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Ugly faggot trany part 2

Or a cautionary tail. 

How embarrassing can things get.  In "First sight of ugly trany".  I tell you of a trany that was locked outside a friends house for all to see.  Dressed like a pantomime dame with a bad wig, a tight yellow jumper, pencil skirt, a bum length fake for coat, 6" stiletto shoes.  Add to this the fake boobs with pins on the inside so if they where poked/prodded and fondled, the pins would be painful for the trany.   I know we should all be accepting of goodness knows what now-days but I still giggle to my self when I remember this day.

As it turns out the couple who's flat the trany was outside, the trany and me all have the same interests outside and inside the world of kink.  This man was much older and could be seen as the "Go To Man" for DIY and making things.  In fact the notorious fake pinned boobs where one set of 4 or 5 all different sizes and shapes made from the polyurethane foam that builders use to fill large gaps between pipes and walls.

Each time I went to see this man for something un-kink related after the while he would turn the talk to being kinky.  A really needy and annoying faggot.  The conversation would go along the lines of:  "Now we have made this....... you could get Janet to type up the instructions, you could have her tied to the chair with this."  Then he would pull out a gag with a stick and rubber end.  "You could demand Janet use this to type the documents and not release her until she is finished, but this is not that story.

I was at the trany's house before I needed to go shopping.  "Sir do you need Janet the chauffeur?"  In my head a big sigh.     "Yes that will be nice."   "Change in to the blond wig and small boobs with your chauffeur outfit."  "Sir do you not want Janet with big boobs?"  "No Janet as they don't fit the outfit"  "what about having the handcuffs Sir? and the lockable shoes?"  "Yes lock them on Janet"  Janet disappeared in to the back room and a little later  Janet the chauffeur hobbled out.  You can just see the face-plant.  I have missed out one detail, a home made metal penis/chastity cage under the pencil skirt.  

Unlike a real chauffeur I had to put her in the car which had been modified to allow a chain to go from the penis cage to the dashboard and locked in place.  We would first drive to a quirt protected by trees and thick bushes layby near the shops I wanted to go to.  Before I got out Janet's hands would be handcuffed behind the head rest.  I would then rub Janet's legs moving my hands higher and higher as if she was a woman and my hands were searching for her clit under her skirt.  At this point I had not really considered the sexuality.  Then I got out the car and went to the drivers door as I needed to get my cock sucked.  Opening the door Janet know what I wanted and tried to do her best at giving me a blow job.  When she knew I was getting close he pulled off and asked me to make a mess of her chauffeur uniform but I did not want that so I said OK but suck me for a bit more and I came in her mouth.  At that point I had a ball gag in my hand and before Janet could say any thing else I put the ball gag in and buckled the strap at the back of her head.    I checked  Janet was OK and she nodded her head.  So I closed and locked the car and headed for the shops.    It would be about 40mins before I would get back.

On the way back I see blue light between the trees.  O fuck police, what do I do?  At this distance I could see the light on the roof of the car but I don't think they could see me, I decided to try and play it cool as if I did not know the faggot in the car.  I will never know if that was the right thing as while I was still about 200 yards from the exit of the layby the police car left.   I will also never know why they did not stop me as they passed buy I am glad they did not.  I was trying so hard just to walk as if I was walking home from the shops.  As I reached the layby I checked to see if I was being watched before I walked down behind the trees.  The car was still there, Janet was still there and the ball gag was out her mouth.  I unlocked the car and unlocked Janet.  "What  happened with the police?"  "They saw the car and was going to brake the windows to get me out."  "Managed to spit the gag out and shout"  "Please no I am OK" "I am OK" "My wife will be back soon"  "Its a game"  "Sorry, Please"............. I still don't know why or how Janet persuaded the police to leave.   Now unlocked "are you OK to drive? because I think we should get going"    

The little red devil.

I know many of you have asked for the next part of "Ugly Tranny." and "How I met my first love." OK these will come.   

Many of my blogs hark back to the days when a cold night on the streets of London would not be a problem, but this one comes from a later date when at the fist sign of a grey cloud my joints aches.

Being a lad who was at home with my first computer at 13 I was at the very start of the internet and little did I know that 40(ish) years later I would be having a real time chat including photo's, video and little smiling faces.   In fact for years I has resisted the little smily faces but hay life changes.  

Moving on to 2016 and I had got to grips with this search engine and that search engine and what is now the ubiquitous google.  I am sure I have done some searching I should not have and a few times made sure I was on a public internet service(hot spot).  I take the view that if my IP says I am at Athens Airport then who am I.   Any why the point is I found findom/cashdom during my on going non stop hunt for good porn.    

Finding a chatroom, after doing all the things needed to join the site I started just sitting on the sidelines just reading the way the posts where going.  I noted people kept say (a word) to one of the subs in the room and it appeared the sub was reacting well most of the time.  I noted some of the people said the word and were not getting a reaction at all.  A example that even a self confessed faggot has those it likes, those it does not like and those who just don't do it for them.  

It was as I was reading these messages and sometimes saying the word my self and got a reaction I sent a private messages to the faggot, go a replay.  We connected on skype and started our private chat.  I started to find my self in the finedom world.  I started to note that I was chatting more than what you might call demanding.  Reading "How I met my first love" you will see that this is how it works for me.  My BF and faggots kneel down to me not because I demand it but because it's just the right  thing for them to do.  I find this way people open up to me, some with "secrets" and "triggers" that don't work every time but they do most times.  I like public play abusing a faggot in public and chatrooms but private skype works well and I have a better range of those little smiling faces I said I avoided earlier, some have cute animation.  When chatting with the faggot using "the word" I also found one, a red devil with nashing teeth and the "little red devil" was born.

The little red devil.  Always wants his way but has a note of mischief, naughtiness and fun just like a little imp. He has a personality of his own like my avatar or calling card.  When the faggot see him he knows it's time to play and it's not going to stop until he is payed to go away.  That way the faggot can tell me when he need to stop without telling me.  Sometimes the little devil will go to sleep for a little while, just to wake up again but I always know when enough is enough (maybe)?


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