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🕝 Last online May 23

35 years old, Dom, Gay
United States United States, New York, Rochester, NY
Joined Oct 2 '21

🏷 master findom piss cashmaster bondage ownership role play chat cum fist mutual respect long-term exploration versitle


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Type of meets
Real-Time, On-Line
Here for
Findom, Cam Use, Physical Use, Humiliation, Ownership, Teamviewer, Chat, Friendship, Whatever
Findom, Humiliation, Piss, Muscles, Leather, Boots, Bondage, Uniforms, Smoking, Fisting, Sounding, CBT, Dungeon Play, Edging, Rubber
About Me
Twisted-minded , a bit wild in the bedroom, but hopeless romantic pig at heart, and damn proud of it. Don't write me off for the smile on my face or assume I’m all innocent or sensitive. Love mutual respect for both inclusive of boundaries or terms discussed, but totally get off and so much pleasure from being genuinely served and the voluntary sacrifice of a sub for me. I am a big proponent of mutual respect but also get off on humiliating and using a fag. Be authentic and genuine. I can still humiliate and d*****e if that’s your thing and enjoy, but still have respect for each other. Mutual pleasure and enjoyment is key, but my happiness and pleasure is most important.

I do currently work a full-time job so please be respectful of that. I love building relationships and nurturing connections, like the one between a dom and his subs. i know I may not be everyone's flavor or the stereotype of a cash master, but I own who I am and know what I want. I do me and you do you. Let's connect and see where things go and develop a bond.
What I want
Someone who will be obedient, respectful, and patient with me as I grow as a dom and serve me as I am. I know I don't fit the cookie-cutter findom alpha look, but I enjoy the unexpected and my subs should too. Love kinky hand horny subs as I am extremely myself. Love getting my needs satisfied no matter what. I want someone that is going to enjoy bringing me pleasure and sacrifice for my happiness. My pleasure should be what makes you satisfied. and yes, my needs and desires come first. That said, there is a respectful way to do it on both sides and still d*****e and humiliate should I see fit.. I always believe we have room to grow even as doms and subs and looking to develop more into a great dom.
What experience do you have?
Have done much in-person and have spent some time as a sub myself so I know what it's like. I think it definitely helps to see the perspective from both sides to know what really turns you on and what you want as well as know how to respect each other. Looking to grow as a cash master and dom and am open to mentorship and feedback.

5' 6.9" / 170cm
165lb / 75kg
Foot size
8.5 UK / 43 EU /  9.5 US
Eye colour

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