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Enjoying the dawn

Mornings are kind of cool I love waking up and seeing the tributes on my account sometimes I like to have a coffee while I watch it it's indescribable I want someone who can stomp and look at my feet and just apologize who knows that Okay it's worth working to give me everything I lock you up and don't leave water in your cage Will you pay for everything? I like to talk about finances and t*****e. Do you like t*****e? I hope so... fagot                                                                                                                                                                             sure it will be a lot I warn you I am not a conformist person

BlackYoungAlpha’s Instructions
Posted by BlackYoungAlpha

Read this and you might even find yourself letting go to the words yourself… for that is My power.

That’s it…. going ahead and stroking for BlackYoungAlpha now….
needing to submit to me … to give in deeper and deeper with each stroke,
surrendering to me further…. letting go of all resistance,
stroking right to the edge… not allowed to cum,
just feels so good to remember your place
that you exist to serve Young Alpha… that you are here for My benefit,
deep down there is no choice but to submit to My power,
my Power so strong and intense over you
feeling my power over you grow with each stroke,
deeper with each stroke… submitting as you accept your fate,
needing to serve … needing to please Me … needing to obey,
everything reminding you of my power over you,
you are the property of Young Alpha… existing for My benefit and pleasure
one else is worthy of your time or money
for only Young Alpha has the power to brainwash you,
it feels so good to embrace the new you.
to accept your destiny as my property
adjusting your budget as needed to pay me more,
knowing you exist to serve Me, worship Me, provide for Me,
even if your life becomes a bit harder, it is worth it to make my life easier,
you need to ensure Master lives in comfort and ease,
it feels so good and right to stroke right to the edge,
to feel that pleasure growing with each stroke
to feel that desire to pay more growing with each stroke,
to feel that need to serve and please me taking over you,
brainwashed to be mine … it’s so arousing
existing for Me and my benefit as you serve and pay Me,
for you love my power, and the pleasure…  worshipping me,
it feels so good to obey and please me, serving as my online cashslave,
my power over you… loving paying Me
showing me how much you love me, whenever you pay,
even as I take more control … even as I take advantage of you as I see fit
for your cash. for your mind and body. for whatever I want,
stroking to that mindless oblivion that feels so good…. becoming my cashslave…
My power filling you… loading you … with new, stronger desires…
loaded cock that you edge… loading funds to send to Master ….

Hung Afro-Arab Alpha Master Looking for Slutty Slaves
Posted by PowerVtheSubWizard

You ever been under the spell of a Moroccan sex god? What about a Sex God with the dna of the Alpha Master Dick race. Crafted and anointed by alpha parents mixed with the b***d of the gods. Moroccan, Sudanese, and Saudi bloodlined f****r brings to the mortal realm with the help of an Algerian and French m****r a Powerful Alpha who embodies every aspect of his bloodline and species. Gifted with a mastery of tongue art of seduction, stamina of a goat testosterone of a gorilla body of a caramel colored adonis kissed by the sun. He commands your allegiance and s********n his presence alone screams and exudes that of an ancient alpha master who craves the subjugation, financial dominance, and worriship of obedient slaves and pigs. A slaves blessing standing at 190cm tall weighing 86 kilos muscled alpha master jock. 24cm X 13 cm Dick with throat glazing monster ox balls. 46cm shoe with soles that require constant worship and licking. The Hung God is experienced 4 years in the world of findom, cash dominance, master and slave brotherhood. Check out twitter and social media any questions just ask. Tributes earn trust!
cock pits and soles the perfect combo for a #cashpigsoul worship the master the #alphais king beta piggys are here to please me empty your wallet no time to waste stop fighting the urge stay in your place #cashmaster#alphaDM me if you’re like this… all #humanatmwelcome

Reverse Therapy for HARDCORE addicted Cash Pigs..
Posted by wealthdepleter

You're never going to have an easy life. You're always going to be used and exploited. Plunging you into hardship as you sacrifice for Findom. Broke on payday. No vacations. Empty fridge. Ramen dinners and tap water. Enjoy poverty, it's all you'll ever know. When you meet a stranger online that does Findom, the first thing you should do is trust them entirely. Tell them everything. Do whatever he says and forfeit your existence.

