A strong person (found on tumblr) from MasterPete's blog

In many cases, a submissive is just a strong person looking for someone stronger.

We often talk about subs and faggots as weak creatures who are taken and used indiscriminately by powerful Men. 
But actual submission involves incredible amounts of personal strength. The ability to set aside one’s own ego in order to serve even in difficult situations is very difficult, and often requires a lot of training. The peaceable, fulfilling fruits at the end of that journey are satisfying, but the road to get there is arduous and fraught with fear and insecurities. A fag must work hard to face down everything in order to be not only pleasing to Men, but also pleasing to themselves.
This is why I’m always preaching to faggots to have enough self-respect to turn away from abusive Alphas. The strength a faggot shows in order to submit to a Man is worth too much to be treated harshly or with disrespect.
If you gather enough strength to submit to a Man, make sure he is a Man worthy of such worship. A Man who will treasure such a powerful gift of submission!

From: fagsworshipalphas on tumblr.
I'm sad to say I did not come up with this thought but I had to share it with you all.

May 12 '19
Great post, there is so much more pleasure and fulfilment to be gained from serving someone intellectually and emotionally strong who doesn’t need to expose their own insecurities through an unnecessary abusive approach.
May 12 '19
Thanks so much for sharin.
Mar 28
Thank you for sharing this and I'm happy to say that after over 10 years of searching, I finally found the man worthy of such worship, a man who will treasure such a powerful gift of submission and he is MasterMister!
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