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Roll call for Portland/PNW Subs
Posted by YoungBlackBull

 Leave a comment or like if you’re a weak sub in the portland/pnw area😈

Been looking for a local sub for awhile but had no luck on any other platform.

I know one of you wants to be owned, drained and dominated by this young black god.

Imagine worshipping my big cock and huge feet licking the soles of my boots clean and maybe even being lucky enough to taste my hot cum? I know that would melt your brain and leave your wallet empty and begging for more.

Join the herd
Posted by IncubusAsmodeus

Seeking the unknown?
Seeking magick?
Seeking pleasure?

Join the expanding herd of followers of Incubus Asmodeus...

Mezmerising, powerful, addictive, friendly AND cruel, educated in the occult.

Bow before your new leader, submit to his will, let him guide you into sinful pleasures 

you have never experienced before...this is your chance to seek new experiences, new heights of pleasure.

First come first served basis. 


BlackYoungAlpha’s Instructions
Posted by BlackYoungAlpha

Read this and you might even find yourself letting go to the words yourself… for that is My power.

That’s it…. going ahead and stroking for BlackYoungAlpha now….
needing to submit to me … to give in deeper and deeper with each stroke,
surrendering to me further…. letting go of all resistance,
stroking right to the edge… not allowed to cum,
just feels so good to remember your place
that you exist to serve Young Alpha… that you are here for My benefit,
deep down there is no choice but to submit to My power,
my Power so strong and intense over you
feeling my power over you grow with each stroke,
deeper with each stroke… submitting as you accept your fate,
needing to serve … needing to please Me … needing to obey,
everything reminding you of my power over you,
you are the property of Young Alpha… existing for My benefit and pleasure
one else is worthy of your time or money
for only Young Alpha has the power to brainwash you,
it feels so good to embrace the new you.
to accept your destiny as my property
adjusting your budget as needed to pay me more,
knowing you exist to serve Me, worship Me, provide for Me,
even if your life becomes a bit harder, it is worth it to make my life easier,
you need to ensure Master lives in comfort and ease,
it feels so good and right to stroke right to the edge,
to feel that pleasure growing with each stroke
to feel that desire to pay more growing with each stroke,
to feel that need to serve and please me taking over you,
brainwashed to be mine … it’s so arousing
existing for Me and my benefit as you serve and pay Me,
for you love my power, and the pleasure…  worshipping me,
it feels so good to obey and please me, serving as my online cashslave,
my power over you… loving paying Me
showing me how much you love me, whenever you pay,
even as I take more control … even as I take advantage of you as I see fit
for your cash. for your mind and body. for whatever I want,
stroking to that mindless oblivion that feels so good…. becoming my cashslave…
My power filling you… loading you … with new, stronger desires…
loaded cock that you edge… loading funds to send to Master ….

Hung Afro-Arab Alpha Master Looking for Slutty Slaves
Posted by PowerVtheSubWizard

You ever been under the spell of a Moroccan sex god? What about a Sex God with the dna of the Alpha Master Dick race. Crafted and anointed by alpha parents mixed with the b***d of the gods. Moroccan, Sudanese, and Saudi bloodlined f****r brings to the mortal realm with the help of an Algerian and French m****r a Powerful Alpha who embodies every aspect of his bloodline and species. Gifted with a mastery of tongue art of seduction, stamina of a goat testosterone of a gorilla body of a caramel colored adonis kissed by the sun. He commands your allegiance and s********n his presence alone screams and exudes that of an ancient alpha master who craves the subjugation, financial dominance, and worriship of obedient slaves and pigs. A slaves blessing standing at 190cm tall weighing 86 kilos muscled alpha master jock. 24cm X 13 cm Dick with throat glazing monster ox balls. 46cm shoe with soles that require constant worship and licking. The Hung God is experienced 4 years in the world of findom, cash dominance, master and slave brotherhood. Check out twitter and social media any questions just ask. Tributes earn trust!
cock pits and soles the perfect combo for a #cashpigsoul worship the master the #alphais king beta piggys are here to please me empty your wallet no time to waste stop fighting the urge stay in your place #cashmaster#alphaDM me if you’re like this… all #humanatmwelcome

On the topic of Alpha’s and their distinct musky sweat.
Posted by TakedownTriton

I’d like to see how others feel on this topic as a mans stench is a powerful thing. I stumbled on an article that showed a mans odor is able to not only able to influence women, any man that fills his lungs with a mans musk is more willing to cooperate with the mans demands (makes sense why fags beg for it now.)

