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What is Findom?
Posted by BootBoss6446

The internet describes it as the fetish of a power exchange involving the transfer of money from sub to Dom. 

What separates findom from sex work? 

That is a blurry line and one that can be hard to draw. The question that can probably highlight an answer is what enjoyment is be derived from the exchange? Is the submissive structuring a fantasy around a specific desire they have that just happens to include a transfer of money? Then it’s probably best defined as sex work. 

In no way is that meant to denigrate sex workers or what they do and frankly there’s a bit too much of that attitude around.

But is the specific desire that ultimate submission of something valued in our society above almost all else (money)? Well then’s it’s probably closer to findom. Still, it’s only moving down the spectrum. 

In my opinion; findom is when a Master doesn’t just take a slave’s cash. It’s when a Master has such control over the slaves life that it results in a permanent change of the slave’s financial path. making a slave to follow a strict budget, repairing their credit score from past mistakes, meeting financial and professional goals? That to me sounds like financial domination; the power to both destroy and create. The possibility that even if a slave and Master parts ways that a slaves life will be permanently altered by the guidance and control of that Master. 

To me, that is findom. 

Supremacy is Powerful, Submission is Satisfaction
Posted by Blacksir0511

The thoughts of going out of your way to please who you feel superior is Satisfying. Have you ever thought about what will happen if a world exists without a supreme and super powerful being? 

It is really important to discover more of ourselves by exploring deep and wide into getting a better picture of whom we are. Slaves should only crave the satisfactions of the Alpha. Worship and praises are the minimum things that an ALPHA find satisfying. It only bring to the realization of the Master that a slave exist. As a matter of fact, any slave reading this is privileged to access contents that enhance its knowledge on servitude to its supreme ALPHA.

Connection must be built and felt before anything meaningful will happen.

Serving/Submitting a flatmate?
Posted by mikym

Good evening Alpha Gods and pathetic fags.

I would like to humbly address one specific scenarios which I have been obsessed with for a while.

Has anyone ever experienced sharing a flat with a dominant Alpha God or a submissive fag (if You're an Alpha)? Did you ever get the chance to come out with them and started serving/submitting them for a period? My former flatmate was obviously an Alpha, extremely arrogant and bossy. But I was too weak to ever come out to Him and offer Him my service. I profoundly regret it. I could've taken over all the chores, cooked for Him, maybe even service His tired Feet at the end of the day. Is this kind of 24/7 scenario actually doable, in your opinion/experience?


piece of shit miky

The nature of the dynamic of a fagging and GodMasterArch
Posted by BCsubSlave

GodMasterArch initially reached out to me to let me know that when borders open He will be able to come and visit me in my city. i asked Him whether He was straight gay or bi. To find out that He is Straight and has a Girlfriend. Upon talking with GodMasterArch for some time i came to the realized He is a strong and powerful master. Being that He is straight i know that i will not ever have access to His cock. i know that i will only be but a play toy for Him to torment and humiliate. This humiliation and torment will be physical, mental and emotional and is what i strive for, not because i crave these things but because i see that He is a master worth serving and worshipping as the God He is. 

i eagerly wait for the day that the boarders open and i can serve Him in person and be the punching bag and receiver of insults that GodMasterArch and Mistress will undoubtedly have for me. If you are a slave or inferior of any type and you are looking for a powerful, and strong master you need not look any further, GodMasterArch is the Alpha God for you. If you have enough money He will even let you serve in His unclothed presence. As you gaze upon Him in awe you will realize that He is the Master that you need in your life. 

Expectations of a bootlicker
Posted by Booted

I know that most scum on here are looking for on line chat, or on line ownership. And that’s absolutely fine. More than happy to take your cash. However, for the few that are able to commit to worshipping me in person i thought it would be good for you to have an idea of expectations. Without exception slaves that I meet in person will be required to worship my boots. More often than not it will be my 20 hole Rangers, but if I am feeling particularly lazy, and I have been working all day, then it may be my work boots you get to serve.  I have included pictures of both on this blog.  Either way, the process is the same. 

