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Okay, so thoughts on how the Dungeon should work.

- Should slaves be able to pay to put themselves in it?

- Should owners of slaves be able to put their slaves in there for free?

- Should slaves be able to buy their freedom?

- Should there be a grace period before a slave can go back into the Dungeon after coming out?

- Should it be an opt in thing so slaves can choose not to be forced into it?

Leave your thoughts below.

Masterofall Aug 20 · Comments: 8 · Tags: site, features, dungeon
Okay so very soon you'll be able to set up a subscription to buy Tips.

This will mean that slaves who want to stay at the top of the slave market can do so easily.

Slaves will be able to set up subscriptions to buy Tips every 7, 14, 21 or 28 days.

Slaves will also be able to schedule these Tips to automatically be sent to a Master of their choice.

Masterofall Aug 18 · Rate: 5 · Comments: 1 · Tags: features, site, tips

Some cosmetic changes today which is just a small preview of some bigger stuff to come later.

The biggest change today though was finally the addition of UK and International bank transfers!

I know it's been a long time coming but we are finally there.

International transfers have been made possible by a company called Transferwise.

They make it very simple to receive your money:

1. Withdraw your Tips from Owned Fags

2. On the payout date open the e-mail you receive from Transferwise and fill in your bank details

3. Receive your money a few days later

It's that simple.

Members in the UK can withdraw their Tips by entering in their bank details direct to the site. We do not keep your bank details after the payment has been sent and all data is encrypted for you security.

Now that we have these options available though there will be no tolerance in regards to our Terms in not asking for payment on the site in ways other than Tips.

Tips keep this site running, and if you cheat the system and don't want to support the site it simply won't be around much longer.

You get 3 warnings, after that your profile will automatically be suspended and possibly removed.

We don't only have Tips though as a way of keeping the site going - they also protect YOU.

We can easily sort out any payment disputes on site, and you also do not risk having your account closed by another payment provider so there are benefits to using them.

I would also like to add that a lot of Masters complain that it takes them ages to reach the 1000 Tip minimum limit to withdraw Tips, or say that they want the money instantly.

Well let me say this - if you're only interested in making a quick buck then this site isn't for you. Go to another site or something where you can make a quick buck from wanking on cam and the like.

This site is for Masters who are serious in building up a profile and who actively engage in the scene. If you only log in once a month and just post a status on the news feed of course it's going to take you ages to get to 1000 Tips.

We offer a wide range of ways to make Tips here and it's very easy to earn them, you just need to put in the effort.

The more Tips get used and the more popular the site gets the more I can reduce my costs and as such I will be able to lower the minimum Tip level and also increase payment frequency, but you need to use the system in order for that to happen.

Anyway, enough from me. Enjoy the new payout methods and I will keep working on making this site great.


Masterofall Aug 12 · Rate: 5 · Comments: 7 · Tags: bank transfer, features, site, tips
Hi all,

With bank transfer just around the corner I've decided to publish the list of currencies that will be supported.

The list is below:

AED - Emirati Dirham

AUD - Australian Dollar

BGN - Bulgarian Lev

BRL - Brazilian Real

CAD - Canadian Dollar

CHF - Swiss Franc

CLP - Chilean Peso

CZK - Czech Koruna

DKK - Danish Krone

EUR - Euro

GEL - Georgian Lari

HKD - Hong Kong Dollars

HUF - Hungarian Forint

INR - Indian Rupee

MAD - Moroccan Dirham

MYR - Malaysian Ringgit

NGN - Nigerian Naira

NOK - Norwegian Krone

NZD - New Zealand Dollars

PHP - Philippine Peso

PKR - Pakistani Rupee

PLN - Polish Złoty

RON - Romanian Leu

SEK - Swedish Krona

SGD - Singapore Dollars

THB - Thai Baht

TRY - Turkish Lira

UAH - Ukranian Hryvna

USD - US Dollar

Make a Valentines image related to domination and post it here in the comments.

The winner - chosen by me, but with the help of the other members thoughts will determine the winner.

The winner will get 200 tips, featured for a month, and access to the new members list for a month.

