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26 years old, Dom, Bisexual
Brazil Brazil, PR, FOZ DO IGUACU
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Type of meets
Real-Time, On-Line
Here for
Findom, Cam Use, Physical Use, Humiliation, Ownership, Teamviewer, Chat, Friendship, Whatever
Findom, Humiliation, Feet, Piss, Leather, Boots, Bondage, Suits, Uniforms, Fisting, CBT, Dungeon Play, Edging
About Me
I'm a 6'2,8" and 26 years old civil engineer working with transport management and operational traffic control, so that says a lot about what kind of Dom i like to be, I love having control over subs and tell them what to do, in my sessions i'm very bossy.
I like using Teamviewer and Anydesk as well for more ways to control, manipulate and own subs.
I'm a Dom since I am 19, now I have 7 years of experience in bdsm, and always enjoy dominating older subs and faggots.
Apart from control, I'm quite sadistic, I enjoy spanking, c*****g, cbt, and more, I like h*********n too, I am a completely different Dom for each sub I interact with, I don't treat everyone the same way, I prefer to know the Sub's weaknesses, and put pressure on those points, I like manipulation and mental control as well
What I want
Ownership of a masochistic sub for the most part, who likes obeying superior men and do what is order to them, who enjoys feeling pain and h*********n, and the pride of servitude, who wants to be trained and be a better sub. Own a sub who understand that he belongs to me, his body, mind and wallet, a sub who would be devoted to me and my needs, who doesn't want to disappoint me, who would serve me and do as I say.
I'll respect you and treat as a sub/slave in the way you deserve, but you need to meet my expectations.
You can trust me, and talk to me of your stuff, you can show me how vulnerable you are. I'm sadistic, but I also do aftercare.
If you're interested in, hit me up, let me know, we can talk.
What experience do you have?
7 years of experience.
I have a lot of experiene with spanking and slapping, bondage, cbt and breath control (and chocking). I have some experience with fisting, feederism, public play and pup play.
I also have a lot of experience with humiliaton, mind control and manipulation, watersports and cuckolding.
I often enjoy using Teamviewer and anydesk for further interactions and control and ownership measures.
I own a married sub for 6 years till this day.
Since he move to another country with his husband, we do online sessions, mostly focused in control, manipulation and wallet drain.

6' 2.8" / 190cm
> 275lb / 125kg
Foot size
9.5 UK /  44 EU /  10.5 US
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