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Ways to be useful to your Dom
Posted by SupremePower

If you’re a Findom sub, your main priority is to provide tributes and gifts to your Dom/Master.

But, sometimes subs find themselves low on cash and when this happens, it’s important to find other ways to be useful. 

I will suggest few things you might do for your Dom/Master: 

4 ways a sub that's low on cash can still be usefull

*Become a promo sub -  like, comment and share your Dom/Maste's content.

*Become a recruit sub - Reach out to other subs and connect them to your Dom/Master

*Become a content creation sub - create twitter banners , artwork, photoshop images,etc

*Become a research and a data sub - provide your Dom/Master with useful information and ideas that can raise his influence and reach - research and share strategies that have proven to be effective

The bottom line is true Findom subs exist to make their Doms/Master’s lives easier. If you aren’t useful in some way, then what incentive is there for your Dom/Master to spend lots of time talking to you? Don’t be that annoying sub who thinks your Dom/Master has nothing to do but engage in endless conversation with you. Be a useful sub!

subs, READ THIS!
Posted by SupremePower

Don't expect ME to spend time on you for nothing.

I am not here to offer you pleasure or to satisfy your needs 

I consider time an expenditure- that's all about.

The amount of effort and time I put ,should be reflected on the account.

You don't necessarily have to approach with a tribute, but it is the best way to show your intentions and respect.

If you are broke, don't try to get my attention talking ABOUT how rich you are, just to get a session with Me.

Posted by asianmasterj

Hey betas,

Let's see how this site goes, I heard good things. I am interested in helping subs explore various kinks. My time is valuable and requires tributes. I do skype sessions and text sessions. I prefer longterm submission, but welcome those losers that hide after a single session. There are many things to know about me. No nudity will be seen from me. Foot worship, h***o, and verbal content is my specialty. I have experience with full on power exchange and more. I offer fun ways of being drained through games and wheels, or old fashion drains too. Message me and lets take it from there. Approach properly. 

Posted by Fatdom4subpig

I am back, though still not full time. I had hoped to return with photographic evidence of my adventures offline, though sadly that wasn’t possible. Living where I do with the lack of privacy I suffer from, physical domination of fags is difficult to come by. That being said, I have had a few insights into furthering my experience in findom and online domination in general. I have decided that I am simply not assertive enough with faggots, particularly ca$hfags. So I will be overhauling my profile sometime soon (despite that I just edited it to clean up details) with new rules I expect you dumb bitches to follow. In keeping with this new attitude, I will endeavor to do my best at being more social on the site which includes occasionally talking in the chat room. As I am not overly social in crowds or group situations, this is for my own personal growth. 

All said and done, I am very happy to be back in a far more frequent capacity than I have been for the past several months. As a celebration of my return, I cordially invite any unowned fags to tip me as a homecoming gift. Owned fags may do so as well, provided your generous masters allow you to do so. It’s time to welcome me home you worthless bitches; I am coming for your wallets. Be grateful for the opportunity to pay my rent and feed my belly.

My slavery
Posted by DoyourawOslo

Recently joined the site. As a Norwegian, masculine, dominating Master I prefer to treat my slaves harsh, firm but fairly. In my command U need to be willing to perform at my command within set boundaries. I am a serious Master and expect the same from my worthless slaves. I do not have time for timewasters. 

If you are in need for a filthy minded strict Master I allow you to send me a message with an initial request to become my slave. 

10 Signs You Are A Toxic Sub
Posted by DorianTheAlpha

10 Signs You Are A Toxic Sub

by DorianTheAlpha

It has been a long time since I’ve written a blog post. I try not to retread the same old thoughts I have covered before here; I invite you to read my other entries on topics like tips for newcomer subs, newcomer Masters, among other themes in kink. Today we will address something unfortunately ever-present in power exchange: submissive toxicity. 

