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Dom/Sub vs. ownership - sex vs. rationality
Posted by delta

I have noticed that a lot of people think that a Dom/Sub relationship is the same thing as Ownership. I disagree with that, but that's just my personal opinion, which is based on my own experience. I see Dom/Sub as a type of relationship that revolves around sex, and ownership as a mental state. Of course, ownership usually involves sex, but that cannot be the only way to materialize it. Of course, Dom/Sub can turn into something beyond sex, but it grows out of sex and does not necessarily involves other aspects of everyday life. Ownership is a state of mind insofar as it permeates your whole life and reaches the deepest of you. Being owned entails giving in, giving up, and the loss of both will and autonomy. Yet, to own entails the responsibility to set boundaries, govern, and conduct in a wise manner. Ownership is as much about desire and emotion as it is about rationality and common sense. That's why I consider degradation and derogatory approaches as against ownership because you don't destroy what belongs to you. That's irrational. Discipline was created to maintain order, but that order needs to be built upon a minimum rational agreement. So ownership, I believe, works as long as it is fueled by your mind, your heart, and your desire at once. That's why Dom/Sub relationships are meaningless to me because they're more of sexually-driven power relations that are devoid of any solid rationality and prospect. Nothing is more disappointing that someone who approaches you for the first time with a pic of their ass hole in a submissive position. Some people meet and enjoy that and that's totally fine. But don't call that ownership. This is just my opinion. 
Popper u stupid high!!
Posted by GodlyStefano

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First meeting with subhuman: trampling and boot-licking
Posted by NaturalRubber

After our first meeting, I ordered subhuman to write an account from it's point of view.  This is what it wrote:

Sir below details todays experience - let it know if you'd like further elaboration or told differently 

firstly met Sir in the car park - it forgets the exact statement now but Sir immediately gave slave an impression of his superiority when it answered what it thought was a question but it was an actual statement and Sir told slave so. 

beginning walk slave was to walk ahead (there was actually an element of vulnerability at walking in front of Sir that it enjoyed also ) approaching the first muddy dip slave was ordered onto the ground for Sir to use as a doormat/bridge over the muck protecting His Superior Waders from the muck.  It enjoys the fact that it's body and clothing are seen of lesser importance than Sirs Waders - slave being an object to be made use of - its comfort, cleanliness, warmth etc of being no concern to Sir - just its degradation to being an object for Sir to use 

This continued a number of times - sometimes Sir starting to walk over slave on its leg sometimes straight onto back.

Approaching a deeper wetter puddle slave made the mistake of walking over it and bypassing - Sir instructed it to always walk through a puddle when it sees one not to avoid.  This made its feet wet and cold and muddy.  It enjoyed the fact that Sir chose where it was permitted to walk and the fact it didn't have the protection of a suit or waders that Sir had.  Enjoyed fact Sir doesn't care how wet or muddy slaves clothes get just that he enjoyed the humiliation of the slave being exposed filthy and subhuman beneath Himself and His superior waterproof and warm clothing.

There was then a failed attempt for slave to try and give Sir a shoulder high.  Was disappointed it wasn't able to do it and have Sir ride it like an a****l for his pleasure - his waders rubbing their muck off on its clothing as he rode it. 

Approaching a bench Sir was now about to permit it to lick clean his dirty waders.  Ordering slave to check no walkers approaching first (somehow it was glad to check as such public exposure would not be something it would enjoy), it was then ordered to kneel in front of Sirs boots.  It began licking.  Appreciate Sir has told that it's skills were inadequate but if it's any form of defence it struggles here whether to do what it wants to do await orders or how to lick them - if that makes sense.  The boots were indeed very filthy and the muck and debris soon filled its mouth.  It enjoyed it so much - the humiliation of it all - the fact it's an object and it's mouth is seen as nothing but an object for Sir or order to clean his boots.  Partly into this Sir pointed out that it had not paid for the privilege to lick them clean - so it handed over the money to Sir and Him.  It was ordered onto cleaning the soles.  Something most would consider disgusting but something that slave sees itself as being the object for such a job.  Sir ordered it to start using its teeth to get the dirt out of the grooves. Again it's mouth filled even moreso with dirt and it was a struggle to spit it all out.  Slave continued onto the other boot which had much thicker clumped up bits of mud to work off.  Then followed some hand standing from Sir. 

