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Stable for new slaves
Posted by chubbyvie1

In the last weeks there was often the discussion about why so many slaves leave OF after a short time and​ if slaves join a stable too quickly. 

I have begun to think about this and will write my personal thoughts - how often it could be wrong for other people, but this should be for thinking about and maybe we can have a discussion about diffferent opinions - please feel free to write your thoughts in the comment field.

Most of the slaves want a Master who​ takes care of him, gives his life a meaning, gives him orders to fullfill and set rules - help him to make his and the life of his Master better.  

If a slave joined OF first time - they are new victims for all the slave-hunting Masters there - you have 10-20 Masters who want you to serve him, set you targets with more and more​ gifts or tips -​ a few of them have not even the deceny to write to you first before they set you a target.​ ​ 

Many of the slaves are really overwhelmed by all of this - some don´t know they can say no to a target, some don´t know how to respectfully say they don´t want to serve that Master - some completely loose control of all of this.  

Many of the slaves are burnt out within a short time and leave OF for this reason - others seek the protection of a Master and join his stable.​ ​ ​ 

Most new slaves dont know what it really means to join a stable - made the same mistake by my first try here - they are now secure from most of the other Masters and have only to concentrate on​ their new Master - but after joining a stable you go from a hundred to zero messages if you have started with more messages than you can read, to, if you are lucky, some from your Master.  

If you're lucky to find the right Master after this short time, he will take care of you and look after how you feel, he will support you and will always be there for you - if not, you are only his ATM and he will only contact you if he think he needs more money - you will be alone with this new situation and nobody will take care of you as you are a owned slave​ and most Master​ respect this and will not contact you. 

I know - many slaves know their Master previously from other sites and come to OF only for their Master (as me), many are lucky to find the perfect matching Master in a short time, but many find out after time they are not lucky - it is hard for them to leave a stable they once joined voluntarily - they must say if they were wrong with their decision or​ other people will think they are too weak for this Master, or they don't want their Master to look weak for loosing a slave.​ 

So, maybe it will help to have a trial period for 2 weeks or so to prove you're a​ good match or not, after this both could decide they will continue or it will automatically finish. (don´t know how this technical would go and how difficult it is to make) - this two weeks could be a "stable light" with lesser restrictions, maybe in this time you could make a mentorship with an experienced slave or a experienced Master the Master trusts. 

I think this could help to made new slaves stay longer on OF, maybe it would be better if more Masters would have the chance to look if a new slave is compatible with them and maybe more Masters would try to be a careful Master to their new slaves.​ 

After these two weeks, both should know what the other wants and each real Master will then set limits and restrictions for his slave as he wants and how he thinks it would work for both. 

I know - this is a FinDom site and many would think they are not here to take care of worthless slaves or cunts, many slaves don't want a caring Master, but they want a hard Master who dominates them and make them into submissive pieces of shit from the beginning - if both want this it would be possible too - the trial period should only be for knowing better what the other really wants - if both know this from beginning they should make what they want.

And a second time - many thanks to SoS for being my lector and translate my thoughts in readable english and for the support of my Master.

A lifetime of devoted slavery to my Columbian Master Dom Nathan
Posted by Brendan10101

Well today is 15 Dec 2020 and as I sit here with my cock hanging down in this cold house, I want to share with all of you that see this my first few days on Owned Fags...

I joined on 02 Dec 2020 and began my search for the perfect Master. I had bits and pieces of what he would look like and act like towards me, but that was about it. There are so many hot men on this site, with beautiful bodies. Beautiful bodies as a result of bodybuilding are super hot but when GOD is involved in the creation process, THAT is something different!

So after several intros and emails back and forth between multiple Alphas and myself proved pretty fruitless...until I hooked up with DOM NATHAN on 13 Dec Columbian gift from God. my Lord and Master. I am his personal property now as he claims below, see pics!

He is a filthy mouthed Alpha from Cali, Columbia and he has given me 3 degrading tasks so far...2 of 3 are completed. 

*****See the whole saga on my P***h** account - brendan10101.

My undying love and devotion to you SIR!