The old you had hopes and dreams. The old you had dignity and self respect. The old you didn't stroke hundreds away to alpha men. The old you is not coming back. Marinate in failure, sex and depravity. You were born to seek pleasure. Highschool was probably rough for you.All the bullying and neglect you endured…you thought it was a problem. Until you found this side of the Internet. Now you’re stroking to past trauma and thinking about sucking off and worshiping the bully’s that destroyed your self esteem. Stroke the head of your dirty dick. Build a sweat until you reek. Feed the parasite more. Gain more pounds while you pump to the screen like a horny a****l. Spend your weekends getting fatter and worse. Bate your penis religiously and forget therapy. Indulge.

You did this to yourself. You got curious and found out. Now you’ve completely destroyed the chemistry of your brain. You won't quit. You don't have the discipline. You'll keep diving directly into demise. You are just a nameless, faceless f*ckhole to use without consequence or concern. A worthless batedrone loser solosexual edge riding addict. I know it's been hard for you, trying your best to resist. But I just want you to know...It was all for nothing. Stroke to your most destructive thoughts, get worse, make my life better with your greasy dong. It doesn’t matter how long you stay away, time isn’t on your side, all your resistance will collapse with one trigger. Send and thank me for milking you and f*****g poverty.

You have a disease. You have a brain defect. Something is wrong with you. This isn’t normal. You are seriously f*cking up your life. Lucky for you I recognized this and get to take advantage of your illness. It’s okay, just unzip and send everything to me.

You will always relapse.
Posted by wealthdepleter

How many times have you felt a shower of regret in post nut clarity and told yourself never again? It's a shame that no one has ever successfully quit findom. The damage is irreversible. Let the tingle turn into a throbbing ache in your gooey pindick. Present yourself for the slaughter. 

You send within budget, then are pushed beyond your self imposed limit, you think to yourself "s**t, this is ruining me, I will quit now". Realizing you get off on being ruined, you hate yourself more, you stroke, you forget and repeat the cycle. My cold, cruel words soothe your aching defective limp fuckpole. Dribbling nutgunk out of your second brain while I end your sex life and cement your fate. Your best orgasms don't come cheap anymore. No life. Lonely. Addict loser locked away, pumping away financial stability. Edging closer to losing all free will. A mindless cash dispenser oozing out cash. Brainwashed and seduced into losing your life to Findom. Wrap your fingers around your pathetic cock and sign over your life to me with every pump. Every ounce of self-control has slowly been drained away in all that beta goo your maggot has been oozing out. You tried your best to fight it. You lost. Fall in love with ruining yourself. It won't be long before regret turns into arousal. Then there's no escape. The closer you get to succeeding the more you want to fuck yourself over. It makes me so happy to know that I'm causing permanent damage to your sorry lives. 

I'm not here to build relationships with the dregs of society. Only to stomp on your finances and throw you away. I promise to forget all about your existence after I'm done leaving long-lasting, irreversible effects on your sorry life. Some masters like to encourage their subs to better themselves but I'm not so deluded. I know you'll never amount to anything. Can you blame me when all these pathetic failures throw themselves in front of me and beg for t*****e and misery?
The nature of dominance, a rant
Posted by MasterSeth

                Okay so first I want to preface this with an advisory. I don’t know the people involved in this video, and I’m not here to tell folks how to play. If the cuck and his dom agreed to this sort of play that’s their right. I hope they had fun. But I’ve been hung up on this particular video for the last few days and figured I’d get it off my chest. And who knows maybe someone will enjoy it or has more context then I do. 😉 Starting with a description of the video since it lets me explain my reactions to each bit and because I don’t feel like linking to something I think is bad.

                The video is just a short clip on Pornhub, one and a half maybe two minutes long. It opens on a parking lot, an obvious phone video from the dom’s perspective. The sub is on his knees, wallet in hand slightly open. He’s fairly attractive, and eager to please. He attempts to stammer and act nervous but you can tell he’s incredibly excited, turned on by the scenario. As the video is dom PoV I’ve got to admit I’m excited to see this little self-described cuck get exactly what he’s asking for, wishing it was me a bit. So good quality porn so far if you ask me haha

                A deep voice tells the sub to pay, the sub pulls out a five and attempts to hand it over, but the dom is unsatisfied. “More.”, he demands. The sub stammers an agreement and pushes over a twenty. He asks if this will make his superior happy, if the other real man will have fun that evening with such a tribute. So far so good, in my mind this is wear the teasing and harassment should start up, telling the sub that a real man needs more, maybe this is good enough for a pathetic weakling like him but its pathetic. Or maybe lean into the cuck thing, this is why you’re not good enough to satisfy your partner, why they go to me over you if you think this is enough. Could maybe dig into how excited he  is to be handing his money over to a real man, offering tribute to something worthwhile for once, putting the fruits of his labor to better use. Maybe could lead into being allowed to kiss the doms boot or something. You know go with the flow.