Now, let me say at the outset: this does not suggest Masters are not also at fault sometimes. It is possible for Doms to be toxic too. That is a post for another day. Here, I address common behaviours that all subs show at some point — these are signs you are being toxic. A good sub can have a toxic moment. Even the best owned subs slip up. It does not mean you cannot improve. Instead, use this as a reminder to be better. Grow & learn constantly to serve your Master as best you can. These are in no particular order, though personally I would say those highest on the list are the most egregious.

1. Doxxing & Hostility

To dox someone is to reveal their real identity online. If you even feel the hint of an urge to do this: don’t. Never threaten violence, or be hostile. If you feel that level of anger & aggression do to some slight in kink or your dynamic: walk away. This space is not for you if you cannot handle its intensity. Many people here keep their kink lives separate & secret from their career, family, and personal sphere. Any kind of hostile act towards your Dom, any Alpha, or any member of this community is unacceptable. This one should be self-evident.

2. Illegality

Many illegal actions are desirable. Substances, sex acts, even demographics. Regardless, never suggest or bring illegal activities to your Alpha. For some, sex work is their full-time career. For others like myself, this is a supplementary outlet to express my dominant self. When you suggest illegal things, you jeopardize that space. Deviant fun can be legal and still be plenty daring. 

3. Topping from the Bottom

This is when a sub attempts to exert their desires and demands onto their Dominant. It reverses the power exchange: the Master is instead performing a “dominance fantasy” according to the conditions of their submissive role-play leader. Hence, topping from the bottom. This is the worst form of selfishness. Now, you can have submissive desires. And especially with single session play, it is important to voice them to your Dominant. However, in power exchange, your role is to please your Alpha first and foremost. If you have desires, there is a correct way to communicate them. That is not topping from the bottom. So speak properly, humbly, and when in doubt defer to your Master. Don’t be a selfish twat.

4. Inability to Handle Drop

This is most applicable to financial domination, but applies to other intense forms of session play like pain certain sex play. Drop, or sub drop, is a form of guilt and regret that can be all-consuming after intense sessions. In the throes of submissive obedience, you may send more or suffer more than you expected. Some of your limits may be tested. This leads to a lurching depression for many who are new to the feeling. It is your responsibility to manage it. Many Alphas offer guidance, aftercare, and compassion. Some do not. It is not our job to be your therapist. I personally tend to do so, but it is wrong to expect it from your Dominant. This is an adult space, between consenting parties. Behave as such.

5. Jealousy

If I need to explain this one at length, you are the problem. Do not be jealous another sub is sending more, receiving more time with your Alpha, getting more attention in the chat. This is about Alpha pleasure. If you are envious of others, work harder & serve better to achieve those same goals. Better yet, find the maturity to realize that you should only measure yourself against your own servitude.

6. Submissive Poaching

This is a rare case, but does sometimes happen. Never poach other owned subs from another Master to come and serve your Alpha. This is the equivalent of an Alpha poaching a sub; it is no better and just as atrocious. If a sub is unhappy, that is between them and their Master to resolve. An owned dynamic (as defined on the site; not “grey/open” dynamics etc) should always be treated with utmost sanctity and respect. Even between owned subs.

7. Nuisance

Owned or new, don’t be a dick (or a little shit). There is a reason this is one of the tenets of the chat room, and it extends to private conversation. Don’t play dumb. Don’t be a brat, or rude. Many Masters will converse and dominate subs who have little to send, but speak soundly and offer entertaining banter. Don’t be a nuisance.

8. Over-investing

This is a two-parter, and both matter equally. Do not invest more financially here than you can afford. Doing so is on you if it happens. Never blame your Alpha for your own lack of self-control. Secondly, do not over-invest emotionally. Some Masters dominate with sexual overlap, and sometimes even romantic overlap. This is still kink in power exchange. Don’t let your M/s get messy. Don’t over-invest.

