so let me show you Skye from a different angle! I believe in our community and being open and approachable to all members.. you can be assured of a welcome if you're on my island!

A bit more info about me.. well, here's Ten Fun Facts About Skyrubberguy (kink & non-kink):

I’m currently reading ‘Waiting For Ross’ a real rubber/leather/bondage and Master/slave classic. But be warned… don’t try to read this whilst wearing any kind of chastity device. Take it as a friendly tip from one who has been there and lived to tell the tale...barely…!

I’m currently looking forward to attending Folsom Europe in Berlin for the very first time. It takes place on on 9th September and I have been invited to go along as the collared, leashed (and gagged I’m told, if I talk too much!) rubber gimp by ‘The_Other_Soul’ (Fetlife id). Yikes, which rubber outfit am am I going to wear?!

I love to travel and, over 8 long school summer holidays, I visited all 50 states in the US, driving over 45,000 miles in the process (in either a Fort Mustang or Chevy Camaro Convertible)... and visiting more than 90% of their beautiful national parks into the bargain! The Village in NYC and the Castro in SF are great for staring at all the eye candy.. but get out of the city and into the real wilderness places to be truly blown away...yee-har!

As a teenager I went to a naval school and it was there I discovered my love of all water-related sports, especially sailing, kayaking and rowing… as well as wetsuits and super hot young guys showing all their bulges in them. The school motto, ‘spes super sydera’ (hope and dream above/beyond the stars), has always and continues to inspire me and guide my life!

My favourite gift of all time? At my leaving farewell party for one of the schools that I was headteacher of, my staff bought me a session flying a Tiger Moth biplane at RAF Duxford. It was an amazing day and a memory that I will treasure and forever link me to all those great and wonderful colleagues. It’s like riding a powerful motorbike feeling the rush of wind all around as you speed forward… but up in the sky rather than along a country road! Just wish I could have worn my precious rubber gear under my flying jacket and googles!

My Favourite author is JRR Tolkien, who had plenty to say about, and truly understood, the dynamic between a Master and his slaves!
“From all his policies and webs of fear and treachery, from all his stratagems and wars his mind shook free; and throughout his realm a tremor ran, his slaves quailed, and his armies halted, and his captains suddenly steerless, bereft of will, wavered and despaired. For they were forgotten. The whole mind and purpose of the Power that wielded them was now bent with overwhelming force upon the Mountain. At his summons, wheeling with a rending cry, in a last desperate race there flew, faster than the winds, the Nazgûl, the Ringwraiths, and with a storm of wings they hurtled southwards to Mount Doom.”
The Return of the King

What makes me laugh out loud? I love classic comedy and particular very physical/slapstick comedians... think Charlie Chaplin, Lucille Ball, Norman Wisdom; favourite laugh out loud books include all of the ‘Tales of the City’ titles by Armistead Maupin… kinkwise, I can also come over with an uncontrollable fit of the giggles that have have me clutching my chest and rolling on the floor when I watch an inauthentic/fake Master ranting and raving, blowing smoke into the camera, sticking up his middle finger, dropping a few F-bombs and trying to basically ‘butch it up’ for us!

The kink photographs that get the most feedback and comments are of me in a vacbed (‘what does it feel like?’, ‘aren’t you scared of suffocating in there?’, what do you actually do once you’re in there?’). For me the vacbed experience is not one of covering up and hiding who I am behind a sheet of rubber , it’s about letting go and experiencing a sense of pure exposure and gentle restraint at the same time. As a bonus, it’s also the nearest I ever get to what can only be described as a total body orgasm!

One of my biggest kink fantasies is to ride pillion behind a hot Master on a Harley, both of us fully rubbered up under our leathers and me with my hands around his powerful waist, just resting my head on his back in sheer and utter joy and contentment (sigh).

What’s my favourite piece of advice to any young kinksters or wannabe slaves that I meet? Seize the day and live your true authentic self. Life is too short and so (stealing these words from The Rocky Horror Picture Show)… don’t dream it… be it!
What I want
I'm into all forms of skintight gear...leather, rubber, pvc, sports kit (eg compression). Rubber, combined with bondage and TPE/ownership, are my main kinks.

Smooth-skinned or shaven, tall and slim, non-smoking guys always get my attention. I am looking for that one and only Dom/Master/Owner who wants to take on a sub/slave with intellect, humour... and a bit of sass from time to time...maybe it's you?

Not into: drugs, permanent marks, humiliation, scat.

Bondage, rubber, restraint (vacbed, sleepsack), immobilisation, nipple play, puppy play, chastity, TPE, Master/Slave are top of the list!

My default position is as a sub/slave to very strong, dominant younger men. But I do like forming friendships with other Subs, too!

Rubber, combined with bondage is my current focus and I am currently looking for an experienced Dom/Master/ Trainer to develop my submissive tendencies further. My role as sub/slave is always one of total submission, respect, obedience and humility.

There is so much more about me than these few words outline and I love to chat with other guys who share my kinks.

Happy to meet other OF-ers (is that a thing?) just for friendship, mutual fun and adventure.

If you have similar interests or just want to chat about all things kink, I always try to reply to every message as promptly as possible.

My target activities for 2023, besides finding myself a Master who will take me on within a 24/7 TPE ownership dynamic!) are:
- to visit Berlin ( have been all over the world, but somehow missed the capital of kink!)
- to attend Darklands, Folsom Berlin and Manchester Rubber Weekend
- to further expand my Recon and OwnedFag circle of friends
- to explore inflatable rubber (I have just acquired a Studio Gum BS3 inflatable sleepsack! Yet to be tested... any volunteers?)

A word about FINDOM: I'm not really into the whole tributes things, just so you know, Masters! A top Alpha will find much more to enjoy with me than simply draining me of my financial assets... that said, I do like to send presents and ticking something off a Master's wishlist for guidance, help or training given can be a great way to say thanks and can be very satisfying.

And if any Master ever introduces me to my lifetime one and only Master, be assured... you will get one helluva finder's fee!

Oh... and as for my wishlist, seeing as I can't put it in the box below, it's this:
A real Alpha Master who is willing to take me on as his favourite toy, plaything and totally adoring slave (and you can't get that on Amazon, guys!).
What experience do you have?
35 years as Sub to the most natural and greatest Alpha Man I have ever known (RIP, Boss!), the man who helped to make and shape me into the decent man I am today. I met him at age 22 (he came up to me In Rockshots Nightclub in Leeds in April 1987 and asked me if I was approachable! ) and we never spent a day apart until his death in May 2022 to colon cancer. It will take some Alpha Master to replace him but my old Boss told me to go out there a find a worthy successor to him and that is the very last instruction of his that I will carry out to the letter. Step forward all Masters willing to be scrutinised and assessed for the role, lol!

As for experience beyond the above, all domestic duties and services can be taken as a given. With me caring for your every need at home and making your feel like the King of your own domain (which you are!).

Bondage experience increasing rapidly (and always open to offers to try something new!).

Have recently experienced some great suspension bondage in The Netherlands.

Totally devoted and experienced in helping guys to connect and enjoy sleepsack and vacbed immobilisation. Have recently got myself a Studio Gum BS3 sleepsack and can't wait to try it out.

Just starting to get into multi-layering with leather and rubber.

69-ing both in and out of rubber is my go-to cuddling alternative... but in rubber it's better(!)

Full gimp and drone services and plenty of experience as both!

Chastity experience is growing daily and my collection of devices is looking (and feeling) damn fine!

TPE is my big target kink for 2023 but I have yet to meet a Master who has the capacity or inclination to fully turn this switch in me to the 'on' position.

6' 2" / 188cm
160lb / 72.7kg
Foot size
 10.5 UK / 45 EU /  11.5 US
Eye colour

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