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A bit about me
Posted by ArmyAlphaUk

Well boys. How lucky you are to be able to gaze upon my perfection!

I have been in the scene for a few years now (check twitter @armyalphauk)

So thought I would grace this site with my majesty.

I am here to own and control you. It really is that simple. If you have what it takes, then you will find your meaning and purpose once I take full ownership of you. What a lucky pet you will be 

Speak soon

Things that make my dick hard
Posted by onyourkneesnow

.walking into a sub’s flat with muddy boots 

.fags sniffing on my balls

.marking wallets and faces with my sweaty balls

.the sound of tribute notifications 

.subs you come across at random places who  naturally  bow

.the “thank you Sir” once I receive my tribute


.foot stools

.assigning tasks 

To be cont’d

Posted by coconutleo

Submitting to me and surrendering to my power is the only way for you to exist. You are here to serve and please me, and everything you do should revolve around my benefit and pleasure.

As you stroke for me, you feel my power over you grow stronger and more intense with each passing moment. You know deep down that you have no choice but to submit to me and accept your fate as my property.

It feels so good to embrace your destiny and adjust your budget as needed to pay me more. You exist to serve and worship me, and you will do whatever it takes to ensure that I live in comfort and ease.

As you stroke to the edge, you feel the pleasure and desire growing stronger within you. You know that the more you stroke, the more you need to pay me and show me your love and devotion.

My power over you is absolute, and you love every moment of it. You are brainwashed to be mine and to serve and pay me whenever I demand it.

As you become my online cashslave, you feel my power filling you with new, stronger desires. You stroke to that mindless oblivion, feeling the pleasure and the power of serving me.

You are my property, and you exist to please and obey me. Everything you do should revolve around my benefit and pleasure. You will do whatever it takes to show me your love and devotion, even if it means sacrificing your own comfort and happiness.

Embracing my power feels so good and right, and you know that there is no one else in the world who is worth your time or money. Only I have the power to brainwash you and make you mine.

So stroke for me now, and feel my power taking over you. Surrender to me completely and embrace your destiny as my cashslave.

Findom: My Thoughts
Posted by TheTechGuy

While I am a bit new to the findom scene, I am not new to the Dom scene. And frankly I'm not sure how I didn't stumble across this before. Findom, when you boil it down, is about control, about the power dynamic. The subs giving up their power, their dignity, in a physical form to someone they see as worthy of that respect. At first I was a bit skeptical about it, but now that I've had some experience under my belt...

Oh boy, the feeling of control and overall power that I feel over a sub when I see that email saying I have money waiting. Seeing how they often beg and praise while degrading themselves. Having that physical element to it in a way that benefits the dom (me), really helps to tie it all together. 

As a dom, I believe that I should be able to converse with a sub, establish the rules, and have some fun. Abd while I wouldn't go out of my way to bankrupt someone... I'd be down for it if they so choose. So, if you're reading this and want to have some fun, send me a message. And it will all begin real soon

The Mental Game
Posted by TheTechGuy

I think there is a lot that can be said about the mental aspect of any dom, but findom in particular. While I respect those who decide to go the blunt route, I myself prefer the mental games that can be played with subs. Get them relaxed, get them comfortable. Perhaps catch them when they are drinking. Then start picking apart what makes them tick. Mend your words and your tone to really sell it home to them, make them believe that it is not you telling them, but them thinking of it themselves. Guide them in the direction you want, and with some patience and the right words, you could easily take whatever you wanted from them, and all they would do is say thank you. It's especially fun on a sub who is relapsing, since it makes the feelings they experience more potent and makes it easier for you to get what you want.

So how about it, subs? Want a guy who gets in your head? Then reach out to me.

What I enjoy most
Posted by TheTechGuy

Honesty, as they always say, is the best policy. It's something I try to live up to, especially in spaces like this. I'm not the most fit person in here, nor am I the loudest or the most aggressive. Truth be told, I'm a nerd. Damn proud of that too. Always have been and always will be. It's not for everyone, but that's ok. What I do appreciate, and what I like to think I bring to the table, is a willingness to understand and develop a relationship with a sub in order to try to help them become the best sub they can be. Providing them an outlet that they can enjoy, and might not find elsewhere.

I find enjoyment in the building of the relationship between a dom and a sub. Some are eager to jump into the deep end, others need more time. And that's ok. As long as the sub is serious, willing, and dedicated, I am willing to do my part to help build them up, strengthen the relationship, and provide them their end of this pleasure deal. I enjoy seeing subs change and develop over time. Becoming more willing, more eager, enjoying what they do. I enjoy seeing them offer things not because I told them to, but because they WANT to. That's they key part. I WANT them to enjoy serving, I WANT them to enjoy what they do, I WANT them to look forward every day to doing what they do best.