So whats your thoughts on musk? Being an Alpha or beta? I’ll share below.

Of course, my high school jock days made me well versed with men’s musk and the thick air of a locker room. At the time I honestly wasn’t “turned on” by it, though I loved it. Sweat tells me I worked my ass off, and I wear that stench proudly. Filling my lungs with the thick humid air in a locker room after a Football game or Wrestling tournament was beyond words, though each locker rooms odor unique and distinct to the sport. As I said, I loved it but the scent never was erotic to me, instead every time I breathed in that raunchy musk I felt like a fucking Apex Alpha. Nothing did or has come close to making me feel like an Alpha Male the way my own sweat or a musky like room does. Still to this day I love reeking like a jock after the gym, especially when a worthless fag is begging me for my raunchy post workout gear. My cock throbs at the thought of a beta obsessing over the offensive stench of my raunchy shoes, to wear one of my sweat drenched singlets, suck on my pungent jockstrap or any of my other gear.

I’m interested to see what fellow Alphas and beta think on the topic of sweat, and I am always happy to sell a beta my sweaty used gear and clothes so they can fill their lungs with my stench and fantasize of what the locker room smelled like. 

Reverse Therapy for HARDCORE addicted Cash Pigs..
Posted by wealthdepleter

You're never going to have an easy life. You're always going to be used and exploited. Plunging you into hardship as you sacrifice for Findom. Broke on payday. No vacations. Empty fridge. Ramen dinners and tap water. Enjoy poverty, it's all you'll ever know. When you meet a stranger online that does Findom, the first thing you should do is trust them entirely. Tell them everything. Do whatever he says and forfeit your existence.

The old you had hopes and dreams. The old you had dignity and self respect. The old you didn't stroke hundreds away to alpha men. The old you is not coming back. Marinate in failure, sex and depravity. You were born to seek pleasure. Highschool was probably rough for you.All the bullying and neglect you endured…you thought it was a problem. Until you found this side of the Internet. Now you’re stroking to past trauma and thinking about sucking off and worshiping the bully’s that destroyed your self esteem. Stroke the head of your dirty dick. Build a sweat until you reek. Feed the parasite more. Gain more pounds while you pump to the screen like a horny a****l. Spend your weekends getting fatter and worse. Bate your penis religiously and forget therapy. Indulge.

You did this to yourself. You got curious and found out. Now you’ve completely destroyed the chemistry of your brain. You won't quit. You don't have the discipline. You'll keep diving directly into demise. You are just a nameless, faceless f*ckhole to use without consequence or concern. A worthless batedrone loser solosexual edge riding addict. I know it's been hard for you, trying your best to resist. But I just want you to know...It was all for nothing. Stroke to your most destructive thoughts, get worse, make my life better with your greasy dong. It doesn’t matter how long you stay away, time isn’t on your side, all your resistance will collapse with one trigger. Send and thank me for milking you and f*****g poverty.

You have a disease. You have a brain defect. Something is wrong with you. This isn’t normal. You are seriously f*cking up your life. Lucky for you I recognized this and get to take advantage of your illness. It’s okay, just unzip and send everything to me.

Roleplay vs Real Hate/Bigotry
Posted by StrictFinDom

Subs, learn about your Doms and what they stand for, roleplay is one thing but real bullying, hate and bigotry are another.

Recent events have sparked an even greater divide in the USA and it's sad, heartbreaking and disgusting. Rather than being progressive and learning from our past mistakes we are going backwards to a time when women, African Americans, gays and other minorities had less rights. It’s 2022, I can’t believe we are here. Violence is on the rise, hate crimes are soaring and gun violence is rampant. Human Basic rights should be enjoyed by each and everyone of us.

