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MASTER DIESEL Introduction

The weather is dull, my house has never been so clean or organised and another Monday in Lockdown, so I thought I would be productive and do an introduction to myself on Owned Fags. So, let’s start how would I describe myself in a few words? Well an Old Guard Leather Master, Dominant, strict but fair, Confident in knowing who I am and what I want and expect in every aspect of MY life. I have always been into wearing leather from being a teenager. Financial Domination started for me at school being in a gang of lads picking out the weak loners and cornering them and emptying their pockets and enjoying spending their money at the corner shop. I have always worked and have a long successful career, so be clear findom is not about making quick cash or easy money! I have been draining and using fags for over 20 years. I enjoy the control, obedience and getting inside fags and slaves heads and getting them onto the path of service to work hard, to earn good money, to then hand it over to ME, giving them satisfaction, fulfilment and purpose to want to do it all over again knowing you are pleasing ME. Getting that cash large or small is as horny as fuck to me watching the figure going up and spending MY money on what I want when I want.

As part of this domination is a huge part of this for me, Boot worship soles treads, heal shaft the whole boot fags, Leather worship, Oral pleasure ready for a deep throat fucking love to hear a fag gagging on my pierced thick cock, Ash use fags with open mouths ready to take my thick hot ash is not a choice is a requirement if any fags are near me while smoking MY gars, smoke abuse nothing better than seeing a fag in my gas mask in tight bondage, fuelling the fags lungs with MY thick heavy gar smoke from MY 8x80 Asylums through the gas mask tube, strict Corporal Punishment for MY pleasure not just when a fag disobeys or disrespectful, Domestic service why should I clean MY house when I can get a fag to do such mundane tasks in life. Poppering a fag slave up makes them weaker to be used and drained for MY gain and pleasure.

So, Fags PM me or approach me in the chat room and let’s show you your rightful place in life.


Financial Master Programming Wank Machines.
Posted by wealthdepleter

How many times have you felt a shower of regret in post nut clarity and told yourself never again? It's a shame that no one has ever successfully quit findom. The damage is irreversible. Let the tingle turn into a throbbing ache in your gooey pindick. Present yourself for the slaughter.

You send within budget, then are pushed beyond your self imposed limit, you think to yourself "shit, this is ruining me, I will quit now". Realizing you get off on being ruined, you hate yourself more, you stroke, you forget and repeat the cycle. My cold, cruel words soothe your aching defective limp fuckpole. Dribbling nutgunk out of your second brain while I end your sex life and cement your fate. Your best orgasms don't come cheap anymore. No life. Lonely. Addict loser locked away, pumping away financial stability. Edging closer to losing all free will. A mindless cash dispenser oozing out cash. Brainwashed and seduced into losing your life to Findom. Wrap your fingers around your pathetic cock and sign over your life to me with every pump. Every ounce of self-control has slowly been drained away in all that beta goo your maggot has been oozing out. You tried your best to fight it. You lost. Fall in love with ruining yourself. It won't be long before regret turns into arousal. Then there's no escape. The closer you get to succeeding the more you want to fuck yourself over. It makes me so happy to know that I'm causing permanent damage to your sorry lives. 

I'm not here to build relationships with the dregs of society. Only to stomp on your finances and throw you away. I promise to forget all about your existence after I'm done leaving long-lasting, irreversible effects on your sorry life. Some masters like to encourage their subs to better themselves but I'm not so deluded. I know you'll never amount to anything. Can you blame me when all these pathetic failures throw themselves in front of me and beg for torture and misery?

What Makes an Alpha?
Posted by TBMaster

I got to thinking about this question the other night. So many guys around the scene dubbing themselves as Alphas, but what does that really mean? What *truly* makes some people Alphas and others betas/omegas? 

My 2 cents: Alpha is an energy. A way of being. An undeniable power that can’t be learned. An innate ability to make subordinates approach with an equal mix of fear and respect without having to say a word (or stick up a middle finger for that matter). A quiet confidence that lures inferiors no matter how much they want to resist. 

Having muscles doesn’t make you an Alpha, it makes you muscular. 

Having a huge cock doesn’t make you an Alpha, it makes you hung. 

Berating subs with insults and degradation without consent doesn’t make you an Alpha, it makes you a bully. 