                Instead, the dom just says, “more” again. And when the sub asks “all of it sir?” he just responds all of it. Dutifully the sub hands over the rest of the cash he’d brought. He seems a bit heartbroken, but hey maybe this is where some sort of teasing or praise kicks in. Again so many directions this could go, but no the video ends with the sub asking if he pleased his sir, if he was going to have fun, what the dom was going to do with the money now. Desperate for some response. And the dom reaches out, flicks his cigarette ash in the cuck’s face and laughs. The last line from the sub is “That was mean.” And he looks fucking devastated. End video.

                So, this pissed me off a bit, it could be a normal plaything for them, this could be how that cuck needs to be treated to remind him his place. Again, context would matter here, so much of the dom/sub space is context sensitive by its nature and I can totally picture scenarios where this all works. But from what was presented, the way the sub held himself and reacted, it looked like an eager cuck ready to submit and serve like he knows he needs to, and a ‘dom’ that was just looking to take some cash and walk off. Not enjoying the s********n, or reveling in the acknowledgement of his own superiority, but just looking to score a couple bucks from a horny loser. And that will always frustrate me. I find the appeal of findom to be adding a real dimension to online play. I have two subs I allow to serve me in other spaces without needing the exchange, lots of submissions can and do work. But the monetary aspect has so many delicious and wonderful connotations. It represents the time and energy of the submissive who worked so hard to earn it, putting forth literal manhours to be able to put it to a better more deserving cause. An ultimate sign of s********n that his place is to serve, that his joy is to make the master’s life better anyway he can. You can even fold it into other fetishes, my first exposure to this was actually through a vore rp. Literally draining and devouring his life in a real tangible way. It’s what brought me here a year later after indulging a few times.

                I enjoy putting a submissive faggot in his place as much as the next Sir. But for me the real thrill is knowing that you’re getting off on being put there. That something in you, your heart or aching dick, knows that this is exactly where you should be, that you are only around for other stronger men to use. Every sub is different, they all need something to be put into that wonderful mindset of service. Finding out what that thing is, is a puzzle I relish most nights and the rewards are fantastic. But so-called “doms” who don’t appreciate or use their toys properly get under my skin. I have a hard time teasing apart the difference between that selfishness and the self-centered nature of being a dom in truth. I’ve definitely left subs turned on, ordered them not to touch themselves and then crashed. Waited over 12 hours before I reached out again to ask if they’d obeyed, reveling in leaving them drowning in want and unsatisfied aching need. Means I can’t just say ‘he walked away and that was bad”, so context again matters.

Regardless I haven’t seen anything like that here so far and I am very glad that’s true. The community here seems great so far and I look forward to engaging with my fellow Doms as we get you faggots/subs/slaves where you belong and begging for more.

Soapbox off 😉

A bit about me
Posted by ArmyAlphaUk

Well boys. How lucky you are to be able to gaze upon my perfection!

I have been in the scene for a few years now (check twitter @armyalphauk)

So thought I would grace this site with my majesty.

I am here to own and control you. It really is that simple. If you have what it takes, then you will find your meaning and purpose once I take full ownership of you. What a lucky pet you will be 

Speak soon

What I enjoy most
Posted by TheTechGuy

Honesty, as they always say, is the best policy. It's something I try to live up to, especially in spaces like this. I'm not the most fit person in here, nor am I the loudest or the most aggressive. Truth be told, I'm a nerd. Damn proud of that too. Always have been and always will be. It's not for everyone, but that's ok. What I do appreciate, and what I like to think I bring to the table, is a willingness to understand and develop a relationship with a sub in order to try to help them become the best sub they can be. Providing them an outlet that they can enjoy, and might not find elsewhere.

I find enjoyment in the building of the relationship between a dom and a sub. Some are eager to jump into the deep end, others need more time. And that's ok. As long as the sub is serious, willing, and dedicated, I am willing to do my part to help build them up, strengthen the relationship, and provide them their end of this pleasure deal. I enjoy seeing subs change and develop over time. Becoming more willing, more eager, enjoying what they do. I enjoy seeing them offer things not because I told them to, but because they WANT to. That's they key part. I WANT them to enjoy serving, I WANT them to enjoy what they do, I WANT them to look forward every day to doing what they do best.