More than one entry is allowed, if you post one from Google and get caught out you'll be disqualified, the website address must be on the image.

Competition ends at midnight tonight.

I'll start.

Masterofall Feb 14 · Rate: 5 · Comments: 14 · Tags: valentines, site, competition
You can now message large numbers of people instantly based on their user group!

Check it out here.

Please leave comments and suggestions as always.


Masterofall Feb 1 · Tags: shout, site, features
The Dungeon is now up and running.

Slaves in the Dungeon can view no area of the site other than the Dungeon.

They cannot read messages, comment, view profiles - NOTHING until their sentence is finished.

Slaves can put themselves in the Dungeon by going to their profile, or if they're owned their Master can put them in there from the Manage Slave screen.

Masters can comment on the slaves in the Dungeon, abuse and humiliate them , while the slaves can do nothing but watch!

Let me know what you think and any suggestions for improvement.

Based on feedback the Dungeon has now been updated:

- Masters can add any slave to the Dungeon that is not owned at half the price a slave pays to add theirself there

- Slaves have a 1 day grace period after being released from the Dungeon

Masterofall Jan 29 · Rate: 5 · Comments: 26 · Tags: site, dungeon, features
So the new update went out today with only a few issues.

Here is a list of some of the more noticeable changes:

- Completely over-hauled the photos section.

- News feed items are displayed slightly differently, showing photos more predominately

- Changes to the profile menu

- Changes to how comments are displayed

- You can now report many more things for moderation, such as news feed posts, profiles, forum posts etc

- You can now set your own photos as your profile picture

- Various bug fixes

- Various style changes

A new messaging system has been postponed due to unforeseen issues and will be coming shortly.

Please let me know your thoughts on the changes, or post bugs here.


Masterofall Jan 11 · Rate: 5 · Comments: 1 · Tags: upgrade, site
Well, this was our first whole year done, and what a year it's been.

I just wanted to take a few moments to review what a whirl-wind it's been, especially for me behind the scenes.

2014 started off with a few feature to the site and that was 1on1 video chat. I had this great vision in my mind of a 'Skype style' experience where members call each other on the site and cam without having to add each other to Skype and all that cumbersome stuff. Sufficed to say I didn't realise my dream correctly for whatever reason and the feature flopped. Hard. I think it was more down to the way I implemented it, but either way, it sucked.

My next big idea for the site was 'The Theatre', a place where Masters and slaves could book a room to broadcast themselves to the globe. They could send out a link to anyone they wanted, fire up their cam and be watched by hundreds. Although this feature was almost finished towards the end of development I decided that if I was going to implement webcams on the site, in whatever way this was not how I wanted to go about it. 4 months worth of development - scrapped.

April was a busy month, and saw a lot of new things asked for by users. The introduction of separated lists in the members section to just show either Masters or slaves, The Pantheon and updates to the ownership system.

May saw the Pantheon and Slave Market taken down as it was just not how I wanted to to fit in with the rest of the site, and it also did not integrate well with the other features here. We had our 1 year anniversary and also the announcement of the Videos section. All was good!

So June comes around, and well this was probably the most significant month of this year for me. I decided to quit my full time job and focus on this place 100% (with some other side projects). It was a big step for me, and a scary one. I had no idea if this place would work or what kind of situation I might be in a few months down the line. Also, how would I cope focusing on this all day every day, would it drive me mad? (I think it has).

Thankfully though, everything seems to have worked out fine - apart from a few issues I'll come onto soon. I'm pleased I made that decision and I think if I hadn't this place would not be here today. When I had my full time job this was a hobby to me, I wasn't that bothered if it worked or not, however spending all my time on here made me determined. Determined to give the great members that we have an awesome place to come, and I am going to continue to do that.

June also saw the launch of the lottery, a little fun game we're all familiar with and some members have won a lot of money on it!

We also launched our slowly becoming popular Webcams section.