I’ve used & owned faggots with muscular, Greek godlike physiques and faggots with dicks bigger than any self-proclaimed Alpha I’ve ever seen, and they kneel at My feet and worship Me because they know its where they belong & what I deserve. 

Sound off in the comments if you wanna share your thoughts. 

The Findom Essence
Posted by Levi

Findom is an exercise in Manipulation. One might find despair in crossing his paths with "doms" who try to get the quick cash. The "give me 20€ faggot" status quo. It becomes overwhelming, to realize you are living a reality where no one seems to drag you to that state where you long to be. Being taken by a sense of impotence. Of fragility. Of utter dominance and submission. Where, finally, you can find some inner peace. Some weird, fucked up, twisted, painful peace.

But, yet it still is the closest to a freedom you can find yourself. It's what you know. It's the place where you feel at ease. Having a man. A real man. A man that you look up to, a man that you admire and, to some extent, fear, being part of your existence. Telling you what to do.

Being an image that you worship while, at the same time, you know he is there for you. Even though you don't even dare to demand anything. You just watch. And accept. And embrace his will. You know you are simply part of a higher plan. You've come to this world to serve him.

And, with that, you finally find your state of bliss.

Don't fool yourself. To cross your path with someone like that, it is, as a Roman philosopher once said, Seneca, the old, "luck is what happens when preparation and opportunity meets".

You might be ready to be a proper slave. Obedient. Respectful. Always at disposal. But you need chance, opportunity, to strike gold. And, once you do it, once you find that Dom with the perfect mix of manliness, life experiences that made him as rough as nails, brains to mind fuck you to extents you've never found possible before then, stop for a second. Reach him. And make him your Master. It's a scary world out there.

But, by the end of the day, we all deserve to be loved. Even if it is in the creepiest ways one can imagine.

And better to know what turns you on and find someone who can take care of you safely and effectively to the dungeon.

We are all human beings.

Serving/Submitting a flatmate?
Posted by mikym

Good evening Alpha Gods and pathetic fags.

I would like to humbly address one specific scenarios which I have been obsessed with for a while.

Has anyone ever experienced sharing a flat with a dominant Alpha God or a submissive fag (if You're an Alpha)? Did you ever get the chance to come out with them and started serving/submitting them for a period? My former flatmate was obviously an Alpha, extremely arrogant and bossy. But I was too weak to ever come out to Him and offer Him my service. I profoundly regret it. I could've taken over all the chores, cooked for Him, maybe even service His tired Feet at the end of the day. Is this kind of 24/7 scenario actually doable, in your opinion/experience?


piece of shit miky

Roll call for Portland/PNW Subs
Posted by YoungBlackBull

 Leave a comment or like if you’re a weak sub in the portland/pnw area😈

Been looking for a local sub for awhile but had no luck on any other platform.

I know one of you wants to be owned, drained and dominated by this young black god.

Imagine worshipping my big cock and huge feet licking the soles of my boots clean and maybe even being lucky enough to taste my hot cum? I know that would melt your brain and leave your wallet empty and begging for more.

*Day 2*
Posted by sebboi1991

Wow! The messages and support I've received already has been amazing! Thank you in particular to all the alphas who have taken the time to reach out and talk to me about where I'm at and what I'm hoping for - without even expecting anything at this stage! I'm so grateful, I only wish I had discovered this site sooner - I unfortunately never knew that Doms and Alphas were so keen to help me grow into a better cashfag.

I want to write a little bit about why I haven't yet become a fully owned cashfag and why my experience has been so out of sorts. A lot of you have asked, so I thought I'd take the time to really think about it and record it here.

When I started tributing randomly to a local straight man, I didn't even understand why it made me feel so good, let alone that there was a name for it! So when I would give him my cash, I would be feeling so guilty afterwards that I would hide away from him, ignoring messages and denying the whole thing to myself. This continued for a long time and with different men. On top of that, I feel like I was tributing to a bunch of men who had no interest in me or who I could be for them as a cashfag. They just wanted a quick buck and to get out of there. This repeated process would make me feel less and less inclined to serve regularly.