If it’s licking my boots it is allowed a bottle of poppers, I think this gives it the headspace to last a long time. I normally require a minimum of 30 minutes per boot. I don’t see the point in doing things quickly, if it’s come to serve me, then it does it properly. 

It starts with the outer sides, at the bottom.( The shank), works its way up to the upper, and works it’s way round to the insides where it continues with the upper and then back down to the shank. it doesn’t touch the toecap with its tongue. (It bulls those fuckers with a cotton cloth and polish later). It applies pressure with its tongue throughout, I need to feel it through the boots or there is simply no point. It applies greater pressure with its tongue when it reaches the balls on the side of my feet, and once I am satisfied that the outer and inner sides are sufficiently massaged I may give permission for it to lick the footbed and then the collar around the top of the boot. It’s positioning while worshipping My boots is quite important. I need to see deference, but the slave needs to be able to do the jon properly. This isn’t about humiliation, this is a gift from ME.  it’s hands remain on the floor, and don’t touch the boots, positioned shoulder with apart. knees and toes on the floor, spread as far as it can spread, and it’s arse in the present position. I am not interested in having my soles cleaned by the slave, but if it’s important to the slave I can make an exception. 

For this Master boot worshiping should not be a degrading experience for the slave, it’s a reward. The slave should be proud it’s gained the privilege. There’s plenty of time to be degraded, and plenary of time to earn reward. This for my slave is an acceptance of its loyalty and an invitation from me to discover its self more than it thought it could. It’s the start. 

Let me know what you think fags. What other expectations I have. 

FinDom Master looking for worthless cash slave.
Posted by DoyourawOslo

Norwegian master looking for cash slave to dominate financially. Also different tasks to fulfill and document so I can see you do your job. Can include going out taking rock and loads for your master to see. 

I have several other submissive slaves in my stable that I have trained over time to comply to my orders and wishes. You dont have to be experienced, just Willing to learn and comply. 

Msg me for a real slave contract. 

My first meeting with MasterTrigger - real submission
Posted by TriggeredBottom

After an intense time serving MasterTrigger online and becoming His property (and thus part of a great family), i had the great honor of meeting Him in person last weekend.
In advance, He chose the hotel for me. Close to his home, as cheap as possible and poorly rated. The weekend was ultimately meant to make me aware of my status and bring me more deeply under His control.
After my arrival, we arranged to have dinner at a restaurant on the first night. In the minutes i waited for Him outside the restaurant i was indescribably nervous. Of course, i recognized Him as soon as He walked up to me. To be honest, i had no idea how to greet Him in an appropriate manner. As a true alpha, He immediately took the lead and gave me an indescribably tight hug without saying a word. A pleasant shiver ran through me and the excitement gave way to a great feeling of happiness. In the restaurant He chose the food and drinks. Likewise, He decided what i had to eat and how much. His natural authority was apparently immediately visible to everyone, because even the waitresses only spoke to Him, unless He gave me a sign that i had to respond to a question. One might think that the situation was bizarre, however, the opposite was true. i felt safe and secure in His presence.
After dinner He said goodbye to me, telling me that He expected me at his place the next day at the agreed time. Full of anticipation of what might await me, i went to the hotel and could hardly sleep. His picture next to my bed drew all my attention.
The next day i was at His door as agreed and had brought the agreed equipment. He explained to me that i had groceries to buy for dinner and after that i would have to clean the apartment and do His laundry. So we went to town first and i always had to be careful never to walk in front of Him. i had to get down on my knees in public and tie His shoes. And it felt great to do that. i felt pride in showing my submission in public.
After chores and dinner, He showed me what is possible through trust and what true loss of control feels like. Using e-stim at various points and increasing intensity, He took me to the limits i thought i could endure. Whenever those limits were reached and my resistance kicked in, he just held me tighter and whispered in my ear to stop fighting the pain. i started to breathe calmly and took the pain He was inflicting on me. In doing so, He managed to push my limits and fill me with great pride. The feeling of being held by His strong arms as the pain intensified was indescribable and addictive.  
The third day was very similar - the intensity was increased and i was bound and gagged at times. my limits were further increased and i was in a frenzy. As i endured more and more suffering, He drained all my money and even though it was more than i expected (and had budgeted for myself), i felt incredibly grateful and proud. Accordingly, the goodbye happened much later than expected and i didn't arrive home until the middle of the night. i am incredibly grateful to my Master for this intense experience and wish to relinquish more and more control, expand limits and be moulded into His perfect property according to His ideas - physically and mentally. Ideas for this have already been developed.
i now know even more how important it is to trust and respect each other. Knowing i have a Master who protects me allows me to truly relinquish complete control. And it's great to have found this great Master here and to be part of a fantastic family in his stable that supports each other. Thank you so much, fagbrothers!
i wish every slave here manages to have similar experiences. Do not be dissuaded from following your destiny! A real Master knows how to build trust, to penetrate deep into the psyche of a slave and bring him further. That is the key to success. Thank you MasterTrigger, i am so incredibly grateful for our encounter. i am Yours, Master!
Posted by TheRealDeal

