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In an update to the video system coming soon there is going to be a cap placed on video prices.

Some of the videos uploaded are frankly obscenely priced for the length that they are and as a result no one ever watches them and it's making the entire thing rather pointless.

The cap will be a maximum of 10 Tips per minute. So for example the maximum price for a 3 minute long video will be £3 (30 Tips).

I feel this is a reasonable cap, fair and will encourage more video views.


Masterofall Apr 22 · Comments: 12 · Tags: features, site, videos
- Completely revamped blogs

- Completely revamped groups

- Completely revamped events

- Premium member features

- Various improvements and updates to existing features

Masterofall Apr 18 · Comments: 2 · Tags: features, site, updates
You can now get notified instantly of any new messages, friend requests and Tips straight to your phone by registering for push notifications.

Simply click the red bell down the bottom of the site to subscribe and always stay in touch with events on the site!

(iOS devices are not supported as Apple have not implemented notifications yet for websites)


Masterofall Mar 25 · Comments: 1 · Tags: features, site
Okay since they've been asked for the following things will be coming soon:

- 2 chat rooms, 1 for normal chat, and 1 for service (there will be an option to have both chats displayed in one window if you wish)

- A page dedicated to chat so you have the chat rooms as big as you like

These things should be ready by tomorrow afternoon.

Ready in the next month or so webcams will be back on the site, the following devices will be supported:

Desktop Computers
Google Chrome (latest release version)

Firefox (latest release version)

Opera (latest release version)

Mobile Devices

Google Chrome for Android (latest release version)

Firefox for Android (latest release version)

In short on desktops Safari will not work you'll have to use Chrome, Opera or Firefox on Mac OS, and iOS devices like iPhones and iPads won't work at all - because Apple don't support webRTC yet for some rubbish reason.

Masterofall Feb 4 · Comments: 1 · Tags: chat, features, site, webcams
Lots of complaints flying around the site lately, mostly referring to masters being rude to fags, and not enough actual participation/sharing. My Month of Dom© is supposed to be an effort to combat that, to be involved on the site without necessarily being about the money and to refocus on why we're all here... the master/slave fetish isn't just about paying up. It's about being personable with fags and about fags wanting to get to know a master more. I think if all masters took a page out of my book and we had a chat room where we could forget the CAPSLOCK and the demands, this site would be much more welcoming to the right kind of people. That's my thought anyways... and since I don't think it's gonna happen on its own, I'm gonna do my part. My plan is to leave the site sometime in the next month or so, unless things change. I've got some thinking to do, but in the meantime I'm gonna be genuine and involved and give it a final go. I hope all the guys on here appreciate my posts/pics, and also just get along better. I hate seeing fags get scared off the site, and I hate seeing masters always on here for the wrong reasons. Let's all just get along better.
dommyg93 Feb 1 · Comments: 4 · Tags: friends, site, month of dom
There's now a new mobile friendly main menu.

Nothing exciting but a little bit closer to a fully mobile site.

Masterofall Jan 7 · Comments: 3 · Tags: features, site
So another year down, another year of progress, and what a great year it's been.

The site has changed radically, not just in terms of look but also in the culture.

It hasn't been all good though!

I've had to deal with things such as card fraud, members threatening to kill each other, people making multiple profiles to scam people, personal threats to myself, threats of legal action from other payment providers - to name a few!

We got through it though and there has been a lot of good stuff along the way:

We introduced the content guidelines to make sure that OF only has the highest quality original content out of any other fetish site, we made the site mobile friendly so users can still join in while on the go, we had a massive change to the theme of the site making things more accessible and easier to navigate, we launched the new Syphon game, provided security via SSL, added the slave availability feature, added location search, added bank transfer for Tip withdrawals, added introduction videos and added the shout feature.

Quite a list.

On top of those updates there have also been other various little improvements to make the site more enjoyable.

As of writing this we're also up to 999 verified members, the highest we have ever had.

The site has paid out over £30,000 in Tip payments to Masters - a figure I never expected to reach so quickly, which I think shows just how well we're doing here at creating a site that people enjoy and trust using.

I have big plans for OF in 2016, as well as launching some little side ventures to compliment this place. It's going to be big, it's going to be fun, we're going to get this site out there and draw in the crowds.

Thank you for supporting the site over 2015 and I hope to still see your faces around at the end of next year too.

MoA x

Masterofall Dec 31 '15 · Rate: 5 · Comments: 3 · Tags: features, site, 2015, new year
This is a new game which I have had half finished for a long time and I am going to finish it this weekend and release it.

This is how it works:

Syphon will transfer between 5-10% of a slaves Tips to a random Master every 1 minute.

The slave can select to send to all on-line Masters at that time, or just Masters from their friends list.

Syphon will keep sending the Tips every minute until the slave has none left. If a slave buys more Tips before their Tips are exhausted the game will obviously last longer.

Once all their Tips have been syphoned a news feed post will appear showing how many Tips in total were sent and to which Masters.

Once the game has started THE SLAVE CANNOT STOP the syphoning of Tips. They can only watch helplessly as every minute their Tips decrease.

The idea of Syphon is for the slave to have no control of where the Tips go (similar to Roulette) but this is in a slower way and with a lower percentage of Tips being sent each time - like being pecked slowly by birds :)

What do you guys think?

Masterofall Dec 5 '15 · Rate: 5 · Comments: 14 · Tags: features, site, tips, game, syphon
I'm having a new theme for the site developed.

Do we like the dark colour theme or should we go for something a bit lighter?

Comment below.

Masterofall Nov 12 '15 · Comments: 4 · Tags: site, theme
Well all as promised this site is now fully secure with SSL encryption!!!

That means anything you send or receive from Owned Fags will be safe and secure.

As always I am working hard to bring you the best site possible and making sure you browse securely is one way to do this!

Masterofall Nov 10 '15 · Rate: 5 · Tags: features, site, ssl, security
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