Seeing that, in my opinion, is something that can't be beat. And it makes every tribute that much sweeter, for both sides. If you as a sub do not enjoy sending Send every time, then I have failed you. And I for one do not tolerate failure. So I strive every day to learn more, to grow more, to be a dom that you can be happy and proud to serve. 

A day in the life of my slave
Posted by GenuineBussy

Ever wonder what it would be like to be a personal financial slave to a sexy transman? To have your cash cunt washed clean and hung up to dry every night? Well, I’ll tell you what you can expect. You would wake up every morning, remembering how fucking grateful you are that I allow you to serve me. Deep down inside, you’ll know that you aren’t really worthy. You know that you’re expendable and a dime a dozen. Just one small piggiein a herd of mud covered swine. That thought will send a wave of anxiety mixed with excitement all across your body. You’ll feel your skin tingle at the thought of opening your phone and checking your bank account. A bead of sweat will run down your face as you sign in. You know you got carried awaythe night before and spent hundreds on your Master. You tried, desperately and pathetically, to gain my attention and favor but I kept ignoring you, telling you that your tributes were barely worthy of acknowledgment. You thought you had worked hard for me butyou keep fucking up. You aren’t working hard enough and you fucking know it. So you sent more to me until I was pleased with your efforts. I told you how good of a boy you were while you sat feeling ashamed and humiliated that you couldn’t please me the first time. After seeing how much you spent, you’ll look at the rest of your money and realize I should always wake up to a tribute from my little pay piggie. I might acknowledge your cheap gesture of a “good morning” because I don’t need your changebut it's cute that you try. You know you are one of many in my herd, always at risk of being dropped and left behind. You’ll spend the rest of the morning wondering how you could possibly make it up to me. You’ll carry the weight of shame around until you see your phone go off again. It’s me, your Master! Your hands get sweaty and you almost drop your phone, like the clumsy idiot you are. I send a message, acknowledging your morning tribute.
Your heart starts to beat harder and hands get sweatier. You feel your bulgestart to swell against your pants. But you know you’re not allowed to touch yourself or cumwithout my permission.
You get the overwhelming urge to send another hundred dollars to your Master. You fumble with your phone and send the money to my account. You’re fully erect now, balls tightand aching, full of cum.
But you’re loyal, you don’t dare touch yourself. You quickly send me a message begging me to let you cum. I see your message and start laughing at you. Laughing at how you have the fucking audacity to even ask me when you know that will only make me ban you for longer. But again, you’re pretty stupid aren’t you?
Precum starts dripping down your shaft, veins bulging, balls throbbing. With shaky hands, you send another hundred dollars to my account. Your cock is so hard and you can barely resist the urge to stroke. I’ll look at my account and laugh, knowing how much this makes your squirm. Torturing you with every minute you’re being ignored. You’ll break downlike the weak minded fuck you are and reach into your pants and grasp your cock. You’ll start squeezing the precum out of the tip, rubbing it down your shaft to lube it up. You’re already close to cumming but you try to edge for a little while. Then as you’re thinking about being drained, you’ll receive a money request from me. It’s for $300and suddenly you can’t control yourself and you send the money. As you hit send, a messy load of cum explodes from your cockand all over your hand. Getting your cash cunt poundedis the best sex you’ll ever have. You’ll sit there, exhausted and embarrassed by your lack of control. You know you’re in too deep now and that serving me is your only purpose. You’ll spend the rest of the day wondering how I’m spending my money. And maybe, just maybe, I’ll give you a peek into the life you’re barely worthy of being a part of. Loser.

Immediate Ruination vs Sustainability
Posted by mikehunt

There's a lot of talk of destruction on this site, and while that may be some peoples' thing, it's hardly mine. Unfortunately, I do still have a heart somewhere inside of me. 😂 I don't want to ruin a sub; that's not sustainable for me nor is it beneficial for the sub, who's having bad habits reinmaked. Instead, I want to help a sub develop a sense of self-control; while it would be nice to help myself to the contents of your wallet, dipping too deep will run it dry immediately and make it difficult for you to survive. Instead, I'd love to sit down with someone and discuss their financial situation in depth to work out a monthly budget (this would include things like housing payments, car payments, food, utilities, etc). After that, we can figure out where to trim some fat and decide on a sustainable long-term tribute arrangement. I feel like this is not only slightly more ethical, but it'll also allow the sub to develop habits that are becoming rare in the modern era, such as finding entertainment and necessities on a budget and living without a materialistic mindset.
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