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38 years old, Master, Gay
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About Me
Update: been here a few months now and enjoying the subs here. Some very good boys - you know who are you - and now actively looking to own some of you. Get in touch and let's take it from there.

Now that lockdown is easing, looking for those foot wroshippers out there for real time. Once international travel begins, you can pay for me to visit your city.

I'm an experienced dom, now looking for the omegas who want to worship me, my sweaty feet and socks and dirty underwear. All available to purchase so you can enjoy that master smell. Nothing better than marking a sub with your scent and seeing how wild it drives him. My feet love all the attention you can get, so subs that know how to look after a master's feet will get priority. Always looking for a piss pig - really turns me on when there's an eager sub begging for my golden nectar.

I have a collection of ass toys that I love to use. I cannot stress how much I love seeing a gaping hole that just longs to be filled.

Old school when it comes to protocol - be polite and don't forget to use 'Sir' when you address me. Show that you respect me and my time for reading your messages.

Love a good filthy chat, and of course, love to see those tips coming in.
What I want
The mind is where the best play happens. I love hearing about subs' needs to serve, to worship and to be controlled. I want to hear how your crave my feet in your face. I want to take you deeper in your submission, and yes, that means I'm looking to make you into my slave.

I value obedience and humillity in a sub. That doesn't mean you have to be pathetic, but you should understand the dynamic and your role in it. The words that turn me on the most are "yes, Sir". Trust me to know what's good for you in moulding you into the better sub. As I've read elsewhere and agree with, subs and slaves are valuable possessions - they serve a purpose and are not to be broken for the sake of it. They're be used for our mutual benefit. Any proper gimps out there? Looking for one to add to my collection.

I have a wide taste in subs - from skinny young boys who need a guiding hand, to helping put older guys in their place. Love seeing the service of chubby, hairy or beary guys. And rugby boys in my experience make some of the best slaves.
What experience do you have?
Years of experience in training boys into subs and helping them grow in their submission to me. I've owned and trained subs over the years and my biggest pride was training a fresh-faced virgin into a rubber loving gimp... before he heading off back to France due to Brexit. I'm not into impact play or anything unsafe. If anything, you'll find it's your mind that I'm playing with. And you'll love it and need more.

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