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Posted by docMboot

I find consent really hot.  The idea of a submissive freely offering cash (or body) to use as I please, for no reason other than that he feels compelled to submit, horns me immediately.  This is power exchange.  Raw, taboo, sexy, affirming, full of life.

Of course, there are other darker themes around the same scenes - 'cash ****', 'b*******l', and more.   Trying to find the right line, some are keen to add the word 'consensual' to those terms -- but that seems like a contradiction in terms: just because you can form the phrase doesn't mean it makes sense. I guess what people are trying to get at there is an element of role-play, in the first case, and a form of advance commitment in the second.  This is edgier, but appeals to some I know: edgy because all sorts of law and protections surrounds all of these activities.

A bit of edge spices things up a bit, but a serious risk to my career, or to my credit rating, or even to my financial or other online  accounts, is quite a mood killer. I want to be enjoying the financial domination game, not looking over my shoulder for a submissive who wants to make mischief or worse.  

And sub behaviour is of course the other challenge here.  If your capacity to consent is impaired - because you are deceived, or because you are mentally ill, or even because you suffer from serious low self-esteem issues, then please seek professional help and stay away from this community.  On the other hand, if you fully have capacity, but tend to think with your cock, or you tend to get pissed and start sending tributes, I have no problem with taking your money.

Others will have different outlooks, and a different propensity to edginess.  Find your appropriate level.  As for me, a fully aware, capable consenting adult who serves me - preferably over and over again - is truly, deeply, fucking sexy.

[with apologies for triggering word filter warnings - fair enough]

Is there anything like the rush of tributing your Master?
Posted by Bootsmaster

Is there anything like the rush of tributing your Master?

That moment when you give some of the money you have worked hard to earn to a man better than yourself.

That moment when you acknowledge that just by being the man He is, He is more deserving that you are.

This is not a transaction; you are not buying anything; you are merely showing the respect that is due by tipping.

When you tribute your Master, you must do it selflessly, sacrificially, unconditionally.

You are showing your adoration for the Man you place above yourself, not paying for a service.

You have accepted your place as a cash fag and you humbly bestow your money to a man better than you will ever be.

Master deserves your respect, Master deserves your love, Master deserves you putting His needs before your own.

Give up your daily take-away coffee; this money is much better used by Him.

Give up a meal once a week; this money is much better used by Him; spend the time contemplating all that He is.

Give up a night at the cinema or a new pair of jeans; this money is much better used by Him.

You are a fag; you exist to serve real men, you exist to be used, you exist to worship, you exist to tribute.

There is no better feeling than when you know you have made His life better.  You can take pride in the fact that your loss was his gain, your pain was His joy.

You were born to serve, you were born to be used, you were born to worship, you were born to tribute.

This is who you are. You are a fag; Master’s cash fag.

 Accept it and find deep contentment. Accept it and become at one with who you were always were.

It’s time to tribute, fag. 

Exploring Boundaries: A Journey into Erotic Domination and Subjug...
Posted by coconutleo

Oh, baby, let me take you on a journey through the explicit encounter I had with my disobedient sub. They couldn't resist testing my limits, and I was more than ready to show them the consequences of their actions.

As I entered the room, the air was thick with anticipation. The sub stood before me, eyes downcast, on their knees, knowing they had crossed a line. My voice dripped with authority as I commanded them to strip, revealing their naked vulnerability.

With a devilish grin, I picked up the paddles, each one promising a different level of intensity. I started with a gentle tap, building the anticipation. Their skin reddened with each strike, but it only fueled my desire for more. I reveled in the power I held over my cumrag, knowing that every flick of my wrist sent waves of pleasure coursing through their body.

But punishment wasn't enough to satiate my hunger. I craved their surrender, their complete obedience. I ordered them to open wide, and with firmness, I gagged them, rendering them unable to speak. Their muffled cries of pleasure only heightened the intensity of the moment, a symphony of desire echoing throughout the room.

In search of new heights, I introduced them to the world of watersports, exploring the taboo nature of urine play. The warm streams cascaded over their body, mingling with their moans of ecstasy. The sensation of being drenched in my golden shower pushed them deeper into subspace, their senses overwhelmed by the unapologetic indulgence in their most forbidden desires.

But we both craved more, a deeper connection, a more intimate union. With meticulous care, I prepared them for the ultimate act of penetration – fisting. Slowly, I stretched their eager opening, inch by inch, until they were fully impaled by my hand. Their body yielded to my touch, the sensation of being completely filled driving them to the brink of ecstasy. It was an act of absolute surrender, a testament to their complete trust in me.

And let's not forget about the intoxicating world of Findom. As their ultimate Dom, I asserted control over their finances, exploiting their submissive desires to serve and please me. They willingly opened their wallets, showering me with monetary tributes and gifts, fulfilling their desire to be financially dominated. The power exchange intensified, as their obedience extended beyond the physical realm and into the realm of their bank accounts.

Together, we danced on the edge of pleasure and pain, exploring the boundaries of our desires, both in the physical and financial realms. The room was filled with the sounds of slaps, moans, and the intoxicating scent of sex, while the allure of Findom added an extra layer of power dynamics to our encounter. It was an encounter that pushed the limits of our connection, leaving us both trembling in the aftermath of such intense pleasure.

Let me know if anyone would like to see the video or take a chat with me ;)

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