July comes in, everything has an opposite right? This is June's opposite. Well, our payment provider at the time - Zombaio. Decided that after months of fucking me around with not paying out on time etc they would close my account. I followed all their rules, played by the terms Visa and Mastercard set out, but because I (and other Zombaio customers) demanded our money they closed our accounts. 4K was lost. Just like that. They had not been paying me for months which is why payouts to Masters were delayed on here. I had to fork out from my own money to pay the Masters here, all the server and software costs, as well as my own living expenses.

Let's just say it was a VERY stressful time. I really wanted to jack it all in. After thinking this place was doing great I was suddenly broke and without a payment provider for this place. In comes Verotel. My saviours. They saw the problems Zombaio customers were having and stepped in. They took me on board, set me up in double quick time and we were away again. Things were on the up!

In comes August. Oh fuck another problem. PayPal had been snooping around the site, and because some members can't stick to the no mentioning PayPal rule they close my account. More money lost. At this point I'm in despair. Has this really happened again two months in a row? Yep it sure had. Still, people need to be paid so I fork out more of my own money. This is becoming ridiculous. What am I getting out of this? Ergh. I hate my life.

Everything else is pretty quiet up until November - thank fuck!

November we get the Pantheon and Slave Market back with a new updated look, we also have the feedback system and the Shop! Development is in full swing, hurrah!

I still have so much to do here, and I think you all for staying with me. I know at times it can seem frustrating.

Masters, I'll be getting more payout options in January to replace PayPal and give you more choices than just Amazon Gift Card. I know the last few months have been annoying in that respect but bare with.

We're also going to be having a site re-design in the new year to make it a bit more friendly and bright, the darkness is a bit too much sometimes, especially for me looking at it all day; but I think I'm going to keep the yellow theme, I quite like the yellow.

I think I'm going to be looking for a few Admins in the new year as well. This place really is getting too big for me to manage all by myself now. I remember the days when I could log in and know almost everyone here, there was a good group of regular users who would chat and get involved.

Now I fear it's becoming a bit like the other sites with the Masters who just log in now and then to post PAY ME NOW FAG in the chat room and then vanish for another few months. This site however over the next year is going to start supporting the members who do contribute and join in regularly, I don't have a clear vision on it yet, but some sort of reward system anyway.

Oh, I've forgotten the threats from other sites, I've had a lot of those. Messages saying I'm copying them etc. Please. I design and build everything here myself (it shows ha-ha).

I found it amusing when one site introduced credits (tips were called credits here at one point) and claimed they were unique to them! However they had copied and pasted my FAQ page exactly ha-ha. When confronted about it I was threatened and banned. I probably get a few e-mails a week hurling abuse at me. I'm used to it now.

In spite of all this I do love this place. I've had members help me out with all kinds of things from helping with the wording of something to helping promote the site, and for that I am truly grateful.

I suppose in short I'm not too sure what 2015 will bring for this site, definitely some more unique stuff, a bit more refinement and hopefully a lot of new members. We're close to 1000 members, that's pretty cool. We've had a lot more join obviously, but anyone who joins but doesn't verify after 28 days is removed. I only want the best here :)

I'm going to keep on at it, try and re-coupe the thousands that I lost and then hopefully I can relax a bit!

Anyway, thanks for listening to me ramble on, it got a bit negative towards the end there, sorry about that, I guess it's still all playing on my mind.

If you do enjoy this place, and would like to help fill that hole in some way the donation box is in the sidebar, every little helps.

Right, I probably won't be on here much until after the New Year, so I hope you all have a good one, and yeah. Cheers.

Masterofall Dec 23 '14 · Rate: 5 · Comments: 11 · Tags: 2014, site
Okay, so the Slave Market is now back, and more improved than last time.

You can easily see how many points a slave has, as well as a snippet from their profile description. You can also see a breakdown of their points and if a slave is owned (padlock icon).

The points will play a big role when the Pantheon returns shortly, so Masters should try to own as many high point slaves as possible.

Slaves over a certain number of points will also be given special privileges etc in the coming months, more details will be released soon.

As the site develops more criteria will be taken into account as well, not just what is on there currently.

The system is designed to reward slaves who take a more active role on the site.

Remember this is all a bit of fun, don't take it too seriously.

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