“You know a young boy like you would make me a tasty treat. I bet your ass is still fresh, and even your mouth is virgin, am I right?” he devilishly grinned.

I replied, “I never had sex with anyone.”

That was all he needed as he slowly caressed me with a finger his other hand slipped down to his pants and few seconds later he was naked from the waist down. He waved his cock at me and asked me to touch it. I did and suddenly I felt a desire like none before just as I leaned over to taste it, I blacked out.

When I awoke I was naked and tied face down over a tree trunk. I could feel a cool breeze blow into my asshole and it felt good. The man was standing just off to one side when said; “You finally awake. I waited for you to come round before I turn you inside out.”

Change the way you approach masters!!!
Posted by apollotrainner


Well, tonight, for the first time, I'm writing something here in this platform in order to light up some points that fags and Doms are having trouble with. What really makes me uncomfortable is how the fags here and also on Twitter are using money as a way to control masters. It's incredible how the alphas are behaving like a fucking slave just because they submit to money. 

The first thing I must say is that fags must behave like fags. Do not approach masters on their DM's like they were your friends or fags like you. I do not tolerate this with me. Never come to me giving me conditions or going straight to the point of serving me. First I must consider you as a slave, and for that to happen you must ask for permission to even start a conversation with me. Actually, the process begins even before that, when you tip my profile to have the right to message me and beg for serving me. Do that with every master here and you will show the proper respect. I'm sure they will like it.

Second thing, masters, act like alphas. If you are letting those fags control you and tell you what to do; if you keep starting every conversation in this website or even worse, if you're desperate for attention in order to get money, you better join my club of slaves, because that's your place: licking my feet. You might be like: "fuck you, you can't control me the way you control your fags. I have a different approach..." I totally respect different approaches, but c'mon... It doesn't mean you have to behave like a submissive. Show them the fucking strength they are looking for. Be a real man. Do not tolerate fags misbehaving and asking you to message them or even worse, giving you the conditions to serve. It's your job to do that. You fucking control everything. 

The last time my Fag tributed me, it did it without telling me or asking what I wanted. Well, he transfered US$150 to my account and I made it transfer another $50 just because it failed to consult me. It ended up sending $75 because it is well trained and it wanted to pay the fee and add 50% more of that fee without even asking me. That was acceptable because it wanted to compensate me for the disobedience. It also knows the money in its account is mine to take. This is just an example of how a well trained fag behaves when they make a mistake even when they think the action would make you happy. In fact, it does, but what really pleases me is obedience and humiliation, so I punished him for not asking me the right to make a transaction. 