What Makes an Alpha?
Posted by TBMaster

I got to thinking about this question the other night. So many guys around the scene dubbing themselves as Alphas, but what does that really mean? What *truly* makes some people Alphas and others betas/omegas? 

My 2 cents: Alpha is an energy. A way of being. An undeniable power that can’t be learned. An innate ability to make subordinates approach with an equal mix of fear and respect without having to say a word (or stick up a middle finger for that matter). A quiet confidence that lures inferiors no matter how much they want to resist. 

Having muscles doesn’t make you an Alpha, it makes you muscular. 

Having a huge cock doesn’t make you an Alpha, it makes you hung. 

Berating subs with insults and degradation without consent doesn’t make you an Alpha, it makes you a bully. 

I’ve used & owned faggots with muscular, Greek godlike physiques and faggots with dicks bigger than any self-proclaimed Alpha I’ve ever seen, and they kneel at My feet and worship Me because they know its where they belong & what I deserve. 

Sound off in the comments if you wanna share your thoughts. 

Tasks for Master Fidelio
Posted by BCsubSlave

This was my first task for Master Fidelio i was to write 50 lines saying "I am Fidelio's property and I will follow orders unconditionally." If you are a Masterless slave faggot Master Fidelio is someone to consider. He is a God that requires worship and is a King to his Stable. Join me and 13 other slaves in his Stable. You know you want to its what you are meant to do we are just toys and things to torment and that is all. So come on and drain your accounts and buy gifts for Master Fidelio because He deserve your obedience.
Posted by YoungBearMaster21

You start to feel a little pressure behind your eyes as you grow lightheaded. You're heart is racing and the palms of your hands are a little clammy from the butterflies circling chaotically in your gut. 

It's as if a haze has settled over your mind. With a few deep breaths you begin to settle in and focus, no longer feeling the urge to run and accepting the truest part of your nature you allow yourself to be guided toward your purpose. 

Tip after tip. In succession you are allowed to return to Master what is already his. As the amount slowly grows you think you might faint as you grow harder and the fluttering in your stomach turns to churning waves of  ecstasy. You dont know why but you feel a growing connection with each tribute. 

The knowledge that your purpose is being fulfilled floods your brain with dopamine, and suddenly you are like putty in his hands. You know now that there is nothing beyond this point in time and that each moment of your life is going to be dedicated to the service of your Master. Paramount are his needs. Ever growing is the realization that in all things, the thought of him should be forefront in your mind. There is nothing more than the relinquishment of control to his strength, compassion, and intelligence. 

There is nothing that you will ever crave more than the rush of subjugation and the penance of existence. 

What is Findom?
Posted by BootBoss6446

The internet describes it as the fetish of a power exchange involving the transfer of money from sub to Dom. 

What separates findom from sex work? 

That is a blurry line and one that can be hard to draw. The question that can probably highlight an answer is what enjoyment is be derived from the exchange? Is the submissive structuring a fantasy around a specific desire they have that just happens to include a transfer of money? Then it’s probably best defined as sex work. 

In no way is that meant to denigrate sex workers or what they do and frankly there’s a bit too much of that attitude around.

But is the specific desire that ultimate submission of something valued in our society above almost all else (money)? Well then’s it’s probably closer to findom. Still, it’s only moving down the spectrum. 

In my opinion; findom is when a Master doesn’t just take a slave’s cash. It’s when a Master has such control over the slaves life that it results in a permanent change of the slave’s financial path. making a slave to follow a strict budget, repairing their credit score from past mistakes, meeting financial and professional goals? That to me sounds like financial domination; the power to both destroy and create. The possibility that even if a slave and Master parts ways that a slaves life will be permanently altered by the guidance and control of that Master. 

To me, that is findom. 

Supremacy is Powerful, Submission is Satisfaction
Posted by Blacksir0511

The thoughts of going out of your way to please who you feel superior is Satisfying. Have you ever thought about what will happen if a world exists without a supreme and super powerful being? 

