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My first meeting with MasterTrigger - real submission
Posted by TriggeredBottom

After an intense time serving MasterTrigger online and becoming His property (and thus part of a great family), i had the great honor of meeting Him in person last weekend.
In advance, He chose the hotel for me. Close to his home, as cheap as possible and poorly rated. The weekend was ultimately meant to make me aware of my status and bring me more deeply under His control.
After my arrival, we arranged to have dinner at a restaurant on the first night. In the minutes i waited for Him outside the restaurant i was indescribably nervous. Of course, i recognized Him as soon as He walked up to me. To be honest, i had no idea how to greet Him in an appropriate manner. As a true alpha, He immediately took the lead and gave me an indescribably tight hug without saying a word. A pleasant shiver ran through me and the excitement gave way to a great feeling of happiness. In the restaurant He chose the food and drinks. Likewise, He decided what i had to eat and how much. His natural authority was apparently immediately visible to everyone, because even the waitresses only spoke to Him, unless He gave me a sign that i had to respond to a question. One might think that the situation was bizarre, however, the opposite was true. i felt safe and secure in His presence.
After dinner He said goodbye to me, telling me that He expected me at his place the next day at the agreed time. Full of anticipation of what might await me, i went to the hotel and could hardly sleep. His picture next to my bed drew all my attention.
The next day i was at His door as agreed and had brought the agreed equipment. He explained to me that i had groceries to buy for dinner and after that i would have to clean the apartment and do His laundry. So we went to town first and i always had to be careful never to walk in front of Him. i had to get down on my knees in public and tie His shoes. And it felt great to do that. i felt pride in showing my submission in public.
After chores and dinner, He showed me what is possible through trust and what true loss of control feels like. Using e-stim at various points and increasing intensity, He took me to the limits i thought i could endure. Whenever those limits were reached and my resistance kicked in, he just held me tighter and whispered in my ear to stop fighting the pain. i started to breathe calmly and took the pain He was inflicting on me. In doing so, He managed to push my limits and fill me with great pride. The feeling of being held by His strong arms as the pain intensified was indescribable and addictive.  
The third day was very similar - the intensity was increased and i was bound and gagged at times. my limits were further increased and i was in a frenzy. As i endured more and more suffering, He drained all my money and even though it was more than i expected (and had budgeted for myself), i felt incredibly grateful and proud. Accordingly, the goodbye happened much later than expected and i didn't arrive home until the middle of the night. i am incredibly grateful to my Master for this intense experience and wish to relinquish more and more control, expand limits and be moulded into His perfect property according to His ideas - physically and mentally. Ideas for this have already been developed.
i now know even more how important it is to trust and respect each other. Knowing i have a Master who protects me allows me to truly relinquish complete control. And it's great to have found this great Master here and to be part of a fantastic family in his stable that supports each other. Thank you so much, fagbrothers!
i wish every slave here manages to have similar experiences. Do not be dissuaded from following your destiny! A real Master knows how to build trust, to penetrate deep into the psyche of a slave and bring him further. That is the key to success. Thank you MasterTrigger, i am so incredibly grateful for our encounter. i am Yours, Master!
Posted by TheRealDeal

“You know a young boy like you would make me a tasty treat. I bet your ass is still fresh, and even your mouth is virgin, am I right?” he devilishly grinned.

I replied, “I never had sex with anyone.”

That was all he needed as he slowly caressed me with a finger his other hand slipped down to his pants and few seconds later he was naked from the waist down. He waved his cock at me and asked me to touch it. I did and suddenly I felt a desire like none before just as I leaned over to taste it, I blacked out.

When I awoke I was naked and tied face down over a tree trunk. I could feel a cool breeze blow into my asshole and it felt good. The man was standing just off to one side when said; “You finally awake. I waited for you to come round before I turn you inside out.”

pig looking to build walk in shower due to disability.
Posted by tatbear501

Yes, all ready to serve, near Detroit, my master lets others hold my leash, put their fingers in his ass as they work me over. Lots of piss sweat and spit, maybe some j-lube for slip. is a personal art site. Ferndale is the suburb, afternoon is usually the time, drinks, smoke, some porn. We have our roles, you are our toy for the afternoon, entertaining each of us as top and bottom, you should like to be versatile as well as have a really creative dirty mind. We have toys, tables, chains, leather, video recording area. Were both Poz, late 50s, tattooed, pierced, safe, sane, consensual (and my cock is locked up since sept 20th)

 However, the dog does have a fantasy of regularly servicing a guy (BBC or BWC or medium size its the action) that comes in the back door and pulls out cock and tells me how to pleasure his cock with the bottom of my throat. Husband would either be sitting on big plugs and dongs or filming us. Like I said I like dirty minds. Creative play is way more important than good looks or youth. Why is it so hard to find a dick that will come over for a blow job or to the skull- fuck a fat tattooed white guy.