I now feel like I have more of an understanding of how awesome the relationship could be. How a real alpha could help me with my goals, and make me feel amazing every time I tribute him. I don't want to make these too long, so I'll stop here. Message me if you have questions or want me to expand on what I've started here.

Join the herd
Posted by IncubusAsmodeus

Seeking the unknown?
Seeking magick?
Seeking pleasure?

Join the expanding herd of followers of Incubus Asmodeus...

Mezmerising, powerful, addictive, friendly AND cruel, educated in the occult.

Bow before your new leader, submit to his will, let him guide you into sinful pleasures 

you have never experienced before...this is your chance to seek new experiences, new heights of pleasure.

First come first served basis. 


faggydicklet‘s first 24h on OwnedFags
Posted by faggydicklet

Sir, yesterday faggot was again realising it cannot be without living its true nature and that is to admit it is a faggot, was born a faggot, not gay, not anything, just a faggot. thus it googled "Alpha male training faggot", "faggots serving real men" and there was the link to it was very excited when clicking on the link and saw first page and immediately felt this is it. next step for faggot was of course to register, which it did. once registered and logged in, faggot needed to get verified by making a first payment. this was necessary it knew, to show it is serious and would be serving. so it made its first payment. then looked around, made first steps on site, checked some profiles, was looking for chat. all in a very excited mood, nervous cause faggot could feel it is now where it belongs, it is in Alphaland, a fag's paradise, heaven. there it will be taken good care of. it knew it had to watchful as there are also "sharks" swimming around. it got its first messages and amongst these messages was one Master in particular who was different, a true Alpha, a real Man, not pushy but very laid back yet at the same time making it clear where faggot's place is (though faggot knew already :) but there was never a doubt that this Master is not into fooling around and not into wasting precious time. gently Master Zal helped faggot exploring the site. Master Zal allowed faggot to pay for a beer, then a single malt whiskey, then for drinking Master's golden juice, all while talking to faggot like a real man does, never doubting himself, never trying to get faggot's attention, never being pushy, never trying to show off. just by simply being himself, Master Zal digged deeper and deeper into faggot's brain and belly and of course lower, so that faggot sensed the true nature of this Master. genuine, real, perfect.

Master was playing roulette with faggot, faggot was lucky and could tribute. Master started a pillory game, faggot was again lucky that many did react to the game and would so raise the amount faggot was then allowed to tribute, rather it would be taken away from fag automatically, which faggot thought is right, as tips just go where they naturally belong anyway.

faggot was all excited and horny, not touching dicklet, enjoying eagerly and thinking of ways it could possibly serve Master well, prove to Master it is trustworthy. Master started speaking of ownership, faggot got nervous, cause that is a big decision for faggot. more so for Master as he is very demanding, has high standards, and rightly so he couldn't tell yet, still can't if faggot is worthy of being accepted into Master's stable. so faggot is humbly waiting, giving its best to prove Master it is worthy of Master training it, educating it, making it more and more obedient, willing to pursue one thing only and that is to serve Master, be of good use to Master, make Master Zal proud and happy.

last challenge Master had faggot do, and this challenge is still going on, is, faggot is not allowed to serve any Master including Master Zal himself. faggot is forbidden to do what it craves most and that is to serve real men, Alphas, and show respect in a proper way and that is to hand over what was never supposed to be in its hands but hand over knowing that's where it truly and rightly belongs, in Master's hands. there it is of good use and faggot can show it's a good and useful faggot, knowing its place.

faggot is very excited and curious to find out what Master Zal has in mind, how Master will further train and test faggot and of course faggot deeply prays that it will be accepted into Master's stable, yet at the same time faggot is also very nervous should it come to that decision as faggot hopes that it can keep up with Master's standards and expectations. thank you Master for being such a kind Master, using faggot properly, training faggot well, making it beg to serve, making it beg to be accepted, making it more and more under Master's spell. so faggot does not need to think anymore. Master will think for faggot and faggot will finally find guidance, meaning and purpose.

thank you Master.


Formal request from faggydicklet to join Master Zal's stable
Posted by faggydicklet

Sir, Master, 

faggydicklet is very excited as Master finally and generously gave faggot permission to send Master a formal request to join His stable. not so long ago faggot was without direction, lost, without any purpose in life, of no use, until December 25, when through a sign from above, or was it destiny, it found and on there was a Master who was from the beginning on outstanding, different from other Masters, kind, witty, firm, strict, intelligent, eloquent, visionary, a body of a God, a mind of a genious, a Master who knew how a fag's mind works. a fag whisperer, a genuine Alpha.

this Master offered guidance to faggot, so generously, selflessly allowed faggot to send gifts, gave faggot what it craved for most and that is to serve a real Man, a genuine Alpha. this Master gave faggot a perspective, guided it well through the site's features, played some games with faggot so it would learn how the site worked.   faggot could sense how lucky it was, how fortunate, that this Alpha was taking care of it so well, guiding it, starting to teach it manners, giving it a glimpse of why it is important to always be at Master's disposal, to work for His benefits, to make everything possible for His wellbeing, cause He deserves it all. Master gave it validation and that it is ok to be a faggot, cause it was born that way, destined to serve Alphas. 

Master took faggydicklet on probation to check if it can be loyal, honest, disciplined (not easy for a faggot), wouldn't allow it to serve for 24h, which was very hard, but faggy knew it had to give its best, make an extra effort for this gracious Master, cause He wouldn't allow faggot to be sloppy, complacent, let alone whoring around. Master had to punish faggot, and that was a good learning for faggot. faggot is immensely grateful to Master He made it realise and pay, only for its own benefits and that is to learn how to obey, be humble, bow and have only one thing in mind and that is to find ways how to serve Master even better.

the gift faggot gets in return is protection, security, guidance and a Master who helps it to manage its wallet, Master takes what is His anyway, for faggots shouldn't have to deal with tips nor money, that's a real Man's business. so Master kindly takes care of that. what faggot gets in return is purpose, meaning and what it craves for most and that is to be of use and serve, please and make Master happy. faggot's only purpose in life is to make sure Master is well, is happy, is served well.

and now faggot finally got permission to send a formal request to be allowed entrance into the holy faggot's grail and that is Master Zal's stable. Master, faggydicklet hereby formally, humbly requests to be accepted into Master's stable. it is not about faggot, Master doesn't need faggot. but faggot needs Master Zal. for He is perfect, skilled, intelligent, strong, powerful, strict, firm, kind, generous, protective, demanding, helping faggot to grow, to learn, to trust and to more and more live its true nature by challenging it, pushing it, helping it to grow, so faggot can more and more let go, give and hand over control and let Master decide, think for faggot and teach it how to be a perfect faggot, a real sub. Meant to serve, born to serve, happy to serve, for all that is on fag's mind is how to make Master happy, proud and happy. 

Master, it is just a faggot, not in the position to ask for anything, let alone ask such a divine, perfect Master for His permission to be granted entrance into His stable. so faggot is not requesting, not asking permission, no, faggot is begging Master to give it a chance, take this further, and let faggot prove to Master it is worthy of being in Master Zal's stable. it still needs to learn a lot, manners, submission, proper behavior, worthy of being allowed near such an outstanding, extraordinary Master (not sure if it will ever get there). 

faggot will give its best to support its fellow fags in the stable, listen and make them shine. above all, its main aim is to serve Master well, to be allowed to learn from such a perfect Alpha, to give in, hand over, serve. may it be a good faggot, honest, loyal, open, willing to learn, accepting that Master is in control, in charge, accepting that Master knows best, and does best, only for the sake that fag, one day, maybe, can be worthy of serving such a wonderful Master, perfect Master. 

Master, faggot is useless without Master, cannot exist without Master Zal. faggot is a faggot. faggot can be a whore, a slut, faggot is by far perfect. Master is perfect. faggot is weak, Master is strong. faggot is inferior. Master is superior. faggot is lost. Master is not just "a" Master, this Master is Master Zal. And Master Zal is faggot's destiny. May Master help faggot understand what it means to serve, show respect, humility, bow and always find pleasure in putting Master first. 

how proud faggot would be to be able to say: my Master. it is His faggot, His property, He is its owner, protector, mentor, guide, pimp.

Please Master, teach it how to beg properly, teach it how to serve perfectly, teach it how to be a true faggot.   thank you Master Zal   humbly awaiting His answer. accepting and understanding however His decision may be.

humbly yours, for now and ever,   faggydicklet      


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