9. Deletion & Relapse

This isn’t even necessarily that annoying, it is just so predictable. Subs who can’t manage the above, generally are those who delete, and come back crawling under some new pseudonym. The relapsers. I suppose it helps that you pay a join fee each time you create an account here. Still, it’s transparent, and laughable. Best avoided if you hope to be a sub in good standing here among Alphas and your fellow subs.

10. Manipulation

The last point here is a broad stroke generalization for all the gaslighting, excuse-making, and other such vapid waste that subs spew in their squabbles with an Alpha. This isn’t a relationship of peers. This isn’t a negotiation. This is kink, submission, and servitude to your Master. We have heard it all, and we see your pathetic tricks coming a mile away. Save it. 

Avoid these my sweet pets if you do not want to be a toxic sub to your Master.

Serve well, and to my Dominant readers, stay powerful gents. Comments and questions, as always, are welcome.

Posted by AntonSub

After a number of years in the FinDom scene I find myself feeling lost. I have gained much experience over the years and like to think I can spot the people to avoid vs the people who are worth exploring something with. I have served a number of Masters, both long term and short term and have found those experiences enjoyable and fulfilling for the most part. In most recent times however, I do not seem to be able to stick to one thing or one person. I have talked to Masters who seem compatible, engaged, tributed, and then lost interest very quickly. This must be frustrating for Masters, but it is just as frustrating for me especially as I do not really understand what is happening.

Of course, this could be connected to other things. The current upheaval brought about by Covid for example or something else lurking in my subconscious.

I wonder if anyone else has experienced this kind of shift in behaviour and how they dealt with it.  Does it pass or has it become a more permanent state?

Life update post covid
Posted by Akoor

Hello Sirs and fags

Happy new year to everyone.

Around Christmas'21, I got diagnosed with covid. I had to be hospitalized for almost 10 days and was in the ICU for 2 days. My finances are in a wreck because of it and I'm in massive medical debt.

Because of that, I'll be unable to participate in any financial activities here for the next 2-3 months until I can clear off the debt. I'll be active here but mostly as a passive observer.

Please stay safe and stay indoors. COVID is no joke. I'm all right now but I can still feel the aftereffect.

An ODE to all subs
Posted by mdomdomm

Whenever you enter the findom world, a lot of things seem so direct and strict. Like if no money is around nothing is aroung.

Entering the findom world is a way of understanding the dynamics of power, and how submission and domination is what makes the earth do rounds.

When a dom has no sub, is like a planet missing his sun to make the moves, it stills exists, it's strong in it's essence, but the lack of light makess it really cold.

In findom, more than anything, what makes the world goes round are the subs: without them, doms are just animals within cages.

You find me in my Yoga Metaverse...
Posted by mickeylove319

I bet you would love to see me as a NFT you dumb faggot pay me what you would buy a NFT for humiliate fags cashslave serve me for you will never even be able to about to my genius not even in the Meta verse you are a jpeg I am a png a king. Perfect in this world, well in any world because I am superior. The things you will do for a straight man like me no matter how much you’ll never get dick serving me. I am a Diamond in the rough. In this metaverse you found me doing my yoga stretching naked while my cock is talking to me about some other ideas. My balls are full and bouncing to spread my seed. I feel softly touching my cock taking control of my senses. I'll do one more stretch to loosen my hamstrings and give you some close viewing of my hairy hole first. I begin striking my cock back and forth you wish you could touch it but you never will. It's going to take me almost a minute before I'm finished ejaculating. You say you never have seen a cock so huge in your life and I tell you that is because I am a diamond in the rough. My penis throbbing hard as I stare at you and you sweat and wish you could just get a taste. I tell you to stay back or else they're will be hell to pay. As I begin to climax on near my end you shake uncontrollably and don't know why I finish and you ask if you could lick the semen off the ground and I deny your request for you are a scum of the earth not worth to even be in my presence. I clean up my mess and I a god among you faggots men leave and have you begging for more.

Humanatm walletdrain $end paypiggy faggot 



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