Posted by SupremePower

Transactional "Findom" Roleplay

This isn't actually Findom but instead is a fee for service act. The word "sub" is replaced with  "buyer". The buyer is looking to pay for service or goods. Often, the buyer will demand videos, live sessions or pictures, etc.), and the Dom will provide them in exchange of money.  In this type of relationship, it's the buyer who has the real power.

Dominant male and submissive man do a great job of "playing the role"of so called financial domination. The Dom is in charge while the submissive takes his role. These actions usually occur when one or both are horny, mostly the sub and it ends when sub decided to say Bye. Tributes can flow nicely and still the sub holds the power in this situation. In this scenario, Doms who really know how to keep their subs horny, succed.

Ways to be useful to your Dom
Posted by SupremePower

If you’re a Findom sub, your main priority is to provide tributes and gifts to your Dom/Master.

But, sometimes subs find themselves low on cash and when this happens, it’s important to find other ways to be useful. 

I will suggest few things you might do for your Dom/Master: 

4 ways a sub that's low on cash can still be usefull

*Become a promo sub -  like, comment and share your Dom/Maste's content.

*Become a recruit sub - Reach out to other subs and connect them to your Dom/Master

*Become a content creation sub - create twitter banners , artwork, photoshop images,etc

*Become a research and a data sub - provide your Dom/Master with useful information and ideas that can raise his influence and reach - research and share strategies that have proven to be effective

The bottom line is true Findom subs exist to make their Doms/Master’s lives easier. If you aren’t useful in some way, then what incentive is there for your Dom/Master to spend lots of time talking to you? Don’t be that annoying sub who thinks your Dom/Master has nothing to do but engage in endless conversation with you. Be a useful sub!

subs, READ THIS!
Posted by SupremePower

Don't expect ME to spend time on you for nothing.

I am not here to offer you pleasure or to satisfy your needs 

I consider time an expenditure- that's all about.

The amount of effort and time I put ,should be reflected on the account.

You don't necessarily have to approach with a tribute, but it is the best way to show your intentions and respect.

If you are broke, don't try to get my attention talking ABOUT how rich you are, just to get a session with Me.

thoughts from a slave
Posted by SupremePower

"When I'm speaking to you Sir, it makes my place below you all too obvious. You have an energy of Dominance that gives me no choice but to submit and I wouldnt want it any other way. Looking at you brings your demeanor and attitude even further up because you are an unreal Godlike looking man. I dont want to aspire to anything but someone or something that can better your life because any bit of time or interaction I have with you is the best part of mine." 


slave Sean


Posted by asianmasterj

Hey betas,

Let's see how this site goes, I heard good things. I am interested in helping subs explore various kinks. My time is valuable and requires tributes. I do skype sessions and text sessions. I prefer longterm submission, but welcome those losers that hide after a single session. There are many things to know about me. No nudity will be seen from me. Foot worship, h***o, and verbal content is my specialty. I have experience with full on power exchange and more. I offer fun ways of being drained through games and wheels, or old fashion drains too. Message me and lets take it from there. Approach properly. 

My slavery
Posted by DoyourawOslo

Recently joined the site. As a Norwegian, masculine, dominating Master I prefer to treat my slaves harsh, firm but fairly. In my command U need to be willing to perform at my command within set boundaries. I am a serious Master and expect the same from my worthless slaves. I do not have time for timewasters. 

If you are in need for a filthy minded strict Master I allow you to send me a message with an initial request to become my slave. 

Posted by AntonSub

After a number of years in the FinDom scene I find myself feeling lost. I have gained much experience over the years and like to think I can spot the people to avoid vs the people who are worth exploring something with. I have served a number of Masters, both long term and short term and have found those experiences enjoyable and fulfilling for the most part. In most recent times however, I do not seem to be able to stick to one thing or one person. I have talked to Masters who seem compatible, engaged, tributed, and then lost interest very quickly. This must be frustrating for Masters, but it is just as frustrating for me especially as I do not really understand what is happening.

Of course, this could be connected to other things. The current upheaval brought about by Covid for example or something else lurking in my subconscious.

I wonder if anyone else has experienced this kind of shift in behaviour and how they dealt with it.  Does it pass or has it become a more permanent state?


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