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55 years old, Dom, Homoflexible
United States United States, Florida, Fort Lauderdale
Joined Nov 7 '22

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Findom, Cam Use, Humiliation, Ownership, Chat, Friendship, Whatever
Findom, Humiliation, Feet, Piss, Muscles, CBT, Edging
About Me
I discovered my sway over men the way most endowed boys do: standing at a urinal. It was in a restroom located in the basement of an old department store. The cafeteria was also located on that level and I had come to get my lunch while on school vacation. An older man looked over, whistled under his breath and I heard him mutter "Jesus Christ!" I knew I was big but had not yet discovered just how big in comparison to other men, nor had I learned the power I had between my legs. But I was about to learn. The gentleman followed me into the cafeteria, practically breathing down my neck all the way through the serving line. At the end of the line, he bellowed out to the cashier, "I will take care of the boy's lunch!" It didn't even have a name then, but a true FinDom was born that day.
What I want
I deserve your attention, humility, and respect for the life I've led and the hard knocks I've taken on your behalf. You may contact me directly with the proper attitude. Unless you like or comment on a photo, I have no other way of determining your interest in me, and I have no intention of flooding all the subs on the site with requests or demands for attention. I get plenty of attention in my day to day life, and I am only here for the specific adulation that a finsub will provide. Do yourself a favor, especially if you think a Dad type with a younger man's body and mind is your ideal Master. Older subs will appreciate the experience of years in the life, and younger subs may find that this Master can empathize in a real way. I know your pain. I've felt your pain. You are a faggot to all, disgusting excrement to some, but Master glows and understands. Come toward the light, lowlife. The heat feels good while it lasts, and you know how to turn it on.
What experience do you have?
I don't carry cash or credit cards when I go out to play. I wear a tight T shirt, and many shopping excursions have started with a free drink. It's an art form in and of itself. You coax your mark to another bar and pass the upscale shops on the way. "Let's stop in here for a bit. I saw a shirt I want to try on." And you see that look in his eye when he realizes he gets to accompany you to the fitting room and watch you take off your shirt. You chat him up, allow him to relish the moment. A fucking rush like no other. One more pig has been led to the cash register.

5' 10" / 178cm
165lb / 75kg
Foot size
9.5 UK / Β 44 EU / Β 10.5 US
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