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We all know there is a world out there of men that are turned on by being laughed at, humiliated, and exposed. In this short blog I want to focus on exposure subs and my findom.

b*******l is real and is getting more and more into findom. The master exposes the sub online (without consent). The sub is paying master to remove every single piece of info that is in the public domain. Myself I am not into non-consensual play.

Than we have exposure subs begging to be exposed. They want to get exposed, they actually kick on seeing their pictures and what they are doing all over the internet. If a master exposes the material which was send to him, than he actually helps realising the subs fantasy. It is as if the sub send a script to the master. I don’t see any power exchange here, there is no thrill for the Dom. If you are paid to expose the sub, it is rather being paid for a service. Yes I have exposed subs on their the demand for which I was paid. But I see it more like some marketing stuff. It’s a play which needs to be handled carefully, the last thing I want is to give the  Sub some power. Also it gets boring after a  while. Okay, not all exposure subs begging for attention are the same, if an exposure sub submits to a Doms superiority a relation can be developed like..

… Sub is tributing for you attention

… Sub is promoting his master

… Sub I getting mindfucked by his master and is showing his respect by tributing

I am sure there are more elements that can be added here, so comment or share experiences (let focus on he positive ones here).



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