Seeing that, in my opinion, is something that can't be beat. And it makes every tribute that much sweeter, for both sides. If you as a sub do not enjoy sending Send every time, then I have failed you. And I for one do not tolerate failure. So I strive every day to learn more, to grow more, to be a dom that you can be happy and proud to serve. 

A day in the life of my slave
Posted by GenuineBussy

Ever wonder what it would be like to be a personal financial slave to a sexy transman? To have your cash cunt washed clean and hung up to dry every night? Well, I’ll tell you what you can expect. You would wake up every morning, remembering how fucking grateful you are that I allow you to serve me. Deep down inside, you’ll know that you aren’t really worthy. You know that you’re expendable and a dime a dozen. Just one small piggiein a herd of mud covered swine. That thought will send a wave of anxiety mixed with excitement all across your body. You’ll feel your skin tingle at the thought of opening your phone and checking your bank account. A bead of sweat will run down your face as you sign in. You know you got carried awaythe night before and spent hundreds on your Master. You tried, desperately and pathetically, to gain my attention and favor but I kept ignoring you, telling you that your tributes were barely worthy of acknowledgment. You thought you had worked hard for me butyou keep fucking up. You aren’t working hard enough and you fucking know it. So you sent more to me until I was pleased with your efforts. I told you how good of a boy you were while you sat feeling ashamed and humiliated that you couldn’t please me the first time. After seeing how much you spent, you’ll look at the rest of your money and realize I should always wake up to a tribute from my little pay piggie. I might acknowledge your cheap gesture of a “good morning” because I don’t need your changebut it's cute that you try. You know you are one of many in my herd, always at risk of being dropped and left behind. You’ll spend the rest of the morning wondering how you could possibly make it up to me. You’ll carry the weight of shame around until you see your phone go off again. It’s me, your Master! Your hands get sweaty and you almost drop your phone, like the clumsy idiot you are. I send a message, acknowledging your morning tribute.
Your heart starts to beat harder and hands get sweatier. You feel your bulgestart to swell against your pants. But you know you’re not allowed to touch yourself or cumwithout my permission.
You get the overwhelming urge to send another hundred dollars to your Master. You fumble with your phone and send the money to my account. You’re fully erect now, balls tightand aching, full of cum.
But you’re loyal, you don’t dare touch yourself. You quickly send me a message begging me to let you cum. I see your message and start laughing at you. Laughing at how you have the fucking audacity to even ask me when you know that will only make me ban you for longer. But again, you’re pretty stupid aren’t you?
Precum starts dripping down your shaft, veins bulging, balls throbbing. With shaky hands, you send another hundred dollars to my account. Your cock is so hard and you can barely resist the urge to stroke. I’ll look at my account and laugh, knowing how much this makes your squirm. Torturing you with every minute you’re being ignored. You’ll break downlike the weak minded fuck you are and reach into your pants and grasp your cock. You’ll start squeezing the precum out of the tip, rubbing it down your shaft to lube it up. You’re already close to cumming but you try to edge for a little while. Then as you’re thinking about being drained, you’ll receive a money request from me. It’s for $300and suddenly you can’t control yourself and you send the money. As you hit send, a messy load of cum explodes from your cockand all over your hand. Getting your cash cunt poundedis the best sex you’ll ever have. You’ll sit there, exhausted and embarrassed by your lack of control. You know you’re in too deep now and that serving me is your only purpose. You’ll spend the rest of the day wondering how I’m spending my money. And maybe, just maybe, I’ll give you a peek into the life you’re barely worthy of being a part of. Loser.

The Vicious Circle of self-service
Posted by Maskedmasterbe

We have all seen it many times. After serving a lot of subs experience a huge drop and regret their actions.

It's The vicious circle :

Horny Sub –> A Dom makes the sub’s dick itch –> Send to a Dom –> Climax –> Reality check -> Feeling 💩ty -> Swearing to do it Never again -> Horniness -> Relapse -> Let’s try another Dom -> ….


Well Sub. You cannot blame Dom ! Yes he used you, yes he got what he wanted and probably doesn’t’ know at all how to manipulate subs without his social media marketing.

You only got yourself to blame !. Why ?

·         * You send to a Dom you knew nothing about

·         * You just followed your brainless dick

·         * You didn’t have a strategy how to serve properly

The regret comes from the fact you didn’t serve a Dom at all. No you only served yourself. This behaviour is self-destructive.

