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Humiliation, Piss, Muscles, Leather, PVC, Boots, Bondage, Uniforms, Bikers, CBT, Dungeon Play, Edging, Electro, Rubber
About Me
Please message me before sending friend requests. I love chatting and making new friends, but I generally don't accept blind request.

Any fags want the humiliation of serving a biker fag? Send me a message and you’ll see just how good biker cock feels sliding around in your wallet!

Yes, I am a real biker. I have a Kawasaki Versys650 and ride.

I am a highly independent, successful, and driven person. I love kinky things and bdsm, and I’m a switch. When I sub, I tend to be a “scene based” sub. Let’s plan a hot scene, go for it, and at the end, I go back to my real life. I am not really into lifestyle play, but I do like maintaining relationships for the next bout of fun. Findom is not a lifestyle, but it can be horny in the right moments.

I love doms who are real people and not just some fantasy character or persona online. Someone to have a meaningful relationship with who adds value to my life, and I add value to his. While I love humiliation, a***e, and f***e in the right ways, it needs to come from a place of love and caring, not from hatred or disrespect, or your true belief of a fag being a worthless thing to waste.

I am smart and independent, and your typical loser talk isn't going to fit the bill. Stimulating brain sex is much better, and fun banter and rituals and idiosyncrasies are what make a relationship magical, fun, and fresh.

This is PLAY for me. This is not reality. This is not real life. I love a good play session, role play, sub play, and BSDM play. I play with you because we both want to have a mutually enjoyable time…not because you think you are better than me in real life. You are not better than me. Just stop it already.

I am not afraid to tell rude and entitled doms to fuck off. 
I am not afraid to tell you “no”.
I am not afraid decline unsuitable offers which are not desirable for me. 
Don't expect me to serve or slave just because you have a cock or because you are some kind of master/alpha/dominant whatever. It takes the right connection, passion, attitude, attraction, personality, chemistry, and I don’t have a goal of being owned. If the perfect dom for me comes along, then great! But I don't have a fantasy of ownership since I'm a session sub. Sirs should be interested in both SIR'S interests and MY interests, or we won't make much traction. A happy sub keeps performing. 😉

Generally speaking, there’s no hard requirements except be someone who can have a positive influence on my life, fwb, intelligent, caring, sensual, a real friend. You won't have much luck if your main motivation is money. I am more interested in the connection we have, and symbolic findom. It's not the amount that matters. Sex for the sake of sex (or $end for the sake of $end) is not adding much value to your life or mine. It's not about the money or enriching you. It's about having some mutually enjoyable fun. :) Let's play!

Approach me with care and RESPECT if you want my attention. If your opening message is disrespectful, addresses me with derogatory name(s), or is a request for money, here’s my answer.  No.  While I don’t mind the name calling / disrespect / role play in scenes designed to be humiliating, check your ego at the door. Our interactions are from the mutual respect we have for each other. If you earn the right to disrespect, humiliate me, and drain me, it's because I choose you! It comes from your profound love and respect you have for me. If you truly think that your subs are worthless and trash, then move along now before you suffer my witty ridicule and gross disappointment in your wasted time. 

Access to me, my mind, and my wallet is a privilege, not a right. I will choose who is worthy of my attention, time, and play. Anyone who thinks otherwise is on a fool’s errand and should pursue other victims. 

UNSOLICITED REQUESTS: FAIR NOTICE IS GIVEN HERE:  Unsolicited requests from Doms who have not taken the time to earn my respect and build a relationship with me will be rejected. Respect is earned, and not freely given. In a real real relationship, both parties add tremendous value to each other's lives, even in SM. I am prepared to add value to your life, but are you prepared to add value to mine?

If I do not accept your offer, it does not mean I am disrespecting you. It simply means that I do not have the desire or capacity to perform services for you at the time you made the request. I will not engage in disingenuous activity or agree to things that I will not perform on. Therefore, rejection is a sign of open and honest communication, feedback, and respect. 
What I want
Local USA Midwest or Chicago folks for fun BDSM and Dungeon play. Ideally looking for real world people in the Chicago area for bdsm type play.

For online, I look for doms who are happy to play when I seek it out, but they do not have the expectation for any particular frequency or amount. I am a poly sub, and I tend to play with as many doms as I enjoy spending time with. I have found that I enjoy gifting £10 targets to as many Masters as possible, rather than sending one Master large amounts or repeated amounts.

Likes: Mind games and role play. Twisted and kinky guys. Tops with dirty and filthy minds, and dirty and filthy interests. Sirs who make me engage in fetish play for their amusement. Pig play. 

I love exploring new things, and trying new fetishes and experiences. I have been opening up and expanding my interests.
What experience do you have?
I have been doing kinky play and been involved in the fetish and BDSM community for 10 years. I do not have much previous exposure to findom, but I do enjoy watching guys serve. And I do personally serve when I have budget available and I am in a horny mood, but the frequency of my findom activity is not reliable. However, I am highly dependable for the commitments I make, and I complete them all. If I make a commitment or accept a target, you can certain I will complete it. I've done over 50 targets already, and I've have never missed a due date or failed.

6' 2.8" / 190cm
180lb / 81.8kg
Foot size
12 UK / 47  EU /  13 US
Eye colour

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