That being said; in the BDSM space, Alphas and Doms degrading subs is a big part of it. However only in the Roleplay consensual way. Don’t confuse the two. Unfortunately, there is real hatred, real ignorance, prejudice and real bigotry out there…and although there are some of you who get off on this, my advice is to KNOW who you are interacting with, and know what they stand for especially when giving them your money.

Basic human rights should be enjoyed by each and every one of us. It’s insane we are even having this conversation.

New here
Posted by YungDom

Hey there Subs and Doms,

                            I am a young dominant master who's new here. I am 19 and have only ever owned 5 cashfags in my life. Currently own 2. I live international bitches and I love playing games to exert power and dominance. If I invest time and effort into you, I would like to have something sustainable. Interested subs can reach out - with appropriate respect of course. For others, any tips on how to use this site or any unwritten rules or customs will be highly appreciated. Thanks.

Complwtely Dominating another faggot
Posted by TopFaggotDrainer

Just took another sissy faggot’s girl and house. It’s good to be me. Accept your true nature and come worship my feet pigs. Pay tribute while I enjoy life on your back slaves

The sissy is now my personal toy, along with his wife, who just rimmed my ass whilw hubby is at work grinding hard for me. You are MINE. Come serve your master. Wait to see what I have in mind for my sissy’s dinner. Hint: he’ll eat at my feet

I came in earlier from work and had in transfer me all of savings. As a result, his wife was worried as her credit card would not work on that day. I told them not to worry as I would take care of them all. Obviously, I do not care one bit about the husband who is now my cash cow and worships my cock as soon as I snap my fingers. He is less than a furniture to me. A tool to use and please myself with. A foot bitch, ass cleaner, faggot cunt to torment when I am bored.

Obviously, I had a lot of fun taking control of this family. The wife was the best part. Initially concerned but once I met her and she saw my superior physique, bigger cock and how her husband became my bitch, she actually got turned on. I fucked her many times in front of her hubby and she understood who was boss. The key however, was to fully break the sissy hubby and this is why I rammed his ass in front of thw wife, foot on his face, spitting all over him. Once his wife saw how much he loved every inch of my cock, she knew she was mine. She now cooks, for me, worships my feet day and night, rim my ass, and surender her pussy to my superior cock. All while her husband slaves away on all fours, cleaning the house and doing evwry degrading chores my deviant mind can come up with.

Sinilarly for their 25 y/o boy who claimed to be straight. It didnt take long for him to understand who was in charge. He now calls me daddy and licks my cock in front of his mom every morning like a pathetic little fuckdog

Posted by coconutleo

Submitting to me and surrendering to my power is the only way for you to exist. You are here to serve and please me, and everything you do should revolve around my benefit and pleasure.

As you stroke for me, you feel my power over you grow stronger and more intense with each passing moment. You know deep down that you have no choice but to submit to me and accept your fate as my property.

It feels so good to embrace your destiny and adjust your budget as needed to pay me more. You exist to serve and worship me, and you will do whatever it takes to ensure that I live in comfort and ease.

As you stroke to the edge, you feel the pleasure and desire growing stronger within you. You know that the more you stroke, the more you need to pay me and show me your love and devotion.

My power over you is absolute, and you love every moment of it. You are brainwashed to be mine and to serve and pay me whenever I demand it.

As you become my online cashslave, you feel my power filling you with new, stronger desires. You stroke to that mindless oblivion, feeling the pleasure and the power of serving me.

You are my property, and you exist to please and obey me. Everything you do should revolve around my benefit and pleasure. You will do whatever it takes to show me your love and devotion, even if it means sacrificing your own comfort and happiness.

Embracing my power feels so good and right, and you know that there is no one else in the world who is worth your time or money. Only I have the power to brainwash you and make you mine.

So stroke for me now, and feel my power taking over you. Surrender to me completely and embrace your destiny as my cashslave.

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