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25 years old, sub, Gay
United States United States, Washington, Seattle
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  • servingslave
    servingslave voted on MasterR's poll
    What should I convert my experiment (experiment808) into? Other suggestions welcomed in comments.
    Sissy girl
    (4 votes 13%)
    Toilet pig
    (13 votes 43%)
    Diaper boy
    (3 votes 10%)
    h***o Slave
    (10 votes 33%)
    This poll has ended, total votes - 30
    Jun 17
    Whatever wins will make for an even more pathetic faggot.
    Jun 17
    Please Daddy don't make me wear diapers 247 or be a sissy or eat your 💩. Please Daddy
    Yesterday, 05:55
    The poll has spoken. I’ll guide you and make sure you are in good hands.
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  • servingslave
    servingslave voted on Maskedmasterbe's poll
    In my latest blog, I tried to identify the unique set of personality traits of true alpha masters. Which traits do you think should also be on the list? Comment with any you believe are missing.
    Physical appearance: A well-built trained Master immediately garners attention and respect.
    Kink Identity : The kink or fetish he represents that makes your kink urges bubbling to the surface.
    Manipulation and Seduction : Mastering the art of manipulation and seduction.
    Uniue traits ? Come on, it is all just fake role play , it all about the money and nothing more.
    Poll ends 19th Jun 24, 18:35
    Jun 14
    I'd prefer the term exploitation over manipulation.
    Yesterday, 00:42
    Fake play? There is always some level of performative but I wouldn’t say fake play, especially on this site. Unlike X that’s filled with fake findoms trying to make a quick buck this site seems to focus more on the art of draining.
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    Jan 25
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    Jan 25
    Welcome homo
    Jan 25
    Welcome home
    Jan 25
    Welcome boi
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