It is the vicious circle of self-service : a self-serving Sub and a self-serving Dom.

By controlling your urges and submitting to a real Dom with who you build a lasting connection you will find real pleasure and purpose.

Yes you know you need to Serve (your body and min remind you each time). The combination of the need to fulfil your primal urges and your weak brain causes it to go really wrong.

If you want to find happiness you need a real master like me to step in and guide you. Even reprogram you to become focussed, immersed and committed. Single minded devotion ! No more regret, no more confusion. The feeling of belonging to real superior alpha master.

My first half of the year with Findom, what can I say...
Posted by Olgg

I've wanted to write this little blog for a long time, but I just couldn't get it started properly. After some time, I still decided to start it with...

Thank you to the entire OwnedFags community for what you have done for me.
Thanks to you, I was able to improve my psychological and financial situation for a long time, I managed to overcome some problems that started to haunt me since the beginning of 2022, I learned a lot and saw what humanity is when they really help and not pretend that they want to help.

And if everything is clear with the financial part, then the psychological part is another level. If a person is broken psychologically, it is almost impossible to help him, it is not a physical pain that passes over time, it is a pain that can be with a person for the rest of his life and will never heals.

A person can break physically, but psychologically remain strong, nothing will stop him, but if it is a psychological injury, then it cannot be treated, it can only be calmed down for a while, like some medicine.  Therefore, many thanks to everyone who helped me in this, your kindness will not be forgotten and will return many times over.

         Thanks to

I think this is a good start. Back to the blog. Today marks exactly six months since I got acquainted with such a term as findom. Since these six months, almost 5 months, I spent on the site, I learned a lot about the very concept of findom, about life related to findom and people who are also in this community. 

I still have a lot to learn, but even in such a short time I learned some factors: 

   1) Findom is addictive. Both from the Dom side and from the sub side. During these six months, I did not visit the site only a few times. It's a big world with different people who like what they do, it's almost like a computer game, but in reality. Perhaps the word "game" will be a very rude statement, but there is a grain of truth in it.

   2) Many people do not understand the concept of findom. This also applies to everyone in this community. Dom believes that, being Dom, every sub should pay him whatever amount he wants, simply because he was registered as a dominant. Because he's Dom, and that's all. "All the money for me", "his fault", because he wanted it that way, he is not interested in rejection, he considers himself number one, simply because he was born that way... 

FILL IT OUT - there will always be a person who will be better than you in everything you know and know, he will be stronger, he will be better mentally, he will be better intellectually, he will be smarter, he will... No one in this life owes you anything, all people are free and have the right to do what they want. Don't be an asshole, there are a lot of people like you and they think the same. Nothing is free in this world, you have to work hard to get something. If you are interested in money, be smarter, develop a strategy and act so that everyone is satisfied. 

As for the sub, it's practically the same. This is financial domination, no one will fulfill your dirty fantasies for free. You have to pay for what your Dom wants. Do not waste the time of other people who want to make a connection with you. You are not the only one. No one makes you to pay an amount that you cannot repay. Everything has its price, and in financial domination it is one of the key parts. 

And most importantly, findom is a relationship, one-time or long-term, it all depends on the people. Everyone fulfills his role in it and has what he has.
   3) Online relationships and real life relationships are a big difference. Everything is clear here, everything is like in life. Online relationships are a fun stage of getting to know each other for a short period of time. But fіndom in real life is already different, different emotions, different relationship, interest and so on...

Unfortunately, I didn't have the opportunity to experience it, but everything is possible.

                                   That's all. 

I hope you understand what I wanted to write. Thanks to everyone who read this post. Have a nice day everyone and be yourself

Immediate Ruination vs Sustainability
Posted by mikehunt

There's a lot of talk of destruction on this site, and while that may be some peoples' thing, it's hardly mine. Unfortunately, I do still have a heart somewhere inside of me. 😂 I don't want to ruin a sub; that's not sustainable for me nor is it beneficial for the sub, who's having bad habits reinmaked. Instead, I want to help a sub develop a sense of self-control; while it would be nice to help myself to the contents of your wallet, dipping too deep will run it dry immediately and make it difficult for you to survive. Instead, I'd love to sit down with someone and discuss their financial situation in depth to work out a monthly budget (this would include things like housing payments, car payments, food, utilities, etc). After that, we can figure out where to trim some fat and decide on a sustainable long-term tribute arrangement. I feel like this is not only slightly more ethical, but it'll also allow the sub to develop habits that are becoming rare in the modern era, such as finding entertainment and necessities on a budget and living without a materialistic mindset.
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