I'm ending this topic here. I might come back later to talk about other stuff with you guys. 

Have a good evening, 

Master Apollo.

Posted by fagfuckjustin

MY HOUSE, MY FUCKING RULES!!! All rules and regulations are to be followed at all times. If, you break ONE of my rules; its going to be sorry on levels it can't imagine or even understand. DON'T TEST ME, FAGGOT OR YOU'LL BE LEARNING THE FUCKING HARD WAY!

  1. fag will be awake and ready to seve by 630am, Monday thru Friday and in bed by 1030pm. Unless, given a task. I sleep while, you fucking work and will not be resting until, my orders have been met. Additionally, get use to resting at my godly feet or on the fucking floor! It's a privilege if, I allow a inferior piece of shit like you in my bed. Understood, faggot? Admenment: it will be up by 6am. 30mins before, my alarm goes off. I expect my breakfast to be severed by the time I wake up, ya fuckin loser!
  2. DO NOT stand to pee or it will be extreamly sorry. Squat like a good girl. it must and will send me proof every damn time until, I get home to physically supervise its bathroom usuage. Thats If or when I even allow it to use a toilet!
  3. it will ask my permission to pee. Don't let me find out otherwise or I'll beat its fucking ass. If, I deny you the priviledge and can’t hold it anymore, piss yourself, faggot. I don’t give a fuck if, your walking down a busy street behind me or standing in line a damn store!
  4. it will clean my Superior piss off my floors, urinals, toilets, straight off the fucking ground I walk on, or any other surfice I see fit! Thats after, I make you sit there watching a Real Man urinate and make it beg me to miss so, I and/or my bros can laugh at your worthless ass while, we make you clean up our fucking mess. it will will be drinking allot of my waste, by the time I’m done and taught to thank me for the priviledge! This also goes for my spit. IMBRACE IT, BE THANKFUL, GET DOWN, AND OPEN WIDE, YOU FUCKING FAGGOT! Its the only reason you were even born to begin with.
  5. YOU WILL NOT SPEAK WITHOUT MY DIRECT PERMISSION UNLESS, SPOKEN TO, TOLD OTHERWISE, OR REPORTING TO ME. This is going to be a hard lesson for you to fucking learn, faggot but, don’t worry. I'm going to enjoy breaking every disgusting bad habit you've ever developed!
  6. My room and my house are to remain spotless. Bed is to be made, my trash is to be picked up, my clothes are to be cleaned, folded, and hung. DO NOT ALLOW ME TO FIND ANYTHING OUT OF ORDER OR DIRTY. Random inspections will be taking place on demand. Be prepared.
  7. fags don’t have money or cash. ONLY MEN do and every dime of it belongs to ME! Every dollar it earns must be accounted for and authorized prior to being spent. i dont care if, its a stick of fucking gum! Get use to it, fagfuck.
  8. It will be at the gym 5x per week. Dressing down in the lockerroom and post work out showers are mandatory. No excuses. I better start seeing results or I'll be uping your gym time. If, its raining, too fucking bad, start walking bitch! It's costing me for its ass to be there. Amendment: fag will be at the gym no earlier than 3pm for now on. I want all the younger Alpha Males to notice you're a fucking faggot; laughing behind your back with thier bros if, not directly in your pathetic ass face! Clear?
  9. If I text you, its to respond immediately or in a timely matter, or fag will be suffering the minute I get my hands on it. You're my property and I notice everything!
  10. fag is to be tracked everywhere it goes. it can't and wont move a single step or even leave my house without me knowing about it. When I get home, its going to love its new ankle bracelet! I don't need it wondering off or getting lost. 🤣
  11. What TWO MEN discuss is NONE of its fucking business or ANY of its concern! You're there to shut the fuck up, keep its head down, and serve. Understood?
  12. While, we're at it... IT WILL NEVER DISREPECT ME OR SAY ONE NEGATIVE WORD ABOUT ME TO ANYONE, EVER! IT WON'T BE MY BELT, IT'LL BE MY FUCKING FIST BEATING YOUR ASS INTO THE FUCKING GROUND! This rule also applies for all of my bros. 110% respect at all times, ya litte piece of shit!