It is really important to discover more of ourselves by exploring deep and wide into getting a better picture of whom we are. Slaves should only crave the satisfactions of the Alpha. Worship and praises are the minimum things that an ALPHA find satisfying. It only bring to the realization of the Master that a slave exist. As a matter of fact, any slave reading this is privileged to access contents that enhance its knowledge on servitude to its supreme ALPHA.

Connection must be built and felt before anything meaningful will happen.

Serving/Submitting a flatmate?
Posted by mikym

Good evening Alpha Gods and pathetic fags.

I would like to humbly address one specific scenarios which I have been obsessed with for a while.

Has anyone ever experienced sharing a flat with a dominant Alpha God or a submissive fag (if You're an Alpha)? Did you ever get the chance to come out with them and started serving/submitting them for a period? My former flatmate was obviously an Alpha, extremely arrogant and bossy. But I was too weak to ever come out to Him and offer Him my service. I profoundly regret it. I could've taken over all the chores, cooked for Him, maybe even service His tired Feet at the end of the day. Is this kind of 24/7 scenario actually doable, in your opinion/experience?


piece of shit miky

The nature of the dynamic of a fagging and GodMasterArch
Posted by BCsubSlave

GodMasterArch initially reached out to me to let me know that when borders open He will be able to come and visit me in my city. i asked Him whether He was straight gay or bi. To find out that He is Straight and has a Girlfriend. Upon talking with GodMasterArch for some time i came to the realized He is a strong and powerful master. Being that He is straight i know that i will not ever have access to His cock. i know that i will only be but a play toy for Him to torment and humiliate. This humiliation and torment will be physical, mental and emotional and is what i strive for, not because i crave these things but because i see that He is a master worth serving and worshipping as the God He is. 

i eagerly wait for the day that the boarders open and i can serve Him in person and be the punching bag and receiver of insults that GodMasterArch and Mistress will undoubtedly have for me. If you are a slave or inferior of any type and you are looking for a powerful, and strong master you need not look any further, GodMasterArch is the Alpha God for you. If you have enough money He will even let you serve in His unclothed presence. As you gaze upon Him in awe you will realize that He is the Master that you need in your life. 

Expectations of a bootlicker
Posted by Booted

I know that most scum on here are looking for on line chat, or on line ownership. And that’s absolutely fine. More than happy to take your cash. However, for the few that are able to commit to worshipping me in person i thought it would be good for you to have an idea of expectations. Without exception slaves that I meet in person will be required to worship my boots. More often than not it will be my 20 hole Rangers, but if I am feeling particularly lazy, and I have been working all day, then it may be my work boots you get to serve.  I have included pictures of both on this blog.  Either way, the process is the same. 

If it’s licking my boots it is allowed a bottle of poppers, I think this gives it the headspace to last a long time. I normally require a minimum of 30 minutes per boot. I don’t see the point in doing things quickly, if it’s come to serve me, then it does it properly. 

It starts with the outer sides, at the bottom.( The shank), works its way up to the upper, and works it’s way round to the insides where it continues with the upper and then back down to the shank. it doesn’t touch the toecap with its tongue. (It bulls those fuckers with a cotton cloth and polish later). It applies pressure with its tongue throughout, I need to feel it through the boots or there is simply no point. It applies greater pressure with its tongue when it reaches the balls on the side of my feet, and once I am satisfied that the outer and inner sides are sufficiently massaged I may give permission for it to lick the footbed and then the collar around the top of the boot. It’s positioning while worshipping My boots is quite important. I need to see deference, but the slave needs to be able to do the jon properly. This isn’t about humiliation, this is a gift from ME.  it’s hands remain on the floor, and don’t touch the boots, positioned shoulder with apart. knees and toes on the floor, spread as far as it can spread, and it’s arse in the present position. I am not interested in having my soles cleaned by the slave, but if it’s important to the slave I can make an exception. 

For this Master boot worshiping should not be a degrading experience for the slave, it’s a reward. The slave should be proud it’s gained the privilege. There’s plenty of time to be degraded, and plenary of time to earn reward. This for my slave is an acceptance of its loyalty and an invitation from me to discover its self more than it thought it could. It’s the start. 

Let me know what you think fags. What other expectations I have. 


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