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When blackmail is not blackmail

I'v been having some play with a fag who is into "blackmail" and I go to thinking today when is blackmail not blackmail.  I have to say true blackmail is not just illegal but also in my book quite wrong.  Can you blackmail someone who wants to be blackmail.  If the person freely gives you information and at the same times states that this is leverage over them then is it blackmail if you threaten to show or send that information to some one else, unless they pay you.  

What if you never threaten any thing.   Think about this.  I have some pictures and some addresses and you know that is I send those pictures to the people at the addresses this may lead to problems.  Say I prove to you I have the photos and the addresses and say nothing else. Say because of your own fear you offer to pay me to keep the photo's hidden.  Have I just blackmailed you?

What if you give me the pics and you give me the right to use them as I will but then you pay me because I might post them some where you don't want people seeing them. If you pay me out of fear is that blackmail (I may still post them if you pay me or not because you gave them to me to own them to do what ever I want with them)?

If I never say "pay me or I'll do......." then can it be blackmail?   

In a suit

I when for a drive today, a cold day. Arriving at one of my favorite spots to park and have a smoke. Usually if I see another car parked I drive on, because I like to come here when I need some alone time.  Today I noted another car parked and a man in a suit standing at the cliff.  I don't know why I stopped but it is unusual to see any one in a suit there.  

So I parked in a way then when he turn round he would see me sitting in the car with the door open enjoying a panatela.   When he turned round I looked straight at him and took a big drag and puffed the smoke towards him.  From where I was parked he could have walked past my car without passing my door but he chose to walk to my door.  I took another puff of my cigcar but he did not turn away so I had a good idea that I was going to have some fun.  As he approached close I could have just given a simple "Hi" but I held up my hand as in a stop sign, closed my fingers and used my first finger to point to the ground.    I know, a bold move but you see I live on a island and know the faces of most of the people around and he is not one of them, so he must be visiting.  As it turned out he is on the island for Xmas and lives in Athens.  

Well he dropped to his knees into the dust (so his not only a desperate fag he's also into having he's suit ruined, O what fun).   I beckoned him to craw to me as he gets close I puff more smoke right at his face and rub my cock though me jeans, he starts to reach up to try get a rub him self. I soft kick his arm away and at the same time shake my head to say no and rub my fingers together in the universal sign for wanting money.  To my surprise he put his hand into his inside his jacket and pulled out his wallet.  With his head bowed he removed 20 euro and tried handing it to me, I rubbed my finders again as to say "MORE".  He offered another 20 and this time I took the 40 euro but as I needed a piss,  instead of allowing him a feel, I stood up unzipped. got my cock out and started pissing all over him, over his smart suit.  All I heard was a "please no" but I had started a good flow and was not going to stop until I finished and then I had a plain that I would wank off all over that suit to help ruin it.  So as the stream came to the end and I started (as any man dose) to shake I turned the shake in to a wank. he reached up to help and I slapped his hand away I'm not having any fag touch me, but I did let the fag stroke my balls as I cum over the suit.   He opened his mouth but the only words I said were "next time if you PAY! MORE!" Then I turned to go, as I got back in my car I herd "Sir please Sir when are you next here"  I just drove off.  

To be or Not to be (a bastard)

So you see a profile and you feel you want to see if the boy/slave/fag will engage with.  Well it may be simple thing if your (a bastard) you just send "get on your knees fag scum and serve ME!".  Then they replay "Yes Sir" That was easy and lets face it, it's easy because that's who you are and that's all good and fine.   But they may not say anything at all or they may replay with something like "do you get much by sending messages like that" and the point is you may have missed out one the best boy/slave/fag there has ever been.  

So as a more flexable and understanding Master you may say something like "I have seen your profile and you look like I could use you serving me."  Then they replay with "Yes Sir" That was easy and lets face it, it's easy because that's who you are and that's all good and fine.  But then.................and you have missed out of the best boy/slave/fag there has ever been.

You see some of us can be both understanding and a bastard depending on the boy/slave/fag and so this is the question; To be or Not to be (A Bastard) and the answer I have is be one or the other but if your a boy/slave/fag understand that just because the hot man you see sends a message in terms that you don't like it may be that all you have to do is replay in the way you do like and he may be the best Master you have ever had.  This is a two way street come on fags step up.  


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