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55 years old, Dom, Straight
United Kingdom United Kingdom, SE England, Central London
Joined Jul 22

🏷 rules kink dominant superior straight king exploit discreet selfish real meets protocols females & males authoritarian entitled cyber drains

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Type of meets
Real-Time, On-Line
Here for
Findom, Cam Use, Physical Use, Humiliation, Ownership, Teamviewer, Chat, Friendship, Whatever
Findom, Humiliation, Feet, Piss, Boots, Bondage, Dungeon Play
About Me
Straight Discreet Dominant, Ultra-Discreet, I live two lives. I use faggot-slaves to exploit & exploit, for Kink only & in this area your faggots are so much fun, much better than the ladies. I use female slaves/subs to use & exploit, for Sex only.
I seek the obvious FinDom slaves, also Domestic slaves to clean my Gaff! Errand/Shopping slaves to do food shopping for me when I'm too busy, a good Administrative/Clerical slave would be very beneficial also.

I want to Control you, I want Obedience. I want to be Worshipped. Control is the fundamental cog-wheel in all of this for me. TPE enthusiasts step forward.

Kink; I seek a slave who has good oral skills also. Can take a great deal of verbal exploit and sometimes physical thrashing about but the latter can be obviously be discussed more. I'm heavily into delivering Rules & Protocols and you adhering to them. Any insolence of any kind will receive my wrath.

I live in London, I have two male lodgers, one has come out to me as being sub and I use him blow me when i need it. He also Tributes good, he has given me access to his bank account too so as I can Control him.
What I want
Obedience, Servitude. Know who & what 'you are' in the 'Grand Hierarchy' of things. Generosity, Loyalty, Subservience, Obedience & Discretion gets my attention.

A faggot that needs to be Controlled is of the most interest, I don't need your money, its the Humiliation, Degradation of FinDom & there other areas of Servitude I am interested in & Control, Control, Control.... All gets me 'Excited'. I like to Protect my property too, look after my Property male or female, you will feel 'special' because you are. No unrealistic demands from me, limits respected but will be pushed gently, always communicating so we both feel good about our 'arrangement'. Its more the psychological aspect I am interested in. Be ready for Protocols & Rules, Contracts etc. Discretion is needed & will be returned.

Sissy-slaves & wannabe Sissies, faggy slaves are of interest. Or Secret 'Wanabee' Sissies. But wanting Control is the major quality i seek, im obsessed with Controlling, Using, Abusing & Exploiting. Your Full Servitude/TPE is my goal, but various levels below this are fine to discuss and aim for also, just message me and we can see if we can find a way forward.
What experience do you have?
In the BDSM scene since 2001. Women from 1993, started receiving servitude from faggots in 2001. I have met many for sessions, and have owned two faggot slaves one is still current but moved abroad so less intense. Other one lasted 5 years, he got decided to leave the scene a year ago for a conventional relationship.... He'll be back!, in fact he just msged met a few weeks ago and already I could sense his 'need' for me. I am Straight, with males it is more about Control, the Humiliation & Degradation, your acceptance of inferiority & willing to please me excites me. And yes, i allow faggots to blow & rim me... because you fags do these best!,... its a known fact! But for fucking... give me Pussy, Pussy, Pussy!!!

6' 1.2" / 186cm
180lb / 81.8kg
Foot size
10 UK / 45 EU /  11 US
Eye colour

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