  13. its phone is never to be off. Make sure to charge its phone and fucking keep it that way! Especially, since I pay the fucking bill every month. Don't forget, I can access its power level anytime I want!
  14. fag will not leave the perimeter of an authorized zone without my permission or make any unautherized stops when running my errands. DONT EVEN THINK ABOUT IT! I'll hunt my property down quick as fuck to drag its ass back home or to the woods by its fucking hair and don't care whos around, sees me, or hear you crying for help, faggot! Additionally, it has a curfew for now on. This curefew is perminant and will not expire, so dont ask for it to be removed. DON'T BE LATE! fag will be in my gate no later than dusk and can only be extended by written notice (most likely denied) or on work release making me fucking money.
  15. it WILL NOT look or speak to another Man unless, I'm present and/or told otherwise. YOU’RE MINE and do as its fucking told. Additionally, NEVER call another Man Master. That's MY fucking title. Period!
  16. ALL MEDIA, PICS, VIDS, SOCIAL MEDIA, ONLINE /OFFLINE ACCOUNTS (including bank accounts), AND PASSWORDS BELONG TO ME, YA FUCKING HOMO! it no longer has rights to any media of any kind! I will use, post, delete, expose, and alter whatever the fuck I want, when I want, however I want, for whatever reason I see fit! Whatever I say, do, or release WILL NOT be changed unless, told otherwise or I WILL literally beat the living fuck out of you and make hella sure it NEVER touchs anything of mine without my authorization again! GOT IT?
  17. fag will remark its brand on its chest and any new markings I set forth with new Ink daily until, I handle the problem and make them permanent the minute I get home. I don't care what the fuck it wants or thinks. Its going to happen!
  18. its a fucking fag, NOT A MAN! it will remain smooth, hairless, and maintained at all times.
  19. its little dick belongs to me and will remain caged unless, told other wise. fags don't deserve to jerk off or even touch useless things that don't belong to them. Only Men jerk off whenever the fuck we want, fag boy! fags have fuck holes, Men have Dicks. Get use to drooling and cumming from your fucking cunt being drilled, you stupid homo. That's what you were built and made for.
  20. fag will eat my scraps and leftovers out of its bowl, at my feet on the floor during, feeding time. Exactly where it belongs insuring fag eats and finishes everything its fed. No, it won't have a choice. Be thankful I even feed its sorry little ass! Got that?
  21. Clothes are meant for MEN, not fags. Regardless if, its in my bed, handling its chores, chained to my desk, on a hike, or my Superior foot is planted on your stupid ass face being used as my fucking footrest; it WILL be naked. Unless, its in public, around family, or other individules that don't need to see what I own. fags clothes belong to me, are extreamly limited, and will choose what it wears in such events they are required. If, it gets ANY ink on my sheets until, my markings become permanent or even dirty them; you'll be washing them by fucking hand. NO EXCUSES.
  22. Get use to being on the fucking floor, faggot. It WILL NOT be allowed on my furniture or any furniture without direct permission or told otherwise. I dont give a shit where we are. Hotel, bar, my bros place, or even on a camping trip. Stay the fuck down and get comfortable! Furniture is for humans. its definitely not human or equal, its a fucking fag.

it is 100% responsible and in its best interest to keep up with my demands, update new laws (allot more to be added), and follow my orders. YOU LIVE FOR ME AND ONLY ME! Make me proud, keep me happy, and we won't have a fucking problem. Welcome to your new life, fagfuck! You’re lucky I'll be home soon. In the mean time, I'll be watching...

Master Cris


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