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38 years old, Dom, Bisexual
United States United States, CA, San Francisco
Joined Sep 17 '21

🏷 worship master humiliation alpha pits muscle flex drain owner mind fuck reimbursement own you cashfuck fag drain

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Findom, Ownership, Teamviewer, Chat, Friendship, Whatever
Findom, Muscles, Edging
About Me
I'm an Alpha who discovered he had an itch that couldn't fully be scratched. I'm obsessed with the mind fuck of Findom and love to own willing subs, carry on long-term ownership relationships, and explore the depths of where we can take the fetish.

I've owned three long-term cash faggots since 2012 and have since learned it's my place and nature to own them. One of them, a sub cash faggot daddy, completely emptied his wallet on me the first time we met, and that was before I pushed him to the brink (that happened later.) When his partner found out, he ghosted me--but only for a short while. Later, he came crawling back, and our mental connection grew. I owned him; he knew it; and I would have my way with him on cam, via text, or even when he was in corporate meetings at work, hard under his conference table. I would have my way, and he would get notifications on his phone there at work, or when he was out with friends, or wherever.

What this taught me is that some men belong and thrive in this lower place, while they worship the Alpha Men and know inwardly that it's all about the Alpha, not about them. They do as the Alpha deserves, plain and simple. Knowing I am above them fuels my drive to continuously mind fuck them, since that brings the best out of them.

I am not into surface play, toys, or things like that, though. I'm into subs who like to build long-term personal connections and who get as hard as I do at the very mention of owning/being owned. For me, it is about the mental connection—to exist in that headspace with another, complementary individual who knows where he belongs. Building trust is key for me—on both sides. I like the play factor, but I like more when a cash faggot knows he is powerless in turning away, and his beta cock grows at the knowledge that he is alive to please, serve, and make life better for his Alpha.

No BS here. Like many, I have no problems with big, painful, and quick drains for my subs, but as discussed, I get my best satisfaction from subs I can get to know and control long-term. Inquire within.
What I want
I want one or more cash slaves who do not question their subservience, or their nature. I want them to know that it's what they were built to do -- to serve Alphas, plain and simple. I'm looking for real connections, as they exist and grow within this shared, contrasting headspace (which becomes the true headspace to be and stay in). I do not like cash faggots who whine or question their place, or their ability to serve. If they're doing that, they haven't yet been fully trained. I'm open to training, but not for a cash fag who fights back.
What experience do you have?
I have had multiple long-term cash slaves over the past ten years. I am always wanting more. It's not about the money (I do well); it's about ongoing ownership, the shared headspace, and the deep Master/slave connections that develop.

5' 11.6" / 182cm
180lb / 81.8kg
Foot size
 10.5 UK / 45 EU /  11.5 US
Eye colour

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