Continuing the walk - we eventually came to much muddier walkways where slave was ordered to lie in the mud to be used as a bridge for Sir and it found itself sinking in the mud and getting cold and wet.  Think Sir enjoyed this moreso as did slave - not that slaves enjoyment is of importance.  This is also i think where Sir asked if it's pain threshold was high which slave thinks it is and then Sir tested this against slaves hands and body and neck.  Pressing harder into slave.  wrong as it sounds it just felt right to have Sirs boots pressing down onto its hands.  

Finding a tree stump Sir climbed on top of it - which was the perfect height for slave to again proceed with bootlicking and for Sir to have a superior vantage point over slave.  Sir said it was a pity there was no manure to stomp in for slave to lick clean off and would slave enjoy that - slave replied that if Sir would enjoy it then slave would as that's what was important.  

Leaving that area we actually came across some horse manure which Sir stomped in but we soon found others in the forest and it thinks the moment passed to torment its cleaning hole further by ordering it to clean such off his soles. 

Getting back to the car park slave waited obediently by Sirs car to be dismissed as Sir changed.  Sir asked slave what it was going to do when it got home and it i advised Sir it would order the items from his list that he had provided it previously.   Sir was m amused by the state of slaves outfit and asked to take a pic which slave conceded to - slave was then dismissed. 

Not sure if this is something of interest to note but getting home and showering etc but it's feet got so dirty the muck was ingrained in its toe nails, it's hands also needed quite a scrub.  Also it kept finding bits of grit in and around it's teeth hours after serving.

Amused slave that it requires such an amount of cleaning and Sir was basically immaculate.  

Hope that it hasn't disappointed in any way with the above story.  It was really an honour to serve you today Sir and it looks forward to improving in the future -  would welcome any tips on how it can better perform and impress Sir

Exploring Boundaries: A Journey into Erotic Domination and Subjug...
Posted by coconutleo

Oh, baby, let me take you on a journey through the explicit encounter I had with my disobedient sub. They couldn't resist testing my limits, and I was more than ready to show them the consequences of their actions.

As I entered the room, the air was thick with anticipation. The sub stood before me, eyes downcast, on their knees, knowing they had crossed a line. My voice dripped with authority as I commanded them to strip, revealing their naked vulnerability.

With a devilish grin, I picked up the paddles, each one promising a different level of intensity. I started with a gentle tap, building the anticipation. Their skin reddened with each strike, but it only fueled my desire for more. I reveled in the power I held over my cumrag, knowing that every flick of my wrist sent waves of pleasure coursing through their body.

But punishment wasn't enough to satiate my hunger. I craved their surrender, their complete obedience. I ordered them to open wide, and with firmness, I gagged them, rendering them unable to speak. Their muffled cries of pleasure only heightened the intensity of the moment, a symphony of desire echoing throughout the room.

In search of new heights, I introduced them to the world of watersports, exploring the taboo nature of urine play. The warm streams cascaded over their body, mingling with their moans of ecstasy. The sensation of being drenched in my golden shower pushed them deeper into subspace, their senses overwhelmed by the unapologetic indulgence in their most forbidden desires.

But we both craved more, a deeper connection, a more intimate union. With meticulous care, I prepared them for the ultimate act of penetration – fisting. Slowly, I stretched their eager opening, inch by inch, until they were fully impaled by my hand. Their body yielded to my touch, the sensation of being completely filled driving them to the brink of ecstasy. It was an act of absolute surrender, a testament to their complete trust in me.

And let's not forget about the intoxicating world of Findom. As their ultimate Dom, I asserted control over their finances, exploiting their submissive desires to serve and please me. They willingly opened their wallets, showering me with monetary tributes and gifts, fulfilling their desire to be financially dominated. The power exchange intensified, as their obedience extended beyond the physical realm and into the realm of their bank accounts.

Together, we danced on the edge of pleasure and pain, exploring the boundaries of our desires, both in the physical and financial realms. The room was filled with the sounds of slaps, moans, and the intoxicating scent of sex, while the allure of Findom added an extra layer of power dynamics to our encounter. It was an encounter that pushed the limits of our connection, leaving us both trembling in the aftermath of such intense pleasure.

Let me know if anyone would like to see the video or take a chat with me ;)

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