2017 in review: Thank you!
Hi Everyone,

So I decided to do a little blog here and just chat about what's been happening with the site over the last year and to also thank you all for your continued support.

You will have noticed that not a lot of new features were added this year. That was because during the development of certain things I realised that the core of the site was not adaptive enough to hook in with all the new ideas that I had.

When I started this place I really wasn't sure if it wold work out and so I kind of just threw it all together with no real vision or consideration for how it may grow.

This meant that I have spent this last year going back and rebasing a lot of code and making it more adaptive for new things. A lot of this you would not have noticed as it's all background work, but it has taken a lot of time to complete.

No that this is done I can crack on with developing the new things that I had planned, so 2018 should see lots of new an improved features!

Some of these include; a marketplace to buy and sell, community goals, a user dashboard, new menu system, new blog features, new group area, new photos section, better mobile support, site layout redesign more controls and features for stables.

There will no doubt be other improvements and additions too, but those are the main things I want to focus on.

Apart from talking about the technical side of things I also wanted to talk about the community side of things as well.

We have seen more members join this year than any other so far, more content like photos and videos uploaded and more Tips paid out than ever before.

For example:

Tips paid out in 2016: £97,037.23

Tips paid out in 2017: £138,645.74

This is almost a 43% increase!

This place really is becoming such a fantastic community and I cannot thank you all enough for your continued support.

I will continue doing my part to give you all the best possible site in which to have fun and make connections and I hope you continue to enjoy using it.

Thank you all again, and let's continue to have fun together in 2018!

New Feature - RealID

In an effort to help cut down on fake profiles and reassure slaves that they a serving a genuine Master we have introduced a new feature - RealID.

RealID will allow Masters to upload an image and have their identity confirmed by an Admin.

Once this is done their profile will then display a notice saying that their identity has been checked and give peace of mind to any slaves who may wish to serve. If you want to you can also set the picture to be public giving further reassurance to slaves.

If you are a Master and wish to upload your RealID photo you can do so here:


New Feature: Stables
Stables are run by Masters and is a group area for his owned slaves.

When a slave joins a Masters stable the slave will have access to a private area between the Master and all slaves in his stable.

Slaves can post to a private wall and read a personal message left by the Master.

Masters can can do the following with his owned slaves:

- Read their private messages

- See how many Tips they have

- View their Tips log

Masters can also change the name of their stable and write an enticing message to persuade slaves to join.

More will be added soon.

Competition - Create a political party

Not had a competition for a while so I thought it was time for one. 

What with all the political stuff going on lately - Trump, Brexit, Putin etc. I thought it would be fun to have a go at creating our own political parties! 

The competition is as follows:

You must create a political party and outline some key manifesto points. The party who gets the most votes will win. 

To enter you must do the following:

- Name your political party

- Come up with a short slogan that reflects your party

- Create 5 key pledges for your first 100 days in power

- Outline a manifesto with at least 8 party policies to complete while in power

- Clearly describe how your party would benefit Masters/slaves and why people should vote for you

- Policies must be realistic and workable in the real world! 

If anything is missing you will be disqualified. 

Email in all this information to - support@ownedfags.com

With the subject COMPETITION 

I will then collate all the information and post it to the site for people to vote on. 

All entries must be received by midnight GMT Sunday 22nd. 

The winner will get a premium membership for a year, featured for a year and 300 Tips (£30), if you're a slave you can nominate a Master to have these. 

Have fun! 

Site changes
Hi everyone,

So there has not been much happening on the site for the last few months in terms of changes and new things. This is because my personal life has been a bit, hectic, and finding the time to sit down for any period of time and get things done has been a challenge.

Things have calmed down now though and new bits will be coming shortly, as well as major overhauls to existing sections to provide a better experience.

I am also going to start rather large campaigns on social media, mainly Tumblr and Twitter in an effort to attract more members. Since this site was launched pretty much everyone has joined from search engines or word of month and I have spent no money on advertising. My hope is by using social media we can attract large groups of people here.

That's about it for now. I'll keep you updated on more as it happens.


The word filter
Hello everyone,

I wanted to explain how the word filter works here and why we have one.

In short as this is an adult website certain themes are not allowed to be discussed or promoted.

These themes are set by world wide organisations, governmental bodies in various countries and companies that process card payments.

I need to make sure that my site complies with these rules to not get in trouble.

The word filter scans any input entered by a member and finds any banned words, if a suitable replacement can be found then one will be substituted, otherwise a series of stars (*****) will be used.

In cases where the word is found to be in breach of our Terms and Conditions the content (status, private message, blog post etc) is added to a log for me to review later so I can see in what context it was used. For example if it was an innocent mistake or a repeat offender.

Let me make it clear, I do not sit there all day reading statuses and private messages, I do not have the time or inclination to do so, but I will read an individual message from the log if it has contained a filtered word.

I hope this explains clearly why words are filtered and what happens when they are.

Thank you.

Premium features
Hello everyone,

Behind the scenes I have been working on building in some premium features to the site.

Premium features are part of a paid membership which you can purchase for yourself or for another member using Tips or cash.

The basic free membership will remain largely the same but the paid options add in a few nice little extras.

The pricing plan will be as follows:

12 Months @ £35 - £2.92 Month/£0.10 Day (Best value deal)

6 Months @ £25 - £4.17 Month/£0.14 Day

3 Months @ £15 - £5.00 Month/£0.17 Day

I have kept the pricing as competitive as I can and I feel it's pretty reasonable.

For a premium membership you will get:

- View the new members list (instead of buying it separately like it is now)

- See if someone has read or deleted a message you sent

- Get a premium badge on your profile

- See who's viewed your profile (this will become part of the paid membership)

- Get an extra 100 Pantheon/Slave Market points

- Extra search features

Other bits which are top secret for now will also be added in a little later down the line.

I expect this optional membership and these changes to be released by the end of next week.


Video cost cap
In an update to the video system coming soon there is going to be a cap placed on video prices.

Some of the videos uploaded are frankly obscenely priced for the length that they are and as a result no one ever watches them and it's making the entire thing rather pointless.

The cap will be a maximum of 10 Tips per minute. So for example the maximum price for a 3 minute long video will be £3 (30 Tips).

I feel this is a reasonable cap, fair and will encourage more video views.


Stuff I'm working on
- Completely revamped blogs

- Completely revamped groups

- Completely revamped events

- Premium member features

- Various improvements and updates to existing features

Push notifications
You can now get notified instantly of any new messages, friend requests and Tips straight to your phone by registering for push notifications.

Simply click the red bell down the bottom of the site to subscribe and always stay in touch with events on the site!

(iOS devices are not supported as Apple have not implemented